Why Are Grounded People Generally More Successful?


So… Why are Grounded People generally more successful in life?

Well… to understand that… we kind of need to re-evaluate our Map of Success a little.

You know, that internal Map or Guide which we inherit from our family, schools, society… which tell us “To be successful in life, you need to do and be X, Y, and most definitely Z!

You see… for a long-term, especially in the Christian world, society has bought into the whole… “Work hard and you will go far” belief… that success totally depends on how hard you work… on labor and activity…

And that is true… money just doesn’t grow on trees… but only up to a point.

You also see this belief at the heart of Thomas Edison’s famous quote:

Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

Which also contains a grain of truth… but only up to a point.

Because there is a different way to understand the whole Success Game… and in this new understanding, the ability to be and stay Grounded is an essential component of success.

I’m not saying that stuff magically turns up without you working for it to some degree.

But the positive feelings and vibrations, which empower our minds and inspire us… they are much more readily available then you may at first believe.

Because if you can’t access some degree of inspiration… even 100% perspiration isn’t going to come to any kind of fruition… Bit like driving towards New York, when your heart’s desire is to make it big in Los Angeles.

Let me explain…

In our earlier posts, we explored and explained how Grounding is a function of electro-magnetism and not gravity.

It arises from our ability to be connected with the electro-magnetic field of the planet… and we also explored a scientific experiment, conducted by Valerie Hunt at the University of California, which seriously supports this conclusion.

So to be and stay Grounded… we need to be in continual connection to this planetary field of energy.

But… as soon as we accept this… then we need to expand our mental horizons… consider new possibilities… because new possibilities do start to appear over the horizon… new ways of being and doing.

For example… What is Love?

Is Love something which we manufacture in our bodies?

Or is Love a frequency which exists within this Universal energy field all around us?

Or both?

Personally, I think it is both.

But what I have come to believe is that the Love which we create within our energy field… within our own bodies… can only take us so far…

It’s only when we can access… or resonate with is a better way of putting it… the Love frequency held within the Universal field all around us… that things really take off with a bang.

Many mystics say, based on their experience, that Love is infinite, eternal and inexhaustible. But if that is the case… then their experience must be being fueled from the Universal field around them… and they must have found a way to access that field.

And I would also humbly suggest, that is the point when the Law of Attraction really takes off with a bang… because your own energy field starts to communicate with the Universal energy field… whether in terms of Love, or some other positive quality which you want to explore in your life.

If you go back to the Ancient traditions, they always talk about abundance being a gift of Mother Earth… and people usually assume that they are talking about abundance in terms of physical stuff.

But I think there is much more to this Ancient wisdom.

I believe that the Earth creates an electro-magnetic energy field… and our own E.M. aura interacts with the Earth’s field… not only for strength and stability… but also to access a whole spectrum of positive feelings and energies…

Enhanced LoveAbundanceProsperityHappiness… to name a few.

But this can only happen, when an individual is able to Ground themselves… and so stay connected with the planetary energy field.

Which is why Grounded people generally are more successful in life.

Because… It’s a bit like going to the funfair and riding the bumper cars.

If you ever look up, you will see that they draw their power from cables, which run up poles, which connect them to electrified wire mesh running across the ceiling.

If there is a successful connection… then the power flows… and the bumper car moves forwards.

No connection… no power… and the bumper car is going nowhere.

Which is kind of the same with Grounding really.

The more Grounded you are… the more connected to the Universal field… the more access you have to an infinite reservoir of positive vibrations.

But if you are disconnected… or lose your connection… then you can no longer draw down power from up there… and so you are totally dependent on any power you have stored in your batteries… (which means you will eventually go flat… and come to a complete halt).

What I have found to be true… people who are more Grounded generally are more successful in life…

For the simple reason…

Their Grounding allows them to draw upon the Universal energy field around them, via the Earth’s own E.M. field.

If manifestation is really about being able to experience and ground a feeling, then Grounded people are way ahead of the game in that regard.

Whