I Cancel Any Beliefs In… (Insert Your Limiting Belief Here)


Normally, people are taught to phrase their affirmations in the positive… because to include a negative means the Unconscious Mind is still focusing on that negative to some degree… which is usually the exact opposite to what we want to create or manifest in our lives.

For example, instead of saying:

I don’t want to to be poor.

Say instead:

I want to be rich.

Or even better (because it is phrased in present tense):

I am rich.

Because using the word poor, or the concept of poverty in an affirmation means the Unconscious Mind is still focusing on a negative… the light of consciousness is still being shone on to the whole notion of poverty… and to change we need to shine our inner light in a whole different direction… i.e. towards prosperity.

And you are strongly advised to phrase your affirmations as present tense… as something you have now… rather then something to be obtained in the future… which focuses your Unconscious Mind on the fact it is something to create in your now.

And there is the whole Afformation process… championed by Noah St John… where it is phrased as a question… Why am I rich? … because it is believed that the Unconscious Mind gets really super-motivated if it is asked to solve a problem, or answer a question.

And if our words can trigger positive feelingseven better… our affirmation becomes more magnetic… and isn’t just a limp, linguistic lettuce… that lacks the power to pull anything towards us or pull things together.

Often, for a person trapped in poverty say, they are also locked into some powerful feelings,, which have been stuck like that for years… anger, frustration, doubt, to name a few of the obvious… and to break free, their affirmations need to not only be positive… but they need to access positive feelings which are strong enough to help them break free of the inner, negative gravitational pull of their past experiences… which could have been going on for decades.

So it is often not just the saying. repeating the wordsbut also allowing ourselves to access empowering feelings for those words.

And that can be a problem if someone has put a block on those positive feelings… consider them to be too dangerous and out of bounds… which any individual can do… we Humans are often weird like that… we can even outlaw love if we feel threatened by it.

When I love, I lower my defenses… and I can get hurt… so I won’t allow myself to love.”

Something like that.

So if you believe, on the Unconscious level, that love is dangerous, and have banned it from your inner experience… then any time the Conscious Mind, which wants love, says an affirmation which attempts to connect with love… it is without roots… because the words cannot connect with any real and authentic feelings within.

The thing is… we have to be so careful what we plant in our Mind… especially in our Unconscious Mind… because it is like planting seeds in the gardenwhatever we plant will grow.

We have to be so careful what we plant within our Mind space.

Most of the planting takes place when we were / are young… especially below the age of 6 years old…

In fact, most people spend their lives living in a Mind space which was primarily laid down and planted when they were ONLY 6 months old.

And in my experience, the majority of toddlers don’t have enough life experience to design the right personality for the life they find themselves living… they just respond to the world around them… and so their attempt to grow a successful personality is often very hit and miss.

So the ability to go back, and dig-upre-plant, prune, and re-design our Mind space is essential… to avoid being trapped in something that doesn’t best serve us.

But here’s the thing…

We Humans are creatures of language… and language is polar… we define things in terms of words and concepts… both negative and positive concepts…

Using words to describe what we like… and what we dislike

And when describing our situation, using language, this is totally is acceptable… as a means of communication… to describe what we want through either saying…

I don’t want to be poor anymore.

As well as:

I want to be rich.

As ways of expressing our inner wants, needs and desires… both linguistic routes are acceptable… as a means of communication… between ourselves and other people… and even (to some extent) within ourselves… so that we can identify our inner thoughts and feelings… work out what we want and don’t want…

But the BIG problem occurs when you shift from seeing words not only as communication… but as inner seedsseeds which are planted in our Mind space, and will eventually grow into our life… then the language you use becomes super-important

Because the words you use become the seeds you plant in your Unconscious Mind

Become the thoughts you use to manifest your life…

The BIG problem… the majority of people only see words as means of communication… and have little or no understanding of their true, inner power… that words are like the computer code you feed into the computer, to activate the software program, to create a certain result… to set the manifesting machines into motion.

