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  • April 17, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    Hi, good article, however I definitely disagree 100% with point number 2, but let me expand to clarify.
    I grew up and adopted the “avoidance approach”, however you are not taking Neville’s work in it’s entirety, which is why I disagree.
    Just to clarify, point 1, Neville states practice over and over , learn to shift as well as repeat the action over and over until you can get the tones of reality. While this may seem hard it actually does not take long at all. I manifested absolutely nothing short of magic in days without any training, it is all technique of which Neville expanded upon in great length during his lectures.

    Basically you say that imaging is a great to pass information onto the subconscious mind, which it most likely is however Neville never taught that you have a subconscious mind like it is been taught today. (PS: I read an interesting article the other day where they are now saying you only have one mind and another one that says we actually don’t store information in our minds – Gregg Braden has some great research on this.)

    Neville’s teaching have almost absolutely nothing to do with the LOA, as it is currently going, however I find that most people are picking up this “live from the wish fulfilled” and including it into the LOA.

    In a nutshell, Neville taught that Christ is your imagination and that we are God experiencing life, creating reality as we go along. Neville also teaches that the “subconscious mind” is the part of the mind that connects to creation, he also is very clear that the subconscious is not in anyway a problem as it is a slave/beautiful wife of the conscious mind which is firmly in control. Basically you tell your “beautiful wife” what you want and she fulfills it.

    I have found that if you mix anything into Neville’s teaching (LOA etc) it will fail and Neville talks very clearly in the pearl of great price, that the price you pay is the absolute belief that you and the father are one, you completely buy and put aside all other beliefs. Neville’s techniques work based on the fact that consciousness is the only reality, everything is an illusion.

    Furthermore, Neville also did not teach eating right, kundalini, vibration, affirmations attraction etc…. in fact he slams them totally in several lectures. The only time Neville even lightly mentions vibration is in regards to the promise, but never the law. Neville clearly taught creation and not attraction.

    So no, Neville would most likely not be researching binural beats etc…. as you are God waking up, as simple as that.

    Hopefully just helping those that are battling with Neville’s techniques.

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