Happy Money… Miserable Money… Desperate Money


Imagine a young man… a member of a tribal society… living out in the Amazon rain-forest…

And today is the day of his vision quest… to go off into the jungle alone… to find his true name… his power-animal… and his life-purpose.

OK… when you are born into a tribe in the depths of the Amazon, your career choices are kind of limited from the word go:

Hunter… warrior… shaman… healer… that’s probably about it.

And if you get the inner calling to be a TV repairman… or Stock-broker… then you are kind of stuck (unless you up stakes and move to the cities on the coast).

However, there is one thing that this young tribesmen won’t have to worry about.


Money kind of complicates the whole finding your life-purpose thing… it makes it easier in some ways… and more difficult in others.

… Let me explain.

Rest coming very soon!

(c) Brian Parsons October 2016

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