The Audio Essence Magic of… Supporting Vibrations


Sometimes, the real magic isn’t where you think… it’s not in front… it’s in the background… it’s working behind the scenes.

A case in point is Audio Essences.

As you may know. I have just launched, and currently filling it with some really cool Audio Essences… along with Guided Meditations (which use Audio Essences to create positive and supportive energy spaces which can be used in very practical ways) … where people can access the subtle vibration… just through the act of listening.

I am starting with the vibration of crystals… but there are a lot of subtle vibrations which can be captured and transmitted using this process (… yeah…the most amazing Audio Satsangs).

But in reality… a lot of the magic, which the listener experiences, comes from the Supporting Vibrations, which are also embedded into the Audio Essence (or merged into the MP3 sound / music file during the editing stage, which is another way of putting it).

So when someone asks me (which people do)… why should I pay extra for an Audio Essence of Rose Quartz… when the actual crystal costs less then the Audio Essence?

My reply is… “Because of the Supporting Vibrations… they take your experience of Rose Quartz to a whole different level.”

With an Audio Essence, as well as the core vibration, you are also paying for the effectiveness of the Supporting Vibrations to boost the signal of a crystal vibration (or any other vibration)… and in my mind, that justifies charging more then for a piece of tumbled Rose Quartz

… Because developing the Supporting Vibrations took longer to refine then the Audio Essence process itself!

Let me explain…

I can vividly remember the day on which the Supporting Vibrations started to come into being.

It all started with… a failure in a room of apparent success.

I was demonstrating them to a room of around 100 people in the old Quest MBS show in Newton Abbot, Devon / UK, probably around the Summer of 2012…

And at the end of this seminar session… as everyone was feeding their experiences back to me, lots of good and amazing experiences…

One woman put up her hand and said…

Actually… I didn’t get anything at all… is that normal?

And… to be honest, I didn’t really have an answer to that.

Was it normal… to get absolutely nothing?

At that time, I didn’t really know.

And to be truthful, I could have ignored her question… and the fact she didn’t get anything… and carried on developing Audio Essences as I was expecting to do.

There are quite a few therapy techniques where this has been done… focus on the 60% success rate, and ignore the 40% of people who it doesn’t work for at all (and write your book, making your therapy approach sound as if it is akin to the Second Coming… and never mentioning the people who are left in Purgatory, because for some reason it doesn’t work for them… and never engaging with the question Why didn’t it work?).

But the thing is… I was curiousWhy hadn’t she got the same kind of experience as everyone else in the room?

What was different about her? … Was there even a difference?… And if there was, could I add to the Audio Essence vibrational mix to help her experience them in the same way as the other 99 people in the room?

And from that point, that’s what I decided to do… to embrace the failures and so learn and hopefully improve the Audio Essence experience for more people.

And something which online entrepreneurs say… fail fast… because in your failures, as you work your way through them, you find the clues that will eventually make you even more successful.

And I kind of think the same applies with energy therapies.

By engaging with those cases where it doesn’t work… were it fails for some reason… you have the opportunity to learn something new… and so improve the process.

So starting Summer 2012, for a 2 year period… I went on a mini-tour of the UK… demonstrating Audio Essences to different groups of people…

… and whenever I found someone for whom it didn’t work… I went out of my way to talk / work with them… to find out why exactly it wasn’t working for them.

And this gave me valuable clues as to how Audio Essences could become even more effective… (and all this has now been incorporated into the Audio Essence vibrational technology of today).

In fact, all these people for whom it did not initially work, working through their underlying issues, gave me many valuable insights into how an individual’s energy field works…

How a subtle vibration is integrated into someone’s energy field…

How someone can block a vibration which they have previously identified as being dangerous, undesirable, or suspect on the Unconscious level.

And also… how they can be unblocked… to allow beneficial vibrations into their life once again.

Basically, it’s a bit like someone, walking around, wearing many layers of clothing, sunglasses, and a hat… and complaining that they never seem to get a suntan… and suffer from a lack of Vitamin C.

The healing is simple… take off the layers… and allow your skin to the touched by the warm, natural and healing light of the Sun.

And in essence, that is what the Supporting Vibrations within an Audio Essence do… they help to remove the energy blocks / layers, thus allowing the central vibration to pass more easily through into someone’s inner space… and touch them within.

And this is what I found during that 2 year R&D period… (the learning from which has now been incorporated into all Audio Essences as the Supporting Vibrations)… lots of interesting information which helped to make the AEs even more effective… through helping a person integrate the core vibration into their energy field more easily.

And there are currently 7 Supporting Vibrations:

Supporting Vibration 1 – The Heart Protector Meridian

In Chinese traditional medicine, the Heart Protector Meridian is the energy shield which protects an individual’s precious Heart space.

It works a bit like a drawbridge on a castle… it is lowered to allow in a positive / supporting vibration… and raised to block a negative / harmful vibration from entering.

But the thing is… the Heart Protector Meridian can become badly wired, so that it blocks the positive, and remains open to the negative…. which is a most undesirable state of being.

But from my R&D period… I found a lot of people exist in such a state.

So the 1st Supporting Vibration is all about informing the Heart Protector Meridian to be open to the particular positive vibration… that it is indeed safe to allow it into someone’s Heart Space… which helps to get around any unconscious blocking.

