Moldavite – A World of Green Wonder – Part 2


Sometimes with the more esoteric and exotic crystals and stones… to work out what they do… it’s often best to re-connect with first principles… and build up an understanding from there.

OK, yes, you can channel… but sometimes it helps to anchor that celestial knowledge into those concrete forms and anchors which are already down here.

For example, in our last post, we explored what Moldavite’s amorphous structure meant for the way it’s energy worked… anchored its celestial nature into our down here understanding of crystal structures.

And today we’re going to explore it’s unique energy from the perspective of it’s deep Green color… which can also tell us a lot more about how it works… open up another dimension to this magical Space Green.

So we are going to call upon color therapy to gain an understanding of the unique way in which Moldavite is all about… expansion.


Moldavite – Spaced out Green

In traditional colour therapy, the color Green is associated with growth, and expansion, and abundance.

But it is also associated with individuality… with providing an individual with the inner strength and confidence they need to be their own person… to follow their own path… to go their own way if necessary.

Even if the whole world is telling them to back down… to toe the line… to play it safe… to not the rock boat.

And sometimes the world needs a Martin Luther… Martin Luther King… Mahatma Ghandi… Nelson Mandela… Mother Teresa… Vincent van Gogh to say…

Nah, sorry, got to live my life my way…  sorrybut … I gotta do what I feel is right for me.”

This, I believe, is the source for the saying Green with Envy.

The definition of Envy is associated with someone else having or doing something which we want, but have never done / had… which we probably would desire to do, but don’t have enough courage to do.

So when we see someone having the kind of life we dream of… doing the kind of things we haven’t the courage to do… we feel the envy… because we lack the Green courage inside.

Maybe that should be the positive saying… Green with courage… for all those times when we do find the strength inside to go for what we want in life.

So in a sense… Envy is the feeling which arises when we realize that we are wasting our life in not going after our dreams.

So Positive Green is about us following our individual dreams… finding the courage to do what we want to do… and that is true for all Green stones and crystals.

And we can take this understanding a whole level deeper… because Green is also about… expansion.

As I have written about in a previous post… the Universe all around us is continually expanding… Galaxies flying apart at mind blowing speeds… the space in between being stretched… the Universe at core is all about expansion.

And for a human to be happy, our own energy fields needs to expand with it…

And how do we find that sense of inner expansion?

Well, being happy helps…

But for long-term happiness… we need to find our life-purpose, that thing or things which give our life meaning, our dharma… what we came here to do and achieve…

So all the green crystals are to do with…

  • Finding your life purpose
  • Having the courage to follow your individual path
  • Expressing your uniqueness
  • Expanding your energy-field

But once again… when it comes to Moldavite… it gets raised to a whole new level… because remember, a bit of the Sky got included in the mix when that asteroid collided with the planet.

Moldavite = Expansion on steroids.

What I have found is that Moldavite… that spaced out green… is seriously concerned with someone finding and following their life-path…

Of not wasting their one precious chance at being the person they came here to be.

It’s almost as if Moldavite starts shouting in your inner ear…

Man / woman… what are you doing… you’re not meant to be an accountant… you’re meant to be a doctor… musician… an artist… a scientist discovering a cure for cancer… an architect… a social worker…

Or an accountant… that could be true as well… world does need accountants… and some people I know love being accountants.

It’s almost as if the celestial nature of Moldavite, hot-wired into the whole Green color vibe, the whole Universal expansion thing, is here to help keep people on track with the Soul dreams they came here to explore.

If you do want to sleepwalk through your life… if you do want to live a life dictated by the shallow dreams and beliefs and words of other people… then don’t let Moldavite anywhere near you… it’ll be like Kryptonite… a thorn in your side that won’t stop reminding you of what your life should and could be.

And that’s when life becomes increasingly uncomfortable… and frustrating… and deeply unfulfilled inside.

But if you are OK with living your life to your own inner tune… if you are inspired to follow your inner dreams…

Then Moldavite can be the greatest friend and ally you can find in the mineral kingdom.

As they say… what are you here to do with your one unique and special life the Universe has given you… because if you ever do come back in another life, it won’t be as You… you will only ever have one chance in the whole of creation to play this part of You, to explore being You, to take delight in Your relationships, and dreams, and loves, and creations… one lifetime to become the best You you can possibly be… and You are living it right Now 🙂

But for anyone who is intrigued by this green stone, and would like to own one… you do have to be careful that you are buying the real, genuine stuff (because it can be easily faked unfortunately)… but there are reputable sellers out there who can provide you with the real thing.

And the seller I am going to mention and recommend is called Shane Michael Darreff… who is an online crystal seller who I have come to value and trust… and who is also a young man in his early 20s, passionate about crystals, but who is also putting himself through college in the US through the support of his online crystal selling business… so if you buy from him, you not only get some nice Moldavite, but you are also helping to fund his ongoing college education (kind of a win-win thing)… and if you don’t need any Moldavite at this time… why not like his public FB page jewelryessentialz so you can keep informed of any new offers he might have.

You can go to his Facebook Group via clicking on the Link below:


That’s it for today…

… Third in this Three Post series coming tomorrow… where we dive even deeper into the Space Greenness that is Moldavite and look at what Jane Ann Dow had to say about Moldavite.

(c) Brian Parsons, June 2017

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