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In our Meridian system, the Heart Meridian is closely defended by 3 other meridians (Heart Protector, Small Intestine and Triple Warmer)… Why?

Because this feeling of love, this golden warmth within, this inner radiance, is one of perhaps the most precious energies / essences you have… and so needs to be protected from the turbulent, chaotic, greedy energy of the earth plane… and other people who feel hollow inside… and will do / say anything to fill up their void with stolen love.

In our modern society, we are often taughtpersuadedmanipulated… to give our love-energy away all too easily.

After all, loving other people is good right… and it can feel so good… and all these great and good spiritual masters says it’s a good thing to do… don’t they?

True, we need to express it, we need to allow it to nourish others… but FIRST we must allow our love to nourish and nurture ourselves.

We need to love ourselves fully and successfully before we can successfully love others (unless you are a mother with a small baby… that’s when the rules are slightly different… and archetypal forces come into play… but when you are all grown up… most definitely true).

Using this Audio Essence, over a period of time, will help you achieve that… it will not only allow you to feel it, but also allows your love to start circulating within, so that there is no part of you which is not bathed in your love.

This is why love is associated with the heart. The physical heart pumps blood throughout the body, and any body-part that does not receive a steady flow of fresh oxygenated blood will soon whither and die.

A similar state exists with your psyche and love. For all parts of your psyche to survive and thrive, they need to feel your love. If all of your psyche does not have access to your love, then these parts fall into darkness, and start to engage in manipulative behavior, attempting to win / trick you / others into giving them the love which they internally crave.

One experiment you can try, after you have used this Audio Essence a few times, is to imagine these parts of your personality (also known as “sub-personalities”), such as your inner child, or your inner teenager, being placed within the area of your heart… visualize them within your heart… so that they receive all of your love in that moment… every single drop.

Once you know how to do this, you can build upon this visualisation, imagining external people, or external situations, also placing them within your heart, within your love-circle… so that your love is also starting to circulate through them as well (but remember, only after you have fully nourished yourself first).

So once you are familiar with the energy of this Audio Essence, this is one of the practical ways you can use it to empower your life.

But when doing this we are not trying to change other people, love is not about imposing change… No, they will only change if “they” want to do so themselves. That is the great mystery of love… it can magically transform, but it never imposes change on the other.

If you stand back, and observe much of human behaviour / society, people are running around trying to obtain, receive, barter, exchange, or steal a sense of love, of being loved.

People will do almost anything for this feeling of love.

But the funny / tragic thing is… it’s never been out there … the reality is it’s been hidden in here all the time… which is really what the whole Mother / Baby love thing is all about really.

Presenting now… Energy Archetype No. 3 = Love for Self… which every loving mother attempts to teach their new born daughter or son…

This Audio Essence contains the archetypal direction which easily allows you to… love yourselfto feel your inner river love being directed at yourself.

Practical Suggestions on Use:

  • The more conscious attention that you can give to an Audio Essence, the deeper and more fulfilling your experience will be. It is possible to receive the benefits of an Audio Essencewhile listening to it in the background, but the more time and conscious focus you can devote to it, the more fulfillment you will gain from the experience.
  • It is strongly advised that you do not listen to an Audio Essence while driving or performing tasks which require your undivided attention.
  • Many people have found that listening to an Audio Essence using headphones greatly enhances their experience… although if you do not have headphones or earplugs, listening to it played on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone will still prove equally as effective.
  • The effectiveness of an Audio Essence is not dependent on the particular volume it is played at, in fact, it can be set at the minimum volume level where it is still audible to the listener and it will still be effective. When using an Audio Essence, therefore, select the volume level which is most comfortable for your experience at that time.
  • If your internet connection is slow, it may be better to allow the Audio Essence to fully download on to your webpage first before you start to listen. To attempt to listen while it is still downloading may mean the Audio Essence pauses, and this may interrupt and disturb your experience.

(c) Brian Parsons October 2016.

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