Nurture vs Nature


One of the great things about Energy Astrology is… that it helps provide a new and interesting angle on the whole Nature vs. Nurture debate.

In the creation and shaping of an individual personality… a person’s character

Which is more important… that which is programmed into us at birth, that which we bring?

Or that which we take on, we inherited from our parents, our family, our culture, our society?

That debate has been raging for centuries… even millennia…

Here is the Energy Astrology take on it.

Imagine a man… let’s call him Fred… who was born at the moment of time when there were 4 planets in Sagittarius

Say… Venus in Sagittarius, Sun in Sagittarius, Mercury in Sagittarius, and Mars in Sagittarius… which is a lot of Sagittarius

Now, from the perspective of Energy Astrology… there is a link between one of the 12 zodiac signs, and one of the 12 meridians… in this case…

Sagittarius = Spleen meridian

And the +ve for the Spleen meridian = Faith in Future… and the -ve = Worry & Anxiety.

Now to quote the traditional definition from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)… when every flows along a meridian then it manifests its positive quality (in this case faith and confidence)… and if the flow is blocked for any reason, then the meridian manifests the negative quality (in this case, worry and anxiety).

You see… fundamentally, it’s all about the flow chi along the meridian.

Now, if you imagine that a meridian is like a garden hose pipe, and 4 people are standing on it, putting all of their weight on the hose pipe… what is going to happen?

Easy… the flow becomes blocked.

Which means?

… Yes, you got it… the meridian starts to express its negative side… in this case, for Sagittarius / Spleen… worry and anxiety.

When you have 4 planets in Sagittarius (or any planet in any sign for that matter)… they are all going to press down on the meridian, blocking the flow of chi… but the more planets, the greater the pressing / blocking force.

In this case, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Mars… all in Sagittarius… all pressing down on the meridian… causes it’s default setting to shift from the positive expression (i.e. faith and confidence)… towards the negative (i.e. worry and anxiety)…

And that is basically how the Up There… get’s programmed into our subtle energy field… into who we are Down Here.

But… fortunately… there is also Nurture, which can redress the balance… the family we are born into, and who raise us… the culture and society which surrounds us…

In the John Diamond Kinesiology system, the +ve affirmation for the Spleen Meridian (and so Sagittarius) is:

“I have faith and confidence in my future. I am secure. My future is secure.”

Saying this over in your mind, strengthens the Spleen Meridian, increases the flow of chi, helps to counteract the pressure from those 4 planets… and so pushes the expression of Spleen energy back into the positive… thus increasing an individual’s self-expression.

But the thing is… if a child with 4 planets in Sagittarius is fortune to be born into a confident and optimistic family / culture… where beliefs, similar to that affirmation above, are planted in their mind / unconscious from an early age… it’s a bit like being given an energy vaccination at birth, which help to counteract the weight of those 4 planets… and all through their childhood they are encouraged towards taking a more positive outlook on life…

However, if they were unfortunate, and were born into a family of total worriers and anxietyacs (yes, you’re right, no such word, just made it up)… then you would not have been surrounded by such positive affirmations and beliefs… and so there would have been nothing planted in your unconscious mind, through your early childhood, to counter the heavy weight of those 4 planets weighing down on your Spleen meridian… pushing you towards your own cloud of internal worry & anxiety.

Nature versus Nurture… and the endless debate and discussion down through the centuries…

Basically, that’s how Energy Astrology views it… approaches it… and even if you are born with the most complex and challenging natal chart you can imagine… there is always something you can do to bring things into some kind of harmony… and positive expression…

Because really… it’s all about learning to shift the weight in your natal chart.

And home isn’t something we make out there, with bricks and mortar… true home is what we make within us, through learning how to best handle our own personality. If you don’t learn to be at home in your own skin… the most beautiful palace in the world can feel cold and unwelcoming. But if you find your true centre… then the smallest hovel can feel like the most warm and welcoming spot on earth.

… And this is the point where / when Energy Astrology really does come into its own.

Because, with the right information… there is so much you can practically do to turn things towards the positive.

Note: From the perspective of Energy Astrology, and with Venus in Sagittarius, Sun in Sagittarius, Mercury in Sagittarius, and Mars in Sagittarius… our everyman Fred from earlier would find that…

  • His sense of self-worth (Venus) is undermined / reduced by worry and anxiety, strengthened / enhanced by faith and confidence
  • His ability to step outside his comfort zone and be a fully rounded individual (Sun) is undermined / reduced by worry and anxiety, strengthened and enhanced by faith and confidence
  • His ability to communicate (Mercury) is undermined / reduced by worry and anxiety, strengthened and enhanced by faith and confidence
  • His ability to assert himself and understand / go for his own desires (Mars) is undermined / reduced by worry and anxiety, strengthened and enhanced by faith and confidence

More on Energy Astrology and its view of the world (or maybe that should be many worlds)… soon.

(c) Brian Parsons October 2016

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