The Jane Ann Series 3 – Goshenite


As you may have realised, on Vibrational Doorways, we are not adverse to using weird analogies to get our point across…

… And today is no exception, as we attempt to explain Jane Ann Dow’s take on another member of the Beryl family… Clear Beryl… which is also known as Goshenite

And we are calling upon this YouTube video from the movie Prometheus, to help us explain what Goshenite is about (… don’t worry… no scary alien monsters in this particular clip).


In this clip, the space-ship Prometheus… after it’s long interstellar journey, starts to descend down to the surface of the alien planet… and as it does so… it passes through the planet’s atmosphere… passes through layers of weather and turbulence…

And according to many spiritual sources from around the world… this is a good analogy for how the Jiva Soul (i.e. the part of our Soul which incarnates) does indeed incarnate on to the Earth plane… to help form Us.

The Jiva Soul disconnects from the Mother-ship (i.e. Soul which remains up there)… and starts the process of descending down through the turbulent layers of the Causal, Mental, Astral, and Emotional levels…

Until finally, it connects with the small body of the baby, growing in the mother’s womb… and somehow it has to squeeze itself into that small physical form… it’s home for the next X number of years.

Apparently, being born… incarnating on to the physical level is quite a piece of multi-dimensional navigation on the part of the incoming Jiva Soul

In contrast, death is perceived as being much more of a straight-forward process… more like this video showing a launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery…


Basically, the Jiva Soul just points itself in the direction of UP… and blasts off… and so goes back to Spirit…

So it is punching it’s way back through the energetic turbulence of the Earth plane.

The interesting thing is that the 2 major life-points… birth and death… are largely mysteries to us… the majority of us weren’t self-aware during the birth process, and our personality had yet to fully form, so we have no real memory of being born (although our mothers do tend to remind us)… and death… well, that’s in our future… and no one has ever come back to say what it is like from the Undiscovered Country (apart from Tibetan Lamas and those who have had Near Death Experiences that is).

But what Jane Ann found was that, this whole process of being born and dying is also prone to a lot of trauma… Soul trauma… especially for Jiva Souls who are not familiar with the process, inexperienced… or are trying to return back to Spirit with a personality self who is struggling or resisting…

Which when you think of all the dimensional levels… and subtle weather… the Jiva Soul has to pass through… kind of makes sense.

And also,  from the point of view of the Jiva Soul, it’s going home… but from the point of view of the personality self… death is a step into the unknown… and so may be fighting the process… or deeply fearful and anxious.

According to Jane Ann… for those individuals who have suffered trauma around the birthing / death process, in this life or others (maybe because the birth / death was painful or horrific… or resisted… or feared):

Of all the transitions a soul makes, experiencing birth and death is perhaps the most traumatic. To go from a light essence into physical form can create a shock to the soul. Some say that the trauma of birth is greater than the trauma of death, but from a soul perspective, they are about the same. Birthing onto this planet is a painful and stressful experience on a physical level and is stored in soul memory… Goshenite assists in the healing of the birth / death trauma by creating the clearest perspective possible of the ultimate transition a soul can make.

So whereas Emerald can be used to heal general life transitions… the healing which Goshenite provides is very specific to traumatic birth / death events… the two events which are shared by all human beings… no matter how rich or poor… male or female… no matter how old we become… we are all born… we will all eventually face death.

If this is the case… and Jane Ann is right… then the vibration of Goshenite would be the perfect crystal for a newborn baby… especially if they had had a difficult birth… or for people in hospices, who are preparing to transition on… (to quote Professor Dumbledore from the final Harry Potter book)…

More from the stockpile of Jane Ann Dow wisdom tomorrow…

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2017

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