ICGT Crystal Talks


This section contains 4 videos, which were originally created for students of the Institute of Crystal & Gem Therapists, and are still included in their student video pack… but are now being released here so that the information can reach a wider audience. The interviewees are Sue & Simon Lilly of ICGT.


Video 1: ICGT Talk – The Chakra System


Video 2: ICGT Talk – The Meridian System


Video 3: ICGT Talk – Five Line Clearing


Video 4: ICGT Talk – A Short Crystal Therapy Session… ICGT Style!


More information on the work of Sue & Simon Lilly, please visit www.mcscourses.co.uk, or email them at info@mcscourses.co.uk.

Videos (c) Sue & Simon Lilly, 2016

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