It’s All About the Photons (2)


Now, where were we at the end of our last post on photon energy?

Oh yes, we had been discussing the work of Russian scientists who are fearlessly doing all those interesting experiments which many of their Western counterparts don’t dare repeat, because they are afraid of being ridiculed by their peers, of losing their research grants, or of being thrown out of their national Academy of Science.

In our earlier section, we explored how an individual’s health and effectiveness on the earth plane may be largely determined by the number of photons captured and stored within our DNA. But these experiments also hinted at the possibility that photons could be acquired from our environment, or perhaps even stolen from another creature, which would be the equivalent of stealing someone else’s life-force or vitality.

David Wilcock goes on to quote one experiment by a Russian scientist which really highlights how the photons, stored within the DNA of an organism’s cells, may be part of the process of psychic vampirism.

The Russian scientist Dr A B Burlakov conductted an experiment which involved growing fish eggs, of different ages and stages of development, in such a way that photons, and the photons held within their DNA, could flow easily between different eggs. He found that when new eggs were placed alongside older and more developend eggs, the older eggs would suck the photons out of the younger and less developed eggs, who soon started to develop health and growth problems. From his perspective, it was clear that the older eggs were literally sucking the life-force out of the younger eggs, feeding off their psychic energy… although he also observed situations where younger eggs were able to feed off the energy of older eggs, and so speed up their own development.

Burlakov found that by placing a pane of glass between the older and younger eggs he could interrupt this ‘vampire effect’ to some degree. The older eggs were still able to pull the photons out of the younger eggs, but these photons were then not able to pass through the glass and so were reflected back into the section with the younger eggs, and quickly re-absorbed.

If this process exists in fish eggs, which are quite low down on the evolutionary ladder, then it is safe to say that it is part of mechanics of life for all creatures on this planet, even those who consider themselves to be top of the food chain and so the most highly evolved… yes us, the intelligent homo-sapiens. It is also likely that strong homosapiens are able to do the same to other weaker homosapiens, pulling out the photons from their DNA and absorbing them into their own cells.

Now Wilcock believes that when a sabre-tooth tiger is at the cave entrance, and the alpha male goes out to do battle on behalf of the tribe, then the whole tribe channels a burst of photons towards the alpha male to help him boost his power levels. It is in everyone’s interest for this to happen, because if the alpha male triumphs, then the whole tribe wins and lives on. But as I said, if this mechanism is in place in every human energy field then it is also open to abuse, and there is nothing to stop the alpha male, or anyone else for that matter, making someone else afraid, and once they are afraid, then they will find it much harder to hold on to the DNA photons released from their victim… thus making it easier for their attacker to steal them.

Now, based on Burlakov’s experiment you might be thinking the answer is to go around wearing a suit of armour made entirely of ‘glass’, which will stop your photons from being sucked out of your body and absorbed by someone else. But such a strategy will be totally impractical because:

• Glass is inflexible, and so every time you wanted to move a limb you could only do so by shattering the glass… and there is every danger that you might cut yourself.

• The experiment did show that the glass could block the strong eggs from absorbing the photons, which would then be re-absorbed by the weak eggs. But the glass could not stop the strong eggs ability to rip the photons out of the DNA, and so once re-absorbed, what is to stop the strong eggs from continually ripping the photons out of the weak, over and over again, a process which cannot be that healthy.

David Wilcock believes that when we think of someone, for good or ill, we create a psychic tunnel through which photons can flow… in either direction.

When we are thinking good, positive thoughts, or want to heal someone, then the photons will flow from us to them… but when we think angry or hateful thoughts then the process goes into reverse, and we start to actively pull photons out of their cells and their energy field, which will obviously weaken them to some degree.

If the other person is already in a weakened state, physically or emotionally, or is trapped by feelings of guilt, fear, shame, anxiety, worry, terror or shock, then it becomes much easier for a pyschic vampire to extract the photons they desire from their victims energy field… Which is why a vampire will go to great lengths to push their potential victims into those kind of disturbed emotional states and keep them there.

But on the positive side, Wilcock confirms that if the intended victim is able to maintain a positive, optimistic and loving state then their own vital energy is maintained and protected, and cannot be raided by another individual. When it comes to photonic protection, authentic love appears to be the best defence you can have.

