The Jane Ann Series 5 – Bixbite


OK, this post is all about Jane Ann Dow’s take on… Bixbite… which is the Magenta coloured Beryl.

In fact, it’s one of the few crystals to naturally manifest the Magenta colour… an important fact which we will return to later.

And for Bixbite, to understand it’s deep healing potential… we need to first talk about… psychopaths.

No, don’t worry… Bixbite doesn’t turn you into a psychopath

But an understanding of the psychopathic nature of some individuals will give us a better understanding of the real potential of Bixbite… seen through Jane Ann’s eyes and discoveries.

Because fundamentally psychopaths have a different relationship to emotions… unlike the remaining 99.9% of the human race.

You see psychopaths either don’t feel emotion… or they are able to switch it off and on when it suits them.

Which… as a number of psychologists have been discovering over the last 10 years… does have definite advantages… for the individual… and also for human society as a whole.

From the point of view of human evolution, having a few individuals in the tribe who don’t feel fear… is actually a useful thing to have…

Because if there is a sabre-tooth tiger entering the tribal pre-historic cave… and everyone else is cringing in terror at the back… and looks like someone is going to get eaten…

Well, in those situations, having one individual… with a flint spear… and no fear… is a very useful thing indeed… because it is they who protect the tribe from the sabre tooths… or other invading tribes…

The fact that these emotion-free individuals then go on to manipulate their fellow citizens, and so achieve positions of power and influence is perhaps an oversight by Mother Nature… one which continues to this day.

And how the Law of Attraction works for psychopaths, haven’t yet been able to work out yet… I mean… if you can’t feel much, then how can you step into the feeling of the wish fulfilled? And yet, many of them are highly successful… and rich… so there must be a loophole somewhere…

Those are discussions for another time…

But this does brings us to the central focus for Bixbite according to Jane Ann… emotions.

Emotions can bring beauty to our life (love, joy, happiness)… or they can crucify us within (guilt, anxiety, shame, fear)…

As we have seen, psychopaths can switch them off… or never had them switched on in their brains to begin with.

But all other humans beings have them switched on from birth… and so have to find a way to make the best of them.

And even so called negative emotions… like fear or anxiety… do have their uses… as long as you don’t get trapped there.

Like I always say… they are interesting places to visit… but you don’t want to live there 24/7.

And this is what baby psychologists believe are the two things which a new-born baby is programmed to do (apart from lock on to the mother’s face… and find the nearest available breast and keep sucking)…

  • Learn to love itself
  • Learn to handle all those emotions which arise inside when it doesn’t get what it wants

So babies need to learn to manipulate the physical world around them… and also get a handle on their emotional nature.

But this is what Jane Ann found…

… a Jiva Soul lives up on the Soul plane, where it is all Unconditional Love and Bliss… and there is no fear, or guilt, or shame, or anxiety

It comes down… incarnates… into the Earth plane… and what happens (especially if it is an inexperienced traveler to the physical realm)…

It is hit by a tsunami of emotion… and a lot of that it is negative / limiting stuff… the fear, and anxiety and guilt etc

If you are an Angel say… on your first visit to the Earth… and you experience fear for the first time… or anxiety… or guilt… how do you deal with it… can you just brush it off…?

Or does it drag you down?

Does it stop you in your tracks… does it shackle you… does it cause you to contract… and try to run and hide?

Apparently for your 1st time Jiva Soul visitor to the Earth plane… emotions are their equivalent to toxic nuclear waste… and they have no experience of how to handle them… and this really knocks them off centre.

From what Jane Ann recorded, from working with those clients who actively chose Bixbite in their personal work with her:

In the heart of the soul, Bixbite has to do with emotions, the feelings and reactions to life experience, feelings which create memory in the soul patterning. As a healing colour, magenta is called the emotional equiliberator, bringing balance to an abundance of reaction and responses found in the emotional body.

So what  Jane Ann found, for those people who were emotionally stuck… who on some deep level were terrified of their own emotions… Bixbite was the healing crystal… and it opened up the potential for people to connect with, start to heal, positively experience and use their emotions.

Sue & Simon Lilly also say the same about the colour Majenta… that it is the healing colour which can transform deep trauma.

Because I have found that with these Jiva Souls who need Bixbite… it’s not just traumatic emotions they find difficult… but an acceptance of their emotional body… emotional nature… and the whole arena of emotions… which can taint their relationships with others in some way… and often goes to the very core of their enjoyment of life.

But building on Jane Ann’s insights… what Bixbite does is open people up to see that emotions are not bad… that even so called bad emotions have their place… high emotions are amazing… and that emotions are part of what you come to the Earth plane to experience.

So rather then switching emotions off like a psychopath… the far better path is to learn to embrace, use and enjoy them. 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2017

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