Pink Rainbow Chakra Layout… A Backdoor to Love?


This was an unexpected development… about a week ago, my inner guidance whispered “Why don’t you try this…?

So I did… and it works. Been playing with it for over a week now… and it works.

No… honest… it really… really works!

The concept is quite simple.

We have all heard about the Rainbow Chakra Layout, where a crystal of the same color is placed on the appropriate chakra… which gives us:

Red = Base, Orange = Sacral, Yellow = Solar Plexus, Green = Heart, Blue = Throat, Indigo = Brow, Purple = Crown

And with this new layout we build on that color correspondence… but also give it an extra-dimensional twist.

In an earlier post, I explored the color correspondence and healing potential of a crystal’s structure, via this link:

How to work out what a Crystal does

Now, in this variation, all the crystals placed on the chakras are Pink… but here’s the twist… their crystal structure is appropriate for that chakra, based on the following structure / color correspondence:

  • Feet / Base = Trigonal (Red)
  • Sacral = Cubic (Orange)
  • Solar Plexus = Hexagonal (Yellow)
  • Heart = Tetragonal (Green)
  • Throat = Orthorhombic (Blue)
  • Brow = Monoclinic (Violet)
  • Crown = Triclinic (White)

So the layout is as follows (and there are alternative crystals, although for a chakra layout you only need 1 for each chakra… so you only need to use the 1 pink crystal you can source).

  • Between the feet… either Rose Quartz or Rhodocrocite (Trigonal)
  • Beneath the Base Chakra… either Rose Quartz or Rhodocrocite (Trigonal)
  • On the Sacral Chakra… either Pink Fluorite or Pink Garnet (Cubic)
  • On the Solar Plexus Chakra… either Pink Tourmaline, Morganite or Pink Sugilite (Hexagonal)
  • On the Heart Chakra… either Tugtupite or Pink Zircon (Tetragonal)
  • On the Throat Chakra… either Pink Thulite, Pink Topaz, Pink Danburite (Orthorhombic)
  • On the Brow Chakra… either Kunzite, Pink Clinozeosite, Pink Petalite (Monoclinic)
  • At the Crown Chakra… Rhodonite (Triclinic)

Like I said, you only need 1 pink crystal of the appropriate chakra / structure resonance… and most of them are easy to source… and if you have a pink crystal, not mentioned above, but which matches that crystal structure / chakra alignment, feel free to use that instead.

However, Pink Opal can be used as replacement for any stone you can’t yet source, which is most likely to be either Tugtupite or Pink Zircon.

Which is admittedly the handicap with this approach… there aren’t that many Tetragonal crystals of any color… let alone Pink… (and Tugtupite costs) but the good news is you only need 1 crystal for this approach to work… and once you have them all… the magic happens. And although expensive, Tugtupite can be sourced on the web more easily now.

So what happens when you do this particular Rainbow Chakra Layout… where all the crystals are Pink… and the rainbow energy is being carried by the 7 different crystal structures?


Later this week, I will be writing a post which looks at Love from the Quantum perspective and asks… Is Love a particle or a wave or both?

However, with this Pink Chakra LayoutLove comes across as most definitely a particle… and when the chakras are all aligned with the appropriate pink crystals… it’s as if something switches on inside, internal defenses are temporarily lowered, and the aura starts to pull in the Love particles it needs from the Universal field all around you… and the Love energy flows to wherever it is needed.

Which is a most wonderful feeling…

Because you can feel your chakras + aura filling up with pranic energy… with Love.

And this Love is free from the Universe…

You don’t need to be in a relationship with someone to get it…

You don’t need to do anything… or be worthy to receive it…

You don’t need to barter or beg…

You don’t need to be someone or something special…

All you need is to slightly adjust your own energy field, a minor re-tune… and the Love energy comes flowing in.

Like I said… about a week ago… an unexpected development… my inner guidance whispered “Why don’t you try this…?

So I did… and it works. Been playing with it for over a week now… and it works.

No… honest… it really… really works!


(c) Brian Parsons, January 2017

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