Imperial / Golden Topaz


Imperial ‘Golden’ Topaz is an orthorhombic crystal. It has a hardness of 8 on the Moh scale.

The colour of this variety of Topaz is ‘orange’, but its orthorhombic structure works in a ‘blue’ way.

But what does that mean in practical terms?

Well, although the colour and structure have different colours associated with them – orange and blue – each of those colours are associated with different types of flow.

Orange is the colour of emotional flow… and blue is the colour of energy / mental flow.

Imperial Topaz is therefore a vibration which can align emotional and mental flow… where your emotions and your mind are flowing in the same direction.

This is an important thing to achieve if you want to make your mark on the world, because the people who ‘achieve’ (for better or worse) are usually the ones whose minds / emotions are aligned and focused on achieving a set goal.

However, it is not uncommon for the majority of people’s mind and emotions to be pointing and flowing in completely different directions… which is especially true if someone is suppressing their emotions, trying to over-rule them through sheer mental effort / will.

OK, this can work for a while, but not forever… it’s like trying to dam a river… eventually the force of water ‘will’ break free… it’s just a matter of time.

Many people find that they can rule their emotions and body with an iron will while young… but as they get older and greyer, the amount of psychic energy available to maintain their mental ‘dams’ lessens with each year… and eventually the emotions break free…

Before that happens, it is best to align the two inner forces, and Imperial Topaz can help you achieve this.

Imperial Topaz helps a person to first identify where there is a mismatch between their mind and emotions, and then helps to establish a coherence between the two, so that the mind and emotions can be brought back into harmony.

OK, along the way, you may need to release some trapped emotion, or let go of some cherished thoughts and beliefs… but when your mind and emotions are flowing together, you feel so much better, that the stuff you had to junk along the way to get here feels like a price well worth paying.

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(c) Brian Parsons, June 2017.

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