Your Doing Mind & Your Vibe Mind


Imagine that you lived in that valley…

OK, it’s very beautiful and all that… but there is a reality to living in valleys… as anyone who has ever lived in Switzerland, Nepal or the Rocky Mountains can tell you.

Because of the steep mountain walls on either side, there is only so much blue sky above you… which means that the sun rises later in the mornings… and sets earlier in the evenings…

So you get a shorter day due to there being less sunlight…

And your view, what you can see in direct line of sight, is also limited… (although what you can see is, admittedly, beautiful in this image).

And this valley metaphor is a very good way to understand the difference between your Doing Mind and your Vibe Mind

I feel a metaphor coming on!

So question… you live in a valley in far off Alaska say, and you are running out of food supplies… how do you re-stock?

Well, there are 2 ways really:

First way… you go out on foot, climb up the steep valley sides, and trek the 30 miles to the nearest town, get what you need, and then carry it back to your log cabin, strapped to your own back (i.e. round trip of 60 miles).

Or alternatively, the second way… you build a radio transmitter, or already have one in your wooden shack, and then send out a broadcast message, a radio signal which climbs out of the valley and travels across the 30 miles, almost instantly, to the town… where the message is received… and an airplane is dispatched to your location with your food supplies… and as the plane flies over your log cabin, the supplies are dropped down to you by parachute.

Which means a lot less effort for you.

Now, of course… we’re talking metaphors here… and the first approach equates to your Conscious Mind, which is limited to Doing Mode… to get whatever it wants, it can only conceive of doing something to get what it wants / needs.

For example… I need to earn money… I need to do something to achieve that end.

But your Unconscious Mind doesn’t have to approach things in that way.

Your Unconscious Mind is much more plugged in… and so it is more like the radio transmitter option.

Your Unconscious has the option of working with your Vibe Mind.

Your Unconscious Mind can literally connect to the psychic frequencies, make connections, and draw to you what you need… can maneuver things so that you are literally in the right place, at the right time.

But of course, all this is happening behind the scenes, or below the radar of the Conscious Mind if you prefer… and so the Conscious Mind is largely unaware of what is happening. In fact, the Conscious Mind often denies the existence of these subtle interactions… because it cannot see them… and so cannot detect the larger web of psychic cause and effect which is being spun out all around it.

In fact, most people’s Conscious Minds don’t even know what is possible… what hidden potential lies within their own head.

But here’s the thing… which would you rather do?

Walk the 60 mile round trip, with a heavy pack on your back for the return?

Or wait for food to fall out of the sky and land at your feet?

As I have said before, a magical life is built upon discovering the right relationship between the Conscious and Unconscious Mind

… and why trek 60 miles when you can radio in for the local air-home delivery service.

But the real trick to all this… is remembering where you have hid the radio transmitter to speak to your Unconscious Mind.

(c) Brian Parsons October 2016

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