What does this image tell us about our reality?


OK, what does the image above tell us about our normal human reality?

Well… look at the above image… where 4 young men are all plugged into virtual reality with the new headsets.

I would like to ask you the following question…

… Are you assuming that they are all watching the same virtual reality

Or are you assuming that they are watching something completely different… each one plugged into a different movie / game?

Now, to be honest, there is no way for us to tell… to tell if they are all plugged into the same movie / game… or if they are each watching something completely different… (although the use of tablets implies they are maybe watching a racing game together).

But this is the important thing.

OK, these virtual headsets are a recent invention…

… But humanity has been assuming that each individual is plugged into the same reality since history began. The assumption being that we are all present and correct, and focused in the moment.

… However, is that really true and correct?

I mean, I have a friend who loves science fiction… and he has admitted to me that 50% of the time his head is here and now… and the other 50%… his mind is elsewherewalking among the stars.

And what is one of the most common complaints which people voice during marriage guidance?

When I talk to them, they never listen… their head is somewhere else?

Your average human being… their body is here… but the inside of their head is usually somewhere else.

Most individuals assume that other people are listening to them, because they are special, they have something worth saying… but the truth is, we’re all doing this being elsewhere thing to each other… and we do it to others, just as much as it is done to us. Not all the time maybe, but enough for it to be important.

And in advertising, there is this concept known as hypnotic marketing… which believes that all human beings are walking around in their own individual trance… and for us to pay attention to a specific product, the advertiser has to literally align their sales pitch with the particular trance state of their target audience (i.e. bit like tuning into the right frequency).

And there are supposed to be only 4 primary trance states, where people are in that trance focused on either:

  • Money
  • Love / Sex
  • Power
  • Appetite

So if you are talking to someone who’s head is focused on Money, then to attract his attention, you wouldn’t talk about Sex… that is not the driver for their trance.

Unless you are talking to Donald Trump perhaps… But even there… he might be really all about Power… and the Money and Sex angle are just things which feed his need for Power… who knows?

Sometimes it is hard to tell what the underlying trance state is all about, and the primary driver may lie underneath the others.

However, one of the things which I believe you can say is that this tendency for our heads to separate from out there reality has accelerated since the creation of the internet and social media… allowing us, more and more to objectify our internal and individual trance.

Which may be a good thing… or a bad thing… a lot depends on your point of view.

But hat impact this will have on human individuals and their relationships long-term… only time will tell… although I believe we can make a few educated guesses.

(c) Brian Parsons

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