Manifestation… Why Can’t I Have It Right Now?



I have come to understand that the above image… of raindrops falling on water… is a very good and accurate image for our manifest reality… and for gaining a good understanding of how manifestation works in this Universe of ours.

Let me explain.

If you have ever read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, you will have come across stories of Enlightened Masters manifesting entire palaces in the Himalayas out of thin air… and in no time at all.

Why it’s always in the Himalayas, and not down the end of the street where you live… don’t know… but apparently it goes on in remote Himalayan valleys all the time… which must be very confusing for anyone taking satellite photos from space. One minute there, next minute gone.

Now, I am not saying that this is impossible… never hung out with any genuine Himalayan Masters… and they may know stuff that I don’t… probably do.

The real and genuine Babaji… whoever and wherever they are… may indeed be able to conjure up a palace in the blink of an eye… all without the need for tradesmen or official planning permission… and dismantle it again just as quickly…

But all of the people I know who are good at manifesting stuff have never been able to manifest their stuff in an instant of time… let alone something so big.

There is this time thing… for us, manifesting takes time… and so a huge slice of patience… and the ability to stick to the script… to stay focused and on target (move on this later).

You just can’t get around it… Manifestation for us mortals takes time… and in the last 24 hours… I have come to understand why.

You see… all of our manifest reality is sitting atop the Quantum Sea… which kind of makes our head hurt if we try to think about it… in fact, even if you have a Phd. in Quantum Physics it still gives you a headache trying to understand what is going on.

And so manifestation is a not just a cause and effect thing (i.e. I do this… and then that happens) which is the rule on our surface reality… for anything to happen, it also has to be in alignment with the Quantum World… with how the Quantum World works.

According to Quantum Theory for an event to occur in our normal Space-Time… a Quantum Wave travelling forwards from the Past… must meet a Quantum Wave travelling backwards from the Future… meet in the moment the event occurs, collapse, and so allow that event to occur… which then creates it’s own Quantum Wave in response, which travels both backwards and forwards in time… interacting with the Past and Future Q Waves, as they emerge, as it does so.

Yes, I know… sounds very complicated… but look again at the raindrops falling on water image…

That’s a very good metaphor for how the Quantum World looks and functions… which underpins our Up Here reality.

If we return to the photo above… our physical reality is a manifestation of an infinite number of these Q Waves… travelling backwards and forwards in time… and as they do so… different waves interact, collapse, and so create the events which we experience Up Here… create our experience of reality…

And there may indeed by Q-Waves travel forwards in time which never meet similar Q-Waves travelling backwards… or vice versa… so because they never meet… that potential reality never gets to manifest.

The Universe… or Mult-verse… must be full of Q-Waves… potential realities… that never get a chance to connect up… and so never become reality.

And this is why I have come to believe that, unless you are a genuine Himalayan Master, who has earned their certificate in manifestation, then you do need a degree of time / patience / continued focus when manifesting what you want… because you need to spend enough time… focusing on what you want to happen… and so generating enough of those Q Waves travelling forwards in time.

Which in turn starts to set-up a future reality which reflects back into your desired future present… which is the Universe’s way of saying… “Yes, the event you want to create did indeed occur“.

See how language, which was crafted to help us explore and navigate Up Here reality, starts to buckle when we try to explain this Quantum set-up.

Now according to Orin, the guide of Sanaya Roman, we live in a Universe of Frozen Thought… and for something to Freeze into Form, we need to remain focused on it for a sufficient level of time… which in Yoga terms is called holding a One-Pointed Focus.

The trouble is for most of us , we are so scattered… our focus waivers… one moment we want X, next moment not too sure, next minute we want Y, and the next… perhaps we have forgotten about X and Y entirely…

But from a Quantum Wave point of view… what are we doing when we waiver? If something manifests if we consistently send out a steady sequence of Quantum Waves from the Past into our Future… then as soon as we loose focus… then the Quantum Waves start to falter… fizzle out… different Waves are sent out instead… Y instead of X… the Universe gets mixed messages… and is unsure what present reality is to be collapsed into a present.

