Love & Like are not the same…


Now for one of those bits of practical wisdom that they don’t teach you at school… but once you know, life gets a little bit easier.

And that wisdom is…

Love & Like are not the the same thing.

Let me explain.

There is a useful bit of psychological research, done back in the 1950s I believe, which states that in life 30% of the people you meet you will actively like… 30% you will actively dislike… and the remaining 40% you will be indifferent towards.

And the same will hold true for how people react to you.

30% of the people you meet will actively like you, 30% will actively dislike you, and the remaining 40% will be indifferent towards you.

And that’s all OK… until you throw Love and Unconditional Love into the equation… and realize that Love and Like are not the same… and indeed originate from different centers / chakras.

Liking is associated with the 3 lower chakras… the Base, the Sacral, and the Solar Plexus chakras

While Loving is associated with the Heart chakras and higher.

Liking is a magnet with a positive and negative pole… while Love is a magnet which only has one pole, which is always attractive and never repulsive.

This means it is entirely possible to:

  • Love someone and Like them at the same time
  • Love someone and Dislike them at the same time
  • Dislove someone but Like them at the same time
  • Dislove someone and also Dislike them at the same time

Not sure if Dislove is a real word… but if it isn’t, it should be… and I vote to make it so. Dislove is when you are not in a state of Love to begin with.

But here’s where the problem creeps in…

For thousands of years, the distinction between the two seems to have got muddied and confused… and people have kind of assumed that to Love someone you have to also Like them… and vice versa.

But that is so not the case.

From studying the lives of modern enlightened masters, their words and their teachings, it appears that it is possible to Love someone Unconditionally… but also Dislike them, and their words and deeds.

It appears that it is possible to express Unconditional Love towards all of the human race… while still holding the view that someone is a complete and total <fill in your most appropriate word at this point>.

But this Dislike does not in anyway diminish the Unconditional Love which is felt towards that person… and indeed all creation.

Even when someone is enlightened… they still have Likes and Dislikes… because they are human, they have lower chakras, and so are part of that whole magnetic interplay of relationships.

Weird I know… but it does appear to be the case.

But what is most interesting… is that enlightened people don’t let it get in the way… they can Love Unconditionally… and still be comfortable with liking 30%, disliking 30%, and being indifferent to the remaining 40% of the human race.

But people who are too influenced by religious scripture can seriously mess their heads up trying to square this particular circle.

I am religious, I follow scripture which says you must Love everyone… so I will try to Love them… and Like them at the same time (because Loving and Liking are the same thing… I think).

You get this a lot with vicars, priests, pastors and other serious God professionals… who try to practice Love towards their flock (which yes, this is definitely a good thing)… but also suppress their own natural inclinations towards 70% of the human race… i.e. the ones they are never going to get on with… because they feel it is wrong to admit that they also Dislike them.

So they try to suppress their Dislike… and we all know what happens to the psychic stuff we suppress… it’s going to come out some time down the line… always does… and usually in an inconvenient way.

So it is far better to be honest… and admit your Dislike… and you don’t need to be nasty about it… because it’s really just about magnetic polarity… some attract… some repel… and being honest that not everyone is attracted to you (but 30% of the human race is and will be… and that should be enough for any lifetime) helps to free things up and takes the pressure off.

In this context, the word Dislike does not mean you must hate them, or go to war… it’s just an acknowledgement that there isn’t a natural personality attraction between you… a natural chemistry… and that is fine.

And oddly, Disliking someone does not get in the way of Unconditional Loving them… as long as you realize you Love from the Heart, but Like / Dislike from the lower centers… and don’t get the two confused or mixed-up.

It’s when you try to Fake Like someone who your lower chakras are not naturally attracted towards… that’s when things can get seriously out of alignmentand cause a chasm in your own personality.

So to cement in this interesting truth… it is indeed OK to Love someone and Dislike them at the same time (honest)… because after all, we’re only human.

(c) Brian Parsons, January 2017

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