Most Humans Don’t Speak… Vibration?


Something I have found through my own inner research… and outer reading.

The Unconscious Mind processes information through 4 Different Modes… which are:

  • Language
  • Feeling
  • Visuals
  • Vibration

This means we are able to speak to our Unconscious Mind… or let’s say… to different levels of our Unconscious Mind… through one of these 4 Modes.

Through Language… through Feeling… through Visuals… and / or through Vibration.

But what we need to remember… if each level has its own language… one language won’t speak to all the 4 levels of the Unconscious Mind at the same time.

And in terms of hierarchy… Language is the closest to our Rational Mind… while Vibration is the lowest, and the closest to our Transpersonal Self and Soul.

And… in terms of living a successful life… being able to speak to our Deeper Mind in the correct way… and using the correct language… is paramount.

Let me explain.

Basically… 99% of the time… when people do try to speak to the Unconscious Mind… they do so using LanguageWordsPrayersAffirmationsAfformations… those kind of approaches.

And they do work… although Words themselves do not touch the 3 lower levels of the Unconscious Mind

Unless the person also summons the appropriate Feelings and Visuals with which to clothe their Words

Which is what manifestation masters, like the late Neville Goddard, teach…

Words + Feelings + Visuals… as whole and complete as you can =

The Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled

Note: One level of the Unconscious Mind can translate so the other levels can understand… but that is a different post entirely.

And when 75% of your Unconscious Mind is working for you… then you have a far better chance of being successful in life.

Well… actually… 75% isn’t totally accurate… because it assumes all the 4 levels have the same weighting, which I have not found to be correct… from my own experience, I would say it is…

  • Language = 10%
  • Feeling = 19%
  • Visuals = 26%
  • Vibration = 45%

So the more you can reach beyond Language, reach deeper, and access the lower levels, the more successful you can become.

But the first problem…

Humans don’t tend to be well versed in speaking… Vibration.

If you were to ask your average Man or Woman on the street, how you can change your Vibration… they would have no idea, and probably consider you mad.

Most of the time, when people talk about shifting their vibration… they are doing so via their Feelings… which can work, but isn’t the same thing… and relies on the inner translation function.

So largely the lowest level of the Unconscious Mind tends to remain untouched by these Conscious Mind requests.

Which is unfortunate… because the Vibrational level… is the most powerful… the most Universally plugged in… of all the levels of our Deeper Mind.

And the next problem… as if one wasn’t enough…

If the Conscious Mind needs the fuel of Love for optimum performance (Level 500 on the Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness)…

The Unconscious Mind needs the fuel of Peace for its optimum performance (Level 600)…

And without this Peace, the Deeper Unconscious exists in a state of Noise and Frustration

Bit like a sole trader on the New York Stock Exchange, trying to hear someone whispering, on the other side of the trading floor… just as the stock market itself has gone into total meltdown… and everything is in total uproar.

And this kind of all makes sense…

Because when the Deeper Unconscious is at Peace… then in this stillness, it is able to experience and pick-up the subtle vibrations of the Universe… and respond… send out its own subtle vibrations.

So do most people exist in a state of Peace?

No way…

We’re probably the most noisy, frustrated and restless generation of Humans which has ever existed.

And this has consequences.

Because if our deeper Vibrational Mind can only work and function when things are relatively silent and peaceful within

It means, with all the inner noise and mental chatter going on in our Heads 24/7… even while we are dreaming

Our Deepest Mind cannot achieve the inner quiet and silence within which it needs to detect the vibrational heartbeat of the Universe… let alone start manifesting a better life for us out of the Universal Sea of Vibration

This is probably why people who mediatewho learn to quiet their Mind… and achieve periods of inner silence…

Start to become more successful in their outer world…

Not manifesting Porsches and such… (although maybe there is the odd Buddhist Monk who really does need a Porsche for fulfilling their true life-purpose)…

But at manifesting a life which works for them on all levels… which is aligned to their Deeper Being

Because their inner Peace allows them to connect with their Deeper Unconscious… the 45% inner strength just over the horizon…

Which in turn… aligns all their inner levels… the inner with the outer… which = success.

One final way to think about this…

If you drop a stone into a calm lake, then you can see the ripples / waves radiating out across the surface… because the water is peaceful.

But if try the same while the surface of the water is disturbed… when there are violent waves say, during a storm… then it becomes next to impossible to identify individuals waves and vibrations… because everything is too chaotic

In a smiliar way…

It’s not until things quieten down within… that you can start identifying, and effectively working, with your inner vibrations once again… changing them within to create a different resonance without.

Because until then… our Deeper Vibrational Mind is just drowned out by all our internal noise.

(c) Brian Parsons, April 2018.

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