Why People Find It Hard to Ground?


So… next BIG question… if Grounding is a really good thing… and being Ungrounded has a huge impact on our mental, emotional and even physical state of wellbeing…

Then the crucial question must be:

Why can’t some people Ground?

Well… Basically, the reasons why people can’t ground themselves… even when they really and consciously want to… falls into one of two areas…

  • External / Environmental
  • Internal / Psychological

Although most often, these two are combined… intertwined… but for the purposes of this article, we need to explore each area in isolation, before combining them, so that we can really understand the dynamics at play.

So, from all my observations and research, the 3 main reasons why people find it hard to Ground are:


ONE – External / Environmental

Now, we have touched on this area in our previous posts… and in many ways, it is the most important… because it goes to the heart of the whole Grounding issue.

So let’s start with…

The above image shows an astronaut (… or cosmonaut if you prefer…) floating in space, high above the surface of our planet.

Up there… not only are they hundreds of miles (… or kilometres…) above the surface of the planet… they start to move beyond the Earth’s own natural electro-magnetic field…

Which as we have explained in our previous posts, is essential for natural Grounding… and if an individual’s own electro-magnetic aura cannot connect with the Earth’s own field, people start to say they are feeling ungrounded… or spaced out.

Which is kind of an appropriate term if you think about it.

People often report, when they are ungrounded, that they are spaced outspacey… feeling like a space cadet.

And these terms all relate back to having lost their energetic connection to the planet below them…

To a feeling of being… lost in space.

There is no electro-magnetic field strong enough to help them orientate themselves.

In fact, in order to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy, when people venture into space, they have to take an artificial Schumann generator with them in their spaceship… to simulate the Earth’s own E.M. field within their spacecraft.

Without it… the spacemen do indeed turn into ungrounded space cadets.

But as we have seen… you don’t need to jump in a space rocket or shuttle to experience these same wobbly feelings.

Many people experience being spaced out right here on Planet Earth all the time.

Why is that?

Because they have lost their energetic connection to the planet beneath them… even when they have two feet firmly planted on the ground.

Because… they are surrounded by so many modern machines, devices, computers, laptops, mobile phones… all of which have their own E.M. fields…

All of which resonate at a much higher frequency (30 to 40 Hz)… and their artificial E.M. fields are much stronger and more intense… so people’s auras start to resonate with these loud surrounding electrical devices… and no longer are intune with the planet beneath them.

The human body naturally resonates on a frequency 4 to 7 Hz. The majority of electrical devices resonate on a frequency of 30 to 40 Hz. This is a potential difference of 23 to 36 Hz.

But why is this such a problem?

Well… Just take a moment, and find the highest sound which your voice can achieve. Hitting this high note probably makes your voice sound quite squeaky. It probably also feels that your vocal chords are under some strain just trying to reach that high pitched sound (… OK, you can stop now).

Imagine if you could only communicate through talking in this high pitch voice. It wouldn’t be long before your voice would start to crack underneath the strain, and you would develop a whole range of different throat complaints. Although you can hit the high notes if needed, your vocal chords are not designed to functional normally at this high pitch.

This gives you some idea of the effects on the physical body when it is required to operate and resonate above and beyond its natural E.M. range. It puts the body under tremendous stress and strain, which is not good for us on many different levels.

And if the human E.M. field is indeed also being used for wellbeing and communication, the more stress it is placed under, the more these functions will be affected.

But why would the physical body alter its natural E.M. range?

Well, if we return to our squeaky voice analogy. If everyone around you is talking in a high pitch voice then, eventually, you’ll start to talk that way as well, even if it means you are also harming your voice in doing so. We are all programmed to fit in with the behaviour of other people and the world around us, it is part of our survival mechanism.

And the same is true of our physical body and the E.M. fields which surround us.

But the importance of the Earth’s natural E.M. can really be seen when humans venture beyond this planet and out into outer space.

NASA has found that animals and humans will not survive in space unless their spacecraft are provided with a electromagnetic field similar to that of the Earth. This is because the movement of ions and conduction of nerve messages within our cells need the correct electromagnetic environment in which to function properly. If deprived of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, severe metabolic disturbances occur including abnormal cell uptake of electrolytes such as calcium, needed for heart muscle. Because cells cannot function properly outside these resonances, they are now incorporated into space craft design so astronauts are not deprived of their beneficial effects.

Now, the amount of E.M. stress that a person can deal with before it manifests as a physical condition / illness will vary from person to person, but as most of our modern society is now so totally dependent upon devices that emit an E.M. field in some way, it is very rare to find a person who has not been affected to some degree (even if they are not conscious of it).

In one of the companies where I used to work, they installed a wireless network throughout the whole building, as part of their ‘embracing the 21st Century’ drive. It was very interesting to see how different people responded to the increased levels of E.M. in the building. Some people reported experiencing disturbed sleep and an increase in headaches and migraines… while others reported no difference at all. Those who reported no change, and who were therefore probably less sensitive to E.M. fields or who had stronger constitutions, naturally concluded that the ones who had experienced a difference were just making it up.

So the first reason why people alive in the 21st Century find it hard to Ground… because the intensity of the artificial electromagnetic fields they are surrounded by… all of which resonates at a rate far higher then the Earth itself… is continually knocking them off centre.

