Practical Muscle Testing – How To


Muscle testing is a diagnostic technique, based on the Chinese meridian system, and brought into Western Complementary health systems by Dr. George Goodheart (1918 to 2008)… although since then it has been used in a variety of different health approaches, including Touch for Health and E.F.T.

It can provide everyone… from complementary therapists to ordinary seekers on the path… with access to the wisdom of the unconscious body-mind (which knows more about you then your conscious mind might realize).

However, it is an approach with requires a degree of skill and discipline… and needs to be approached in the correct way, so that a person can trust the answers which their, or someone else’s body, is providing. If you don’t follow a robust set-up protocol, then the answers which the body-mind provides can be ambiguousincorrect… and even downright misleading.

In the videos below, the respected practitioner, teacher and author, Sue Lilly, who has over 25 years experience working as a kinesiologist, nutritionist, and energy therapist, demonstrates muscle testing… while also providing her own unique insights into this valuable and practical skill… and shows how to do it right, so that you can indeed trust the answers the body-mind is providing.

Supporting is her husband, Simon Lilly, who is also an author, trained Touch for Health Practitioner, and highly experienced energy practitioner, also with over 25 years experience.



In this next video, Sue Lilly talks people through the practicalities of self-testing.



More information on the work of Sue & Simon Lilly, please visit, or email them at

Videos (c) Sue & Simon Lilly, 2016

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