Life-Purpose & Getting Different Perspectives


There is an ancient belief and practice, from Persia long past, which I love and which I feel is very applicable to finding your life-purpose.

Back then, they used to say… “Never make an important life decision without first exploring it from 3 different states of consciousness.

Now, before we look at why the ancient Persians used to say this… consider for a moment… how many different states of consciousness can you name… let alone have accessed?

Obviously, there is waking consciousness…

And then dreaming… what happens when you are asleep…

And possibly, we could throw in being drunk… that might count.

And then there is all those illegal states of consciousness, associated with drugs… (Unless you happen to be a shaman living somewhere along a tributary of the Amazon… in which case, you can pretty well injest whatever you want… and with canoe loads of therapists from the West paying big money to spend a week with you and your tribe, all part of the Amazon Ayahuasca Experience).

And finally, there is that odd practice called meditation that is meant to be able to take people to strange and beautiful inner spaces… with or without orange robes.

But for your average Westerner, that is probably the entire list… and it would be even less if you limited it to what they had actually experienced themselves.

Modern science has now identified that the human brain has 5 frequency gears which are associated with different states of consciousness.

Beta = 13 to 40 cycles per second. This defines the waking state for most adults, and is usually associated with normal, externally focused consciousness.

Alpha = 7 to 4 pulses per second. Adults normally experience Alpha when they are relaxing and daydreaming, but a child mainly experiences reality in Alpha from 8 years up to 16 years of age approximately.

Theta = 4 to 7 pulses per second. Adults mainly experience Theta when they are dreaming, but a child mainly experiences reality in Theta from 2 years to about 8 years of age.

Delta = 0.1 to 4 cycles per second. Adults mainly experience Delta when they are in deep, non-dreaming sleep, but a small child experiences reality in Delta from the womb until the age of about 2 years.

Gamma = 40 to 60 cycles per second. Only recently discovered, this maps the territory of consciousness experienced by people who practice meditation and other spiritual practices.

So each time an adult shifts between each of these 5 different brain states, if you were to ask them about the purpose of their life, then they might give a completely different answer.

But if, as they shift between the different states, that person where to give you consistently the same answer, then you would definitely be on to something.

Because the different levels of their personality / consciousness would be saying and supporting the same thing. There would be consistency, focus and alignment… which is a very powerful thing to achieve indeed.

This is probably why the ancient Persians use to say “Never make an important life decision without first exploring it from 3 different states of consciousness” because if the different levels all line up, that’s when you can feel your life-purpose start to align within you.

Now, it is interesting that people like Laing Kerns-Stokes, a good friend of mine, who is creating a very effective eCourse to help people discover their true life-purpose, uses meditation and inner exploration techniques to help people access different states of consciousness.

In particular, he uses that new vibrational process, called Audio Essences, to help people shift their consciousness beyond and above their normal waking state… and by doing so, it helps them to gain different perspectives on their true life-purpose.

He has found that if you help people to move from their normal externally-focused consciousness towards a deeper state of consciousness, and then use certain processes to allow them to successfully navigate those inner spaces, then it becomes very easy to access the information needed to correctly identify their specific life-purpose.

So shifting your consciousness, thus allowing you to access different sources of information, is another great way for you to gain valuable insight about your specific life-purpose…

Because there is seldom just one perspective on our life… there are many… and life success seems to fall from the trees when they are all aligned.

(c) Brian Parsons, November 2016

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