Herkimer Quartz… aka Diamond… aka Expansive Quartz


OK, confession time… that last bit… just made it up… I have never seen anyone else use the name Expansive Quartz in relation to Herkimer Diamonds…

… But then… when you have read this article… perhaps you will end up agreeing with me… that it’s a pretty accurate name to describe the energy.

Now… let’s look at the geological stats for Quartz…

Herkimer is a type of double terminated Quartz (trigonal system) from in and around Herkimer County, New York, U.S.A. and it has a hardness of 7 on the Moh scale.

The trigonal structure, which has a red vibe, means all different types of Quartz have a dynamic energy, a blast of energy… which energizes anything it touches.

But what makes Herkimer Quartz interesting (aka… Herkimer Diamond… Middleville Diamond… or Little Fall Diamond… the different names coming from the different locations it is found in the New York area)…

Is the fact is was formed in clay

Now if you want to read up on the exact process, over time, which formed Herkimer Quartz… there is a good write up over @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herkimer_diamond

And there is a unique chemical make-up in the chemical soup which created Herkimer Quartz which accounts for why it is such a clear form of Clear Quartz. Clear as glass sometimes.

However, what is important for our energy exploration…

Quartz crystals normally grow upwards, and outwards, from a fixed base which is attached to a rock floor of some kind.

They grow up from a base to form a single 6-sided point… which means there is a direction to the energy… the energy flows one way, along the crystal, to be focused at the point.

But Herkimer Quartz didn’t form in that way… there was no solid base which they grew up from…

They grew in clay… and so grew outwards in both directions… hence, that is the reason why they are double terminated.

They could grow in both directions at the same time… there was no solid rock wall to stop them.

Although, to be honest, if you ever check out several Herkimers… they’re often not even shaped like other Double Terminated Quartz…

They’re chunkier… check out the photos above… the just don’t obey the normal Quartz shape rules.

With many Herkimer’s, it looks like they expanded… nay, exploded… out in all directions at the same time.

They were surrounded by moist clay… there was no solid rock wall to stop them… and so they expanded out on all sides… in all directions… that’s my sense to their energy.

They expanded in all directions… because they could!

Which is why, for me, Herkimers are an explosion of energy in all directions simultaneously.

In fact, the only Quartz form which I believe is similar to Herkimer Quartz, isn’t Double Terminated Quartz… but a Clear Quartz Cluster… where the energy expands outwards in multiple directions, because there is a cluster of different points.

For this reason, I have found that Herkimer Quartz is an excellent crystal for people who feel trapped by circumstances… who feel hemmed in… who believe that there is no way out of their current situation.

People who feel that they are boxed in by solid rock walls… with no room to move… no opportunity to move forwards in life.

If you check, very often their aura has stopped flowing to a large degree… stopped expanding.

For these people, Herkimer Quartz can help their energy body to expand outwards once again… get the energy flow going once again.

They can be especially useful if you know where energy is blocked in / on the body… and so placing a Herkimer there can be useful.

Herkimer Quartz formed in clay… beyond solid walls and boundaries… so it can teach how to move beyond self-inflicted walls… show people how they can get expanding once again.

And people who are experiencing flow and expansion in their life find it very easy to connect to a life of meaning and purpose… the two seem to go hand-in-hand.

Which helps tie in with another side to Herkimer Quartz…

That it formed in clay… where water was part of the process…

So it shares with Elestial Quartz a strong connecting to the Water element… and our emotional nature.

This means Herkimers have an Orange / Sacral vibe… and are excellent to use for Orange / Sacral issues… because they help to bring back flow into our emotional body.

Which means that Herkimer Quartz is excellent to use when there is any kind of blocked or stagnant energy… but even more so if that it emotional in nature.

So for all the above reasons… that’s why I also think of Herkimer Quartz as Expansive Quartz.

Note: There are several other “Herkimer” type Quartz crystals from different locations… Arkansa… China… which are meant to be energetically equivalent. For me, the real question comes down to, forget the hype, did they grow and form in a similar way. For example, the Quartz from China which passes for Herkimers are really just Double Terminated Quartz… and didn’t form in the same way as Herkimers… and so just doesn’t do the same energy thing as a real Herkimer. They’re cool in their own way… but they lack that multi-directional energy expansion of a true Herkimer Quartz.

(c) Brian Parsons, August 2017

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