Supporting Vibration 2 – The Shield Net

But very soon after incorporating the 1st Supporting Vibration… it became apparent that, for some people, this left them feeling unsafe… as they were super-sensitive, and they relied on their Heart Protector Meridian to protect them.

So the only way they would feel comfortable lowering the Heart Protector Meridian was if they were given a different way of protecting their energy field in place of it.

Which is exactly what the 2nd Supporting Vibration is all about… to allow the Heart Protector Meridian to lower and allow in the positive frequency… we have merged in the Shield Net to set-up a different kind of subtle energy protection while listening to the Audio Essence.

Supporting Vibration 3 – The Heart Space

Next, we had to ensure that the vibration, once it had entered our energy field, got to the right place.

And the right place for all frequencies and vibrations is our Heart… because it is the strong energy field of our Heart which processes and stores all these frequencies… all the vibrations which we encounter in life… and so we want the positive frequency to reach the Heart… so it can be felt and integrated.

This is what the 3rd Supporting Vibration does… it opens up the channels to allow a subtle vibration to easily flow down to the Heart.

Supporting Vibration 4 – The Head Space

However, the paradox is that for many people… it’s not their Heart that counts in their life, it’s their Head… they live in their Head… in fact, this is true for all of us to some extent.

If the vibration is going to their Heart, they may not register the fact, because they are experiencing no sensation in their Head… and many people give up, because they don’t think anything is happening… so we needed to build in another Supporting Vibration to tell the Head something is occurring, it’s real, so keep going.

So the 4th Supporting Vibration is all about allowing the vibration to also rise to the Head, clearing that channel, so that the Head can register that something is indeed happening.

Supporting Vibration 5 – Trance F

Now, it has been said by advertisers, marketing men, hypnotists, and psychologists… that most people live in a kind of a trance… and people won’t really pay attention to you and what you are saying unless you get them to come out of their particular trance and into yours… or if what you are saying fits in with their particular trance state.

It’s a bit like different wavelengths on a radio… to connect with someone, you either need to tune to their particular wavelength… or get them to re-tune their Head to yours.

This is what the 5th Supporting Vibration is all about… it gently re-tunes their Head trance to the subtle wavelength of their inner world and the vibrations they are experiencing… so that, once again, they can register that something is happening.

Supporting Vibration 6 – The Stomach Meridian

In the 12 Meridian System,  the Stomach meridian is associated with accepting an incoming vibration… after all, it is linked to the mouth, throat and stomach… the openings through which food and other nutrients enter our physical body… and the same is true for nurturing subtle vibrations.

The 6th Supporting Vibration gently re-tunes the Stomach Meridian into receptive mode, so that it is open to a positive vibration, and not blocking it.

Supporting Vibration 7 – The Small Intestine Meridian

Finally, in the 12 Meridian System,  the Small Intestine Meridian is associated with recognizing that an incoming vibration is good for us… and if this Meridian is imbalanced in some way, a person may consume (on whatever level) material which is not beneficial or supportive to their inner being.

The 7th Supporting Vibration gently re-tunes the Small Intestine Meridian into positive mode, so that it is open to a positive vibration, and not blocking it, because it now classifies it as beneficial and empowering.

And I stopped there but… what happened next was…

That’s the 7 Supporting Vibrations as they currently stand, March 2017.

Now, here’s the final interesting thing.

There are a few others which could have been included… the Thymus Space for example… but for several reasons, I decided to stop there.


Well, to explain that… time for another story.

I was demonstrating Audio Essences to a local illness support Group, and one again… 15 people were getting it… and 1 person was not.

After the event, I can remember this one lady saying… “I didn’t feel anything… hundreds of therapists have all tried and failed… but then nothing touches me.”

And she had her arms firmly crossed over her heart… like a solid wall, showing that no one would ever be able to breach her defenses.

I later learnt that she had had a very unhappy childhood, and so had erected these massive defenses to protect herself from years of neglect and pain.

Therein lay my problem… I was pretty sure that I had a few other Supporting Vibrations in my kit which could have got through to her… so she could have been touched within.

But to quote the character played by Jeff Goldbloom in the movie Jurrasic Park… “Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should!

The thing is… and this is what my intuition was telling me… if I did ever create an Audio Essence which could get past her defensive barriers… in all likelihood she would totally freak out !!!

Which is not the outcome I would ever want to create…

I can remember seeing the shock on another woman’s face, during a different event, who had come along with her friend, who was the believer… and who had come along for a bit of a laugh… the shock on this woman’s face when she realized that she was indeed starting to feel something, and that her whole notion of reality, and how the world worked was being challenged…

… and so… best to leave such people alone until they are ready to change.

… Until such a time when she, and those like her, who are equally heavily defended, decide for themselves that they want to grow within…

Until then, it’s best to leave them alone… and so the Supporting Vibrations stopped at 7.

So that was the end of my journey… which had started out with my trying to make the Audio Essences as effective as possible…

… and ended with my deciding that, actually, it’s best to leave room for people to wriggle free and say “Actually… I didn’t get anything at all… is that normal?” … if that is what they choose.

Because after all… it’s their life… and no one should impose on someone else’s free-will.

I am not sure if that is what you might call wisdom… but it seemed the most compassionate thing to do… because no one should ever be forced into growing and changing inside.

FINALLY: Over on, there are quite a few FREE Audio Essences for you to download and play with… so you can experience and judge for yourself.

(c) Brian Parsons,March 2017

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