Unless they can find a way to energetically step back… and re-align… and we will come back to that thought in a post coming up soon.


TWO – Internal / Psychological 1

In one of our earlier posts, we explored how emotions and feelings which resonate below Level 200 on the Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness… which are… Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger and Pridedis-empower us.

All of these are calibrated lower then the Earth’s own core vibration… which is Level 200…

So if anyone is stuck in a permanent state of Fear say… then their mind / body is operating on a level below 200… they are operating below their physical bodies optimum efficiency… and they are continually locked into a state of being ungrounded.

Now… this is not to mean we should get all paranoid about the lower emotions / vibrations…

There are times when Fear say is an appropriate response… “Lion… Run… Fast… Now!!!

But these responses tend to be of the moment… and you don’t want to be stuck in a permanent state of Fear… because it drains you… and the same is true for any of the lower emotions.

Like I often say… They are interesting places to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there.

However… and here comes the next BIG idea… there are some people who have a vested interest in keeping you ungrounded.

Because when you are Ungrounded… not only are you locked into a permanent state of Fear or Anxiety… or whatever, but… you cannot think straight!

Your mind goes all wobbly.

And if your mind is all wobblythen this makes you easier to control and manipulate.

So why do you think politicians and our leaders like to continually press the Fear / Anxiety button?

Yes, there are some scary and dangerous situations on the horizon which they need to address… no question about that.

But something which politicians have learnt down through the ages and millennia…

If you keep your people in a continual state of Fear and Anxiety… if you keep them ungrounded, and unable to think for themselves, then they are much easier to control.

If someone cannot think for themselves, then they go looking for someone to think for them… someone who claims to have all the easy answers to life’s problems.

And that’s really how a Hitler gets into power.

Manipulating people’s Fear and Anxiety… making and keeping them ungrounded… claiming to have all the answers… if only they vote for you and keep you in power… and also follow blindly and obediently over the nearest cliff if asked (… which is one of the ways the medieval Assassins proved their loyalty to their divine leader).

You find the same thing with Cult leaders…

James Jones telling his followers to drink poison… and the majority of them did!!! … because they had been kept in a constant state of ungrounded fear and anxiety for years.

You find the same thing in an abusive relationship…

Where the abusive partner tries to keep their submissive partner in a continual state of ungrounded Fear and Anxiety… whether through physical violence… sexual abuse… or emotional / mental torture.

Religious leaders often prefer the Shame and Guilt trip… although they are not adverse to using Fear and Hellfire & Damnation from time to time.

And let’s not even get started on how some parent’s use the lower emotions to dis-empower, control, and manipulate their poor and innocent kids (i.e. Mummy Dearest)… literally, training them for a lifetime of being ungrounded.

But … all of the lower emotions / vibrations prevent us from being in natural resonance with the Earth’s E.M. field… which prevents us from being able to Ground.

This is the second reason why many people find it hard to Ground themselves… because they are locked in a prison created from the lower vibrations… for whatever reason… and so out of natural resonance with the Earth itself.


THREE – Internal / Psychological 2

This psychological issue derives from the fact that people often get confused about the difference between:

Being Grounded


Being Heavy

… Which some people strongly relate to depression and limitation

And I think that this confusion is the main reason why many people unconsciously and desperately try and avoid Grounding… because of their fear of its negative associations… heaviness, depression, limitation.

If you speak to people who are seriously into their Dreaming studies, then you will find that Humanities most favorite all-time dream is…

A dream of Flying.

All over the world, people love flying dreams… where they are soaring up into a limitless blue sky… far above the ground… without limitation… escaping the constant pull of Gravity.

This desire to escape the Earth and fly can also be seen to be deeply embedded into our Meridian system.

The negative feeling for the Triple Warmer meridian (in the John Diamond Kinesiology system) is Heaviness and Depression… while the positive feeling is a sense of Lightness and Buoyancy.

And what is Flying… if not the ability to escape Gravity and soar upwards.

In reality, it is Gravity which keeps us trapped at the bottom of our planetary gravity well.

But as we have said many times over this series of posts:

  1. Grounding is created by / associated with Electro-magnetism… and it is not related to / created by Gravity
  2. Although being Grounded may feel similar to the weight created by Gravity… in reality… the two are very different.

But here’s the problem.

If someone is unconsciously afraid of Depression and Limitation… what happens when they feel that initial feeling of Grounding

Of being connected to the Earth beneath them?

Easy… They freak out… because they associate Grounding with being tied down… with being limited… of being shackled into their physical body… with the depression which arises when you are trapped.

And so they do their very best to push Grounding away.

In their minds, they prefer to to live as ineffectual space cadets… floating through life… unable to connect with the planet’s empowering E.M. field…

Rather then run the risk of depression and limitation… which they are afraid will follow if they ever allow themselves to be Grounded.

But as we have said, already, many times… Grounding has nothing to do with Heaviness, Depression and Gravity

Indeed, it is often the only way to avoid it.

So to my mind, that’s the BIG 3… next, what can we do about it, and find ways to Ground ourselves effectively?

(c) Brian Parsons, September 2017

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