So from the Universe’s perspective… if you don’t know what New thing you want… the Universe will keep serving you up what you have always had up to now. Because the old Quantum Waves from your old life are still flowing forwards… and the old Quantum Waves from the future…

Or as the saying goes (kind of)… You can’t have something new… until you start thinking in a new way… even being in a new way… consistently.

But another element we have to get our heads around… which we can grasp if we return to the above photo.

These Quantum Waves don’t just exist along a line… they’re on a plane… and so Waves are coming in from all directions

And if you then multiply that up into 3… 4… or 5 Dimensions… then Quantum Waves are coming in from so many different directions…

And there is a lot of them… and when we say a lot… we’re talking BIG NUMBERS here.

Or put another way… any single event in Space-Time is the result of multiple Q-Waves all coming together, collapsing together, all to create that single event.

This is what DaBen, the guide for the spiritual teacher Duane Packer, means we he says… To successfully manifest, you need to learn to tweak the connections on different levels.

Or to put that in terms of a Quantum Wave analogy… to manifest something.. antyhing… you need to send forward the right Quantum Waves to create it… and you need to also need to send forwards ALL the different kinds of Q-Waves needed to manifest what you want (which DaBen calls connections).

Or to put it another way… to create the life you want… you need to generate the right kinds of Q-Waves… and all the different kinds needed to manifest your desired outcome… and so life is a question of whether you have learnt to swim effortlessly through the Quantum Ocean… or whether you are just thrashing around in the Quantum Waters… sending out incoherent and undesired Q-Waves into your future.

Because you might be… unconsciously… sending forwards negative Q-Waves… and until you stop this… you won’t be able to create different Presents in your Future.

And if you have spent the last 20 years thinking negative thoughts… then you will have been sending out 20 years of negative Q-Waves.

Now, it is not impossible to change things around… in fact, as soon as you switch to a more positive Quantum track…

But it does require a degree of sustained focus, concentration perhaps, over a period of time.

However, there is another interesting element woven into this Q-Wave metaphor.

Enlightened Masters, done through the ages, have said that time doesn’t exist… that actually, behind the scenes, time fades away… and something called eternity takes over… or rather… one perfect and eternal moment… which some also call No-Time.

Now… the Holy Grail of Modern Physics is the unification of General Relativity (Physics of the Very Big) and Quantum Theory (Physics of the Very Small).

Both General Relativity and Quantum Theory can be used to predict out the Universe out there works, and has been proved by experimentation and observation… so they tick the boxes.

But no one has been able to show how they work together… (and the Scientist who does… is an absolute cert for  a Nobel Prize).

Now, that is not completely true… there is one Theory that is able to marry General Relativity and Quantum Theory… very easily and neatly…

There is only one problem.

As you work through the equations, a point is reached where… or perhaps when… Time is cancelled out.

A point is reached when the Universe decides that it no longer needs Time, and so throws it in the Cosmic bin…

Which for us Human Beings seems ludicrous… because Time is all around as… waving big signs… we grow up, we age, grow old and die… the passage of time surrounds us… and

But perhaps it is a matter of perspective.


Enlightened Masters have also said that the Universe created Time so that everything didn’t happen at the same Time… and that it would indeed take time for Forms to take shape, grow, and manifest.

If this is the case… then no wonder it takes time for things to manifest…

Because it allows us all to change our mind… think through if we really want to manifest X… and also change our minds and go for Y instead if it would be a better fit for us.

But the next question… what creates the Quantum Wave in the first place?

More coming soon. 🙂

Final Note: As for all those Himalayan Masters manifesting palaces in remote Himalayan valleys… got a feeling the less constrained your consciousness is by time… and the more you can stand back and see the behind the scenes pattern of eternitythe quicker your manifesting becomes… so even if it never happened… these stories are a rich metaphor for what is possible… once your consciousness starts to expand beyond time.

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2017

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One thought on “Manifestation… Why Can’t I Have It Right Now?

  • December 22, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Good job, my head does hurt now from reading this article. It is written in such a way to challenge the notions I have believed or a long time. This is deep thought in written form. I am currently studying the power of the mind and manifestation here: . Do you think we can ever go back in time ? I wonder that all the time. Not that I want to, but just to understand.

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