It’s like Climbing a Mountain… the Hard Way


Someone once asked the spiritual teacher, David R. Hawkins… with humanity in such a mess… how do we save the planet… how do we save mankind?

And David Hawkins replied… “That’s easy… one individual at a time… you raise your vibration… you offer the people you meet unconditional love… and in doing so, you help to raise their vibration… and that helps to raise the vibration of humanity overall.”

Which on the surface, is indeed, a simple and straightforward process… and is the main message taught by all the true spiritual masters done the ages… so we are talking truth here.

Except for one seriously big problem.

How do you start to practice offering unconditional love to others… on a planet where a lot of the inhabitants go around being totally selfish and greedy and short-sighted bastards 24/7?

Not just trying to be funny here… there are a lot of seriously selfish people out there… who will take advantage of any perceived weakness.

And that problem is itself composed of a number of different sub-problems:

Being Too Open-Hearted

One of the mistakes people make is that they assume that unconditional love… is the same as being open-hearted

… and that to love unconditionally you need to lower your internal energy defenses… and put your skeptical mind to one side.

But if you do that… what happens… some people take advantage of you.

Which is why there are some seriously spiritual people, who try to love unconditionally, but end up battered and bruised from the mistreatment they receive from other people who abuse their open-hearted, good nature.

However, if you study the life-stories of Jesus, Gautama the Buddha, Ramakrishna… who were as unconditionally loving as you can get…

Well, there were times when they got angry, kicked butt, didn’t suffer fools gladly, and said what needed to be said… while also loving unconditionally

OK, I don’t think it is possible to love unconditionally and also be cynical… but I do think it is possible to love unconditionally and also protect your own heart energy… which in today’s world is quite essential.

Note: We’re going to be exploring this whole “loving unconditionally from a protected space” skill in the webinar on Day 1 of the 12 Vibrational Days of Christmas… because it is an important energy skill to have in your toolkit.

Trying to climb a mountain… straight up!

Which takes us on nicely to another issue you encounter when trying to love unconditionally.

Yes, you are trying… but it often seems like everyone else around you isn’t… your family, your friends, the people you encounter in the shops or while walking down the street… everyone else seems to be putting themselves first, except for you…

And you can get knocked about… which can lead you to question “Maybe it is a dog-eat-dog world… maybe I should start being selfish too?

Now, in some books it says that if you live from an energy space of love / unconditional love, then everyone you meet will respond the same… and the whole field of unconditional love will automatically touch and raise everyone you meet.

Which can happen sometimes… it can create real miracles…

But if that is the case… why did Jesus get crucified?

Why did / do many Tibetan Masters get locked up and tortured by the Chinese government, despite their loving kindness meditation practice?

The simple truth is… you cannot predict or control how other people will respond to you… even when you are in a high vibrational state such as love.

Yes, as David R Hawkins states, unconditional love (level 540 on his Map of Consciousness) will counter / cancel all lower limiting / negative vibrations… BUT this will only work if the other person willingly chooses to step into the love field you create.

But if they don’t… if they decide to hold onto their fear, their anger, their hate, the greed, their jealousy… there is nothing you can do… because unconditional love will not force them to change.

Let me just repeat that, because it is hugely important… and something which New Age books often miss…

Unconditional love will never force people to change.

… And if you are loving someone in the hope that they will change for the better… sorry, the love isn’t unconditional… it’s conditional, even if at an unconscious level (… and that’s something I have been guilty of in the past).

Because there is this thing called free will… and you cannot force someone to step into a positive and uplifting vibration… they need to do so of their own free-will.

If free-will didn’t exist, all it would have taken is one Avatar, such as Krishna, back thousands of years ago, and mankind would have been sorted in one generation… but because of free-will… those Avatars have to keep re-incarnating to try and sort out the mess humanity gets itself into… Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao Tsu… etc… etc…

A lot of people try to love others, in the hope that they will change… and sometimes they do… but other times they don’t… but often people keep trying to love the other beyond the point where their love has been rejected… but unfortunately to continue the energy offer beyond this point is only doing the sender a big disservice.

Why? Because you are wasting your own energy, and maybe even lowering your own vibration.

So the important lesson here… unconditional love can raise someone else’s vibration but only if they agree to it… but it will never force them to change… they have to choose of their own free-will… and so you need to factor that into any relationship (i.e. what to do if you unconditionally love someone, and they don’t change… which happens next?).

Note: I am going to be exploring this issue on Day 1, Day 3 and Day 12 of the 12 Vibrational Days of Christmas.

Loving Unconditionally… but from a solid foundation of self-worth

People trying to practice unconditional love often get very imbalanced

Because in their attempts to love other people, and support them… they forget that the love needs to flow both ways… that they also need to love themselves unconditionally as much as other people…

And that they need to meet and fulfill their own needs, as much as the needs of other people.

Those people who love others, but fail to also love themselves, can become very imbalanced… and end up suffering from self-worth issues… because eventually their own heart starts to protest, saying, well you can love everyone else, but you can’t love yourself… you can’t love me… that’s just wrong!

So if there is a cake, and you can cut it into 12 slices… then by all means give 10 slices away… but there is nothing wrong in keeping back 2 slices for yourself, especially if it is your favorite type of cake… and the same applies to love… you need to learn to love yourself as much as other people… and this helps to sustain your self-worth.

Note: Laing Kerns-Stokes is going to be exploring the whole self-worth area in his Day 9 webinar Foundations of Worth during the 12 Vibrational Days of Christmas.

So what have we learnt?

Apart from there are going to be some cool webinars during the 12 Vibrational Days of Christmas (plug, plug).

Well… I think the important learning is this.

Yes, David R Hawkins is right… as individuals and as a planet, if we are going to turn things around, we need to learn to become more loving… even unconditionally loving.

But if learning to love unconditionally is like climbing a mountain… you don’t just suddenly say one day, I am going to climb Everest… and then set off in earnest.

No, to successfully climb a mountain, whatever size, requires training, practice, guidance, and the right equipment

… And the same is also true with unconditional love.

Which is kind of odd really…

… Because as each person who successfully scales the heights of a high mountain would no doubt admit…

They succeed because of the team down at Base Camp who supported them all the way…

… Because no one ever gets to the top of the mountain on their own, solely by their own efforts.

And the same is true with unconditional loveno one ever gets their on their own, we all need a little help along the way.

PS. But when climbing a mountain, there is always an easy route, as well as a much harder route… and during the 12 Vibrational Days of Christmas we’ll be showing you some short-cuts up the mountain of unconditional love.

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2016

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