As Wilcock suggests, the process can be used for good or ill-will, we can consciously choose to send photons to another person to help with their own health and healing, or we can choose, either consciously or unconsciously, to try to steal photons from another human being so that we can benefit from our plunder. But does this mean energy healers turn into energy vampires? There is a common belief in many traditions around the world that those who can bless can also curse.

When someone is undergoing formal training as a healer this is a possibility which seriously needs to be considered, as the door can swing both ways. Healer training is meant to help an individual open up to the free photons available from the Universe, and to direct them to an individual in need of healing, someone who cannot easily access the free photons for themselves. But, once an energy connection has been established between both parties, there is nothing to stop the client sucking in the healer’s own DNA photons… or even the healer raiding the photons in the clients own DNA.

Neither the client or the healer may be consciously aware that this is happening, it all may be occurring on the unconscious level, but it does show that the energy relationship between people can be far more complex then external circumstances, and glossy promotional material, would suggest.

According to Wilcock, the actual process of psychic vamping (and definitely don’t try this at home), is:

1. Focus on the other person.

2. Become angry or hateful while thinking of this person.

3. Cause the other person to feel a negative emotion such as guilt, fear, shame, sadness, anger, disgust, terror or shock.

4. Sit back, and absorb all the stolen photons which start to spill your way.

And the process to remain protected from such a psychic attack is:

1. Remain stable and grounded when someone tries to ‘unearth’ you.

2. Remain in a state of love so that you will not give up your photonic energy.

From my own observations, protection is not just a simple question of love, but of self-love.

The more an individual is able to love themselves, and feel self-worth, to direct the love towards themselves on all levels, the stronger they become energetically, and the more they are able to hold on to their own DNA photons.

Unfortunately, our Western culture is good at teaching us to love others, but it’s not so hot on teaching us the practicalities of loving ourselves, which is a weakness which many psychic vampires exploit. Such an attacker will try and get their victim to care for them and fear them at the same time… or feel empathy and guilt… or sympathy and shame. When that happens the lower emotion has the effect of lowering their inner drawbridge, and the attacker can enter easily.

But an interesting consequence of the attack process is that overall energy vampires are messy eaters, and so will not be able to hold on to much of the photonic energy they steal. It is quite simple, if they are unable to love themselves, and have to generate feelings of anger or hate in order to feed, then they lack the emotional magnetism which will allow them to hold on to the fresh photons they have stolen.

OK, some of the photons they steal will reach their DNA, but a lot will not, and will just spill out into empty space, and they will also lack the ability to hold much photonic energy within their own DNA, and so they will continually feel the need to feed. In a sense, they will be constant cravers who are always on the lookout for new victims, or continually returning to existing victims.

But in the last section, where we saw that, thanks to the law of grace, our Universe is full of energy and love, so the question is why don’t these energy vampires just draw all the energy they need from the love and photons which is all around them? Why do they have to steal them from other people, who may be weaker than themselves?

Good questions. Why don’t they? The world would be quite a different place if they did.

Well, as we also discussed in our previous section, thanks to the gravity well of this planet, the majority of people at this time are more inclined towards Lower Economic thinking then Higher Economics. So some people go on to become psychic vampires because they believe, whether consciously or unconsciously, that they only way they can acquire new energy is to steal it from other people.

If you told them about the free energy all around you, and spiritual masters down the ages have been trying to explain this very thing to humanity, they just wouldn’t believe you because it is so alien to how their mind works.

Why would the Universe want to give them anything for free?

And that’s not even asking the question of whether they believe themselves to be worthy of love in the first place (you see, they usually have all had very difficult childhoods).

At the end of the last section, we posed this question: If I am filled with all this love and light and energy… won’t a psychic vampire see me as a super-illuminated, all you can eat, free buffet? And the answer is, ‘Unless you protect yourself effectively, yes they will.’

To be continued.

Extract from Brian Parsons’ Energy Boundaries: How to Protect & Affirm Your Personal Space, Volumes 1 to 6 (Samarpan Alchemy Publications)

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