Honest… Not Writing a Crystal Bible


OK, something I would like to point out… with this Book series on the 8 different Crystal Structures, the Practical Crystal Structures series, it is most definitely not my intention…

To write another Crystal Bible.

Although, I have nothing against Crystal Bibles… they are very useful things… and I use them all the time.

But usually the Crystal Bible format contains 300 or so crystals… with 1 page per crystal (if the Author is lucky. and the Publisher has been generous)… which means there is only space for a few keywords… plus a few paragraphs to help you get an understanding of what the energy of that crystal is all about.

And that’s most definitely not what I am trying to do with this Crystal Structures Book series.


If you think about it…

There are 7 Crystal Structures in the Mineral KingdomTrigonal, Cubic, Hexagonal, Tetragonal, Orthorhombic, Monoclinic, and Triclinic

And 8 if you include the Amorphous Crystals too.

And there are 10 Foundation ColorsRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet / Purple, White, Black and Pink

And so when you do the Maths… 8 x 10 = 80.

(OK, 88 if you count Brown as a Foundation Color.)

Which means there are 80 different and distinct energetic categories which any specific crystal can fall into…

Such as… Blue Trigonal… or Green Cubic… or Violet Tetragonal… or Pink Monoclinic.

So any two crystals falling into the same category will share an energetic expression which is very similar, or virtually identical.

Because of this, as I see it, my job is to:

a) Identify the most common and easily available crystals in each of those 80 energetic boxes

b) Explain, to the best of my ability, the energetic qualities and expression for any crystal in that energetic box

Because if I do that…

If I can explain that Lepidolite is a Violet Monoclinc… so it works in a Violet / Violet way…

Then Chaorite and Violet / Purple Jade also fall into this same Violet Monoclinic box… and so they work in a very similar way to Lepidolite… they all have a similar energetic expression.

So if you can’t get Purple Jade… try Charoite… try Lepidolite

Which is not to say that they are exactly the same… there will be a uniqueness of vibration arising from their distinct molecular structure…

But because that molecular structure is also the same… the atoms may be different, but they are arranged in the same way… this leads to the baseline sameness when it comes to their vibration.

So the great thing from a crystal perspective… if you can’t get a piece of Purple Jade say… using the Crystal Structure system… at least you can deduce that a Lepidolite or Chaoriteclose vibrational cousins… may be able to give you the vibration you need.

Plus… if you can get at least 1 crystal for each of the 80 energetic boxes… (OK, 88 if you count Brown)… then you will probably have acquired the full set of Vibrational DNA of our Universe.

Or may be we should call it the Periodic Vibrational Table.

Whether that is possible or not… whether there is a crystal for all of the 80 (or 88) energy boxes… still trying to work out.

But even if there is not… there are enough to make this a very interesting way of working with vibration.

Because each of these energetic boxes is an energy expression which the Universe considers to be important… and which Human individuals are probably expected to master during their lifetimes on the Earth plane.

Note: If you also add the 10 degrees of Hardness, from the Moh Scale8 x 10 x 10 = 800 … that gives us a total and possible 800 energetic boxes… (and 880 if you include Brown).

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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