Our Mission Statement


Mission statement for Vibrational Doorways.
Paradigm Intuition is an umbrella organisation of which Vibrational Doorways is a part. It is
about changing parts of our belief systems in order to embrace a larger picture of life, and engage
with this reality in a more wholistic and fulfilling way. This is a journey in which we all partake, and
in which we can support and nurture each other, and so it is towards that end we are creating a website that will
hopefully support and nurture you in some way.
Vibrational Doorways is a unique website with a specific purpose to help raise planetary
consciousness. We believe that when we begin healing inside on a personal level first, this is
followed naturally by a healing on the collective level.… and when we work in this way we are
taking back responsibility for our own happiness and wellbeing as well as giving something
back to our communities and humanity as a whole.

Our mission is therefore to share information and content that will support, nurture, encourage and engage individuals who are interested in furthering there intuition, spiritual awareness, and abilities to operate effectively in this life.

At Vibrational Doorways we are serious about offering spaces of higher vibration to the planet at this time, to anyone who needs extra support and guidance to get back on their path and rediscover their own sense of empowerment and light.
To this end we offer offer insights, articles, videos, meditations, ecourses, ebooks and products to
assist in the unfolding of each individual into their most amazing expression, so that we can each
bring our most amazing gifts into this world.

Our team of creators, authors, teachers and energy workers are qualified in numerous modalities, including astrology, crystal healing, thetahealing, audio essences and meditation, personal development and coaching, kinesiology, yoga, tantra and much more…

We are absolutely passionate and dedicated to sharing our wisdom in a way that benefits the most amount of people possible. Because of this much of the content on this website is free. There are some paid sections that dive deeper into specific areas of interest, and our longer and more detailed content including systems for personal development and healing are offered as courses that you can buy if you wish.
If you choose to become a member of this website by signing up to our mailing list, you will gain
access to some incredible specials, offers and coupons on our new release healing courses,
products and ebooks… that are not available anywhere else. You will also be part of a caring
and engaged community, and together we will support and encourage each other to lift up into
spaces of healing and love.
Much gratitude about being part of this journey with us.
Laing Kerns-Stokes, October 2016.
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