How Do You Know Your Dream Is For Real?


Yesterday, a very important question floated across my consciousness…  and the thought was:

It’s alright being patient and persistent in pursuit of a dream which is real. But what if the dream in your head is false… or perhaps fuzzy around the edges? If that is the case, then you could spend years, decades, your whole life pursuing something which wasn’t really what you came here to do?

And this is something which is an ever increasing concern for many people across the planet… because as more people meet their basic survival needs, for more and more people the question arises “What am I here to do? What is the point and purpose of my life?

It’s basic Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs… the more you stabilize and strengthen the lower levels (i.e. food, shelter, social relationships, emotional needs)… you eventually come to the top of the pyramid, where the question / issue is about Self-actualisation… about finding the purpose and meaning for your life… and you are faced with the question… “What is the point of my life… what is my life-purpose?

So more and more people are feeling the aching need in their Heart to express something important… and to find their life-purpose. Without a meaning, life starts to become shallow and hollow somehow.

But be warned…

In this area it is possible to be misaligned, to go off in pursuit of the wrong thing… thinking it is your life-purpose.

For example… I love to write… I am also into sharing ideas which are revolutionary in terms of society / culture / people’s thinking…

I know… my life-purpose is to be… a science-fiction writer!

Actually… No, it is not (although I would quite like to write a sci-fi novel before I die… just to prove I can do it.)

But that is not why I was put on this planet.

My life-purpose is to write about stuff which is revolutionary, and can change people’s lives… which is what I am doing now.

But there was a time in my mid 20s, when I could feel the various elements of my life-purpose within… the jigsaw pieces… but I fitted them together in the wrong way, and jumped to the conclusion… “At last, I have found my life-purpose!“… and so set off in a totally the wrong direction (that period accounts for about 5 years of my life, trying to become the next Isaac Asimov / Terry Pratchett).

And that is something which can happen… people jumping to the wrong conclusion about their life purpose… although they are in the right area… they just fit the jigsaw pieces together in the wrong order, and so jump to the wrong conclusion.

That’s what your 20s are for… or so I believe… to play and experiment… try on different dreams… until you find the one which really resonates deep within.

Unfortunately… another potential stumbling block, is when individuals get caught up in the dream / illusion of their generation.

You see this a lot on TV talent shows, especially the singing variety… where vast numbers of kids express their dreams of being the next Beyoncé or One Direction… until they go on stage, open their mouths to sing… and we discover that Mother Nature has given them no signing talent whatsoever.

But after getting four big red Nos, as they walk from the stage, they still say they are not going to give up on their “dream”… and they’re going to keep on until fame discovers them.

But this phenomenon is nothing new… if you travel back to the 18th and 19th Centuries, the generational dream was to be a Romantic poet… now it’s to be an international singing sensation. But these are all people whose individuality has become lost amidst the dreams of their generation.

Except for a few, where this is indeed their life-purpose… for the vast majority (unfortunately) they are caught up in a collective, generational desire which has very little to do with individual life-purpose, and this can seriously distort an individual’s life.

Finally… there are individual’s who express that their life-purpose, their dream, is to become a doctor, or go into the armed services… and where you know that isn’t really them speaking… but the wishes of their family, the hopes and expectations of their fathers or mothers (and in Ireland it used to be for one son to become a Catholic priest, and there would be a stigma on the family if one son didn’t enter the clergy).

Note: I went to a college in West London to do my degree back in the mid 1980s, and it had many students from military backgrounds, all on scholarships from the British Army… i.e. get your degree, and then straight on to officer training at Sandhurst… They were basically following the life-map laid down by their fathers, and grand-fathers… and even great-grandfathers… It is interesting now… 30 odd years later… to see how many eventually rebelled, and went off in a completely different direction.

These people are following the dreams of others, and there are many programmes running in their unconscious mind, pushing them on, directing the course of the lives… which can be sad to watch from the outside. They are pursuing a dream which isn’t theirs, which doesn’t sing within their Heart.

None of the above are truly following their life-purpose, although they may think they are… because life-purpose isn’t always about being famous, or glamorous, or about pleasing others (in fact often, it is quite the opposite).

In fact… for some people… following their life-purpose gives them no money or public recognition at all… but they are so grateful inside they choose to walk it.

And… to be honest…

There are some people who are put on this earth to be a chiropodist… and I am not saying that to be funny… I know a female chiropodist who absolutely loves her work… and I am sure there are people out there who love being accountants (… I mean, someone has to do the books each year).

But for these people, it is about following the calling of their Heart, and that leads them to their life-purpose

So how do you know if your dream is the real thing?

And the question that is on the mind of countless millions around the world…

What is the telephone number for my own Heart… how exactly do I get in contact?

More on this soon…

(c) Brian Parsons October 2016

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