Moldavite – A World of Green Wonder – Part 1


If I were to write a book about crystals… which I might well do one day… then Moldavite is one which I would need to include, which I couldn’t exclude

And yet, for so many reasons… it’s also the one I would be tempted to leave out


Because it’s very much the odd one out in the crystal kingdom… doesn’t fit into any tidy Virgoan classification system… it splits opinion… some people love it… some people will run a mile to avoid being in the same room with it…

In fact, it’s taken me a while to pluck up enough courage to write about Moldavite

Although going to draw upon the work of the crystal writing of the great Jane Ann Dow to help support me later in this post series… as well as breaking the information down, and releasing, in 3 separate posts… over this weekend.

And yet, if you are into crystal healing / therapy… Moldavite is a crystal you will want… even have… to experience at some point…

And for some people… it’s a crystal (OK… kind of crystal, as we shall see)… which often you just can’t avoid… it almost stalks some people…

Because it is too unique… and too important an energy… not to experience what it has to offer at some point on your life-journey.

You see… it’s one of the few crystals which can literally open the door into different worlds… different dimensions… (whether you are brave enough to step through… now, that’s the real question).

Which when you stop to consider where is came from… in part… is quite fitting really.

So here goes… this is what I currently understand, and have learnt about, Moldavite so far in my 50 plus years alive (Part 1)… starting with:


Moldavite – A Brief Pre-History Lesson

About 15 million years ago, an asteroid (which can’t have been too big, because it didn’t destroy the majority of life on this planet… like happened to the dinosaurs 50 millions years earlier… or else we just wouldn’t be here now…) crashed into the Earth in the region of Moldavia in Central Europe…

As a result of this impact… material from the asteroid fused with the Earth material from the impact zone… fused in the extreme heat of the impact, forming a kind of deep green glass-like substance… and this material was then scattered over a wide area.

Today we call the physical remains of that asteroid crash, this fusion of space and earth material, Moldavite.

We also like to think that it is only in modern times that Moldavite has been discovered… but the truth is that our ancestors had an appreciation for this deep green substance, which was in the earth all around them… if you happened to live in right areas of Central Europe… even if they had no idea of where it came from, or what created it… apart from it being a gift of the Gods.


Moldavite is from… Out there… Beyond the Skies

Now there are Tektites… mini asteroids that have fallen through the sky, didn’t burn up in the atmosphere, and made it down to the surface of the planet…

And there are many new Tektites which fall from the Sky every year…

If you go field walking… over a undisturbed desert… like the Saraha, or the Outback in Australia… it is possible to find Tektites lying on the same patch of ground as when they fell… maybe a hundred… or a few thousand years ago… and there is often very little surface activity which would bury them.

There is Libyan Gold Tektite… similar to Moldavite… which was caused by the intense explosion from a large asteroid hitting the Earth’s atmosphere…

Although there was no fusion of earth matter with the asteroid matter… so Libyan Gold Tektite is not generally considered to be in the same league as Moldavite… because it is Earth matter that was fused by the fire of an asteroid burn-up… but the asteroid never made contact with the planet… and so no Sky matter went into its formation.

Which means that Moldavite is the only example of a semi-crystal / glass like material which contains matter from Outer Space, which has fused with matter from Earth

… and it is believed that the inclusion of matter from beyond this Earth is what makes Moldavite such a transformational stone… and this is how it is often marketed… as a crystal from the stars… which can help you ascend… or help you make contact with celestial energies.

This is kind of true… but often a truth masks a much deeper truth…


Moldavite = The Ultimate FLOW Crystal

The thing we need to understand… Moldavite is not a standard crystal… because it does not have one of the recognized 7 crystal structures…

… Which means that it is part of the family called amorphous… like Opal and Obsidian and Amber… crystals that are not really crystals… because they have no formal / fixed crystal structure.

But the thing I have found about the amorphous stones… like Moldavite… is that they are all about… Flow.

And what is the most flowing thing we have on the planet… Water.

Now Water – aka H20 – flows… and because it flows, it also erodes… and this flowing / erosion ensures the release of chemicals into a rich mineral soup.

Which is a key essential for life.

If Water didn’t erode minerals, and so mix things up chemically, life would not exist on this planet… and it is presumed the same is true elsewhere in the Universe. That’s is why scientists look for the presence of water on other planets.

There would be no life on this planet without water

Water flows around minerals… erodes the surface… releasing chemicals… creating a chemical soup… because water is no respecter of solid / static forms.

Which one of the reasons why Taoism took the image of water to be their primary metaphor and spiritual image.

Flow = Change = New Possibilities 

Or as the Ancient Taoists would say… the ever-flowing Tao supports the 10,000 myriad things… and yet the vast ocean of energy, which supports all forms, is itself without form.

And that is something which I have found out about all the amorphous stones… they are to do with the eroding of old forms… breaking them down… so that energy can flow once again… and new forms can arise…

Which is why people sometimes have a problem with the Opals and the Obsidians… because if you are someone who doesn’t want to change… who are resistant to new growth… who desperately wants to hold on to their existing life + forms…

… Then you will resist any attempt to bring more flow into your life.

But when we come to Moldavite… which is also an amorphous stone… the tale takes an extra twist

Because Moldavite contains Flow with an extra touch of Sky+Space energy… which kicks the flow and erosion into over-drive.

Moldavite = Flow on steroids.

This is why I feel that Moldavite is probably the ultimate stone to use if you are actively and consciously wanting to change and grow… for anyone who is on the path of personal development…

OK, other crystals may be better for helping you deal with and process the changes occurring within you… but if you are looking for that vibrational stick of dynamite to blow up the dam and release the water… try Space Green.

… And the reason why I think some people dislike Moldavite… because they are hugely resistant to the potential flow and change Moldavite heralds (for whatever reason).

But for anyone who is intrigued by this green stone, and would like to own one… you do have to be careful that you are buying the real, genuine stuff (because it can be easily faked unfortunately)… but there are reputable sellers out there who can provide you with the real thing.

And the seller I am going to mention and recommend is called Shane Michael Darreff… who is an online crystal seller who I have come to value and trust… and who is also a young man in his early 20s, passionate about crystals, but who is also putting himself through college in the US through the support of his online crystal selling business… so if you buy from him, you not only get some nice Moldavite, but you are also helping to fund his ongoing college education (kind of a win-win thing)… and if you don’t need any Moldavite at this time… why not like his public FB page jewelryessentialz so you can keep informed of any new offers he might have.

You can go to his Facebook Group via clicking on the Link below:


That’s it for today…

… Second in this Three Post series coming tomorrow… where we dive even deeper into the Space Greenness that is Moldavite.

(c) Brian Parsons, June 2017

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2 thoughts on “Moldavite – A World of Green Wonder – Part 1

  • June 17, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Awesome article! My first in depth look about Moldavite. I have my first piece coming and now I understand why I’m connecting now.?

  • June 21, 2017 at 11:59 pm

    Very nice introduction! A wonderful stone to have and hold.

    Another interesting FLOW stone is Gaia Stone which actually was created from the volcanic ash of eruption of Mount St. Helena in the Pacific Northwest. And it is a gorgeous green.

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