Human Physics = Love, Worth, Nurturing & Values

What are the fundamental building blocks of Physics… the essential forces of Nature?


  • Gravity
  • Electro-magnetism
  • Strong Nuclear Force
  • Weak Nuclear Force

All of Creation can be said to arise from the inter-action of these 4 primary Universal forces.

But… here’s an interesting question…

What are the fundamental, essential forces of Human Nature… the building blocks of our Human personality?

OK… going to have a stab at this… I would say:

  • Love
  • Worth
  • Nurturing
  • Values

Now… at first glance… some of those 4 may look similar… but trust me… each one is very different… a whole different kind of energy archetype trying to be expressed through every Human personality.

I would argue that every Human being alive, or who has ever lived… from a stock-broker in New York… to a pre-historic man tracking prey across the Siberian tundra… has a personality which arises out of the interplay of those 4 primary Universal forces working within the Human psyche.

In a sense, they are the building blocks of what we might call Human Physics.

They shape us, the propel us forwards in life… but also we spend a large part of our life influenced by them… even pursuing them, especially if we feel lacking in some area.

Which is the BIG difference between Traditional Physics and Human Physics…

A rock doesn’t complain about not having sufficient Gravity… but a Human will complain if they didn’t feel loved as a child.

An atom cannot complain about the Nuclear Forces being either too Strong, or too Weak… but a Human will suffer if their internal psychic world is inhospitable and off-balance.

And lightning, streaking across the sky, doesn’t moan about how it’s been treated badly by Electro-Magnetism, unable to better express its life-purpose… however, a Human can often feel that their life is without meaning… and feel the lack of Self-Worth inside.

The thing is ALL Human beings have Self-reflective Consciousness… and so we are able to experience and reflect on the forces which create us… or our lack of them…

But the other cool thing… is that Self-Reflective Consciousness also allows us to do something about it…

We’re not stuck… like inanimate matter… we have the ability to change our stars (to quote Shakespeare I believe)…

And sometimes the changing of our stars requires us to also change our relationship to these 4 primary Human forces.

A stone can’t increase it’s Gravity… but a Human can find a way to re-connect to Love… find new sources and ways to feel and express Love.

An atom can’t navigate a Conscious path between Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces… but a Human can make their internal world better, warmer, more friendly and creative, and more accepting and loving.

And lighting can’t find meaning in its existence… but a Human can increase their own self-worth through doing things which take them outside of their comfort zone… to explore new ideas… new worlds (i.e. to Boldly Go… etc… etc).

And if one Human can do any of these things… then any Human can…

It’s just a matter of believing that you can.

Which is the essential question… problem… and also solution…

If we all arise out of these 4 primary Human forces… if they make / create us… and we are also in relationship to them… thanks to Self-Reflective Consciousness…

Then things can either go right… or badly wrong.

We can either be created well and happy… or created badly and suffering inside.

And whether it is A or B… right or wrong… happy or suffering…

Largely comes down to us…

Because we… for whatever Universal reason… have been given the power and ability to change our relationships to those 4 primary forces… either for worse… or for better…

And through changing our relationship… we can literally change ourselves.

Because these 4 primary Human forces don’t just exist out there… in and through our relationships to other people…

They exist within us… first and foremost… and, in fact, anything out there arises from our relationship to these 4 forces within ourselves anyway…

So in the coming posts in this series… we will be exploring:

  • The exact nature of each of these 4 primary Human forces in turn
  • The ways in which they manifest and influence our lives
  • How we can change our relationship to these 4 primary Human forces… and so change our stars for the better

More coming soon.

Namaste 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, August 2017

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