Speak the words… think the thoughts… and your life turns up a little later… a true reflection of your inner world.

That’s how our Universe works… no exceptions… so you either learn how to best play the game… or sit back, leave the driving to others, and enjoy the ride as best you can.

As the great Edgar Cayce used to say… Mind is the Builder… and the thoughts you give it are what your Mind builds with…

So if you go around saying… “I don’t tend to be successful when it comes to love“… to the people you meet.

Yes, this may be true… for your life up to that point…

But who else is listening when you say these words?

Yes… your Unconscious Mind… who tends to believe everything the Conscious Mind says (although there is a Catch-22 situation with that, which we will explore in our next post).

At some point, people who successfully re-orientate their lives… and change their inner beliefs… start to view their Unconscious Mind as their best friend… and just as you would be careful and loving about what words you would speak in the presence of your best friend… you also need to be more loving and positive when your Unconscious Mind is listening (which is 24/7).

And yes, it can be done… but not overnight… and it does take patience

But the primary advice is… don’t use negative words in the presence of your Unconscious Mind

And seeing that you are tied to your Unconscious Mind throughout all of your Earth life… the goal is to try and be positive 24/7… although, please don’t get disillusioned on reading that… yes, it can seem beyond your current reach… but personally, I don’t think anyone alive ever achieves it… even the Dali Lama probably gets grumpy from time-to-time…

I think the best and realistic goal to strive for isn’t that you are positive 24/7… 100% positive… but that the positive in your life starts to outweigh the negative… i.e. 51% positive… and when you can do that… turn the corner… things really do start to shift…

Always, remember, as someone wise once said… “Mastery isn’t how long you stay on the horse… but how quickly you realize you have fallen off, and get back on.”

Now, the usual approach… if you can’t term an affirmation using negative words… focus on the positive… as much as you can… and repeat it so many times that the positive literally drowns out the negative

But that does require people to sit down and focus on what they do want… Oddly, some people spend so much time dealing with their negative, that they haven’t spent much, or any, time or thought on what they do want in their life… but before working on your positive affirmation… you do need to give some thought on what you do want to create in your life.

Because if you can’t word an affirmation around what you don’t want. what you want to escape, what you are running from… you must focus your affirmation on what you do want in your life… what you do want to manifest around you.

And that can work… and does work for some people…

But if the negative beliefs are large and super-entrenched… unfortunately, the person repeating the positive will usually have given up long before any positive change starts to manifest… because being practical, they can see no change manifesting… so assume nothing is working.

Sad, but often true, if you are just using the simple repeat the positive approach… and especially without any extra vibrational assistance.

Because the repeat the positive approach can take time… and it takes a very determined kind of person to keep repeating a positive affirmation for months… even years… keeping going, optimistic for change, even when nothing seems to be changing within or around them…

Because some people do have a lot of inner blocks… and they don’t all shift overnight… not even overweek… or even overmonth

And sometimes it’s not just one belief which needs to be worked on… sometimes your life is being blocked by a host of interconnected, negative, inner beliefs… like a dam, holding back the life-giving water from a parched and arid desert.

However, fortunately… our Unconscious Mind keeps track of all the thoughts in our Mind space… and so knows exactly what is holding us back… and exactly what we need to clear… and in what order.

But it just needs the right commands from the Conscious Mind to kick off the mental healing and re-alignment process.

And double fortunately, there are ways to work with negative thoughts… even using affirmations… although we do need to shift the gestalt a little work work with them.

One such approach…

The late spiritual teacher David R Hawkins used the following  affirmation approach himself to work with, and clear, many of the negative situations in his life… which included some serious physical conditions, and long-term illnesses.

And this affirmation goes…

I cancel any belief in <insert limiting condition>. I am subject only to that which I hold in Mind. I am an infinite being, and in truth I am not subject to <insert limiting condition>, and that is a fact.

In our upcoming posts, we will explore why that is a very interesting approach indeed… and after that… how to give this affirmation a bit of extra vibrational juice.

(c) Brian Parsons, April 2018

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