The Jane Ann Series 4 – Heliodor


Imagine you are an American… who has moved to Paris

Or perhaps a French individual… who has moved to New York

And… you don’t know the language… and you have never been outside your own country before… so you don’t know the customs and culture of this new country…

You are not even confident handling the new money… and still can’t grasp how much things cost… and you live in fear of other people ripping you off, charging too much… in fact, you live in a state of anxiety, dawn to dusk… not understanding what people are saying around you… and not being able to communicate your needs…

In such a situation… it is highly likely that you will feel a sense of homesickness for your native country.

I can remember back to the mid 1980s, when I was first away at University in London…

And the Sunday night phone home… and the monthly food parcel… gave me a warm feeling inside… and in the early days, made the strangeness bearable.

According to Jane Ann Dow, a similar situation occurs for some of the Jiva Souls who incarnate on to the Earth plane… in that they experience a longing for the vibrational planes from which they have come… a kind of Soul homesickness.

Which is made worse by their inability to cope with the denseness / harshness of the Earth plane vibe.

And she found that when her clients chose Heliodor, it showed that deep within they were experiencing such a Soul homesickness

And this sense of homesickness is the trauma… a feeling of disconnection.

… And Heliodor was also the antidote to that homesickness… and it was almost a vibrational phone-call home… a re-connection to the vibrational plane from which the Jiva Soul came…

For as Jane Ann Dow wrote about Heliodor:

Held in the heart of the soul is also the memory of our soul home, the roots of our soul projection. I have noticed among new age people, the more they uncover their past life expressions, the lonelier they become. A friend of mine, tears welling up in her eyes, told me how separate she felt in this life, that something was missing or incomplete. I gave her my Heliodor to hold for a while, telling her I thought she was homesick! Her trauma manifested as loneliness here, feeling she was not doing her destiny thing, a bit overwhelmed by our planet, unable to see she was making any difference. We have our life script, and we are all on schedule, but when we do not realize it, we long to return to where we are from. It is not a matter of deep depression, there is just a lingering feeling of homesickness. Some of us are very far from <our> soul home.

For such people, Jane Ann found that Heliodor was the antidote to these feelings of deep loneliness, isolation and homesickness.

And this is also something I have found about the deep healing vibration of Heliodorit can help you remember your spiritual home… and why you came to the Earth plane… and when you can do that… even if just as a feeling within… the sense of separation… of being different… starts to fade…

It’s a bit like someone gives the American in Paris a phrase book… or the French individual in New York a friendly smile… and starts to talk to them in their own language.

When those things happen… the process of re-connection can begin.

And when the sense of loneliness starts to fade… when you realize you can vibrationally phone home whenever you need… then you can actually become much more focused and effective… and more able to achieve what you really came here to do.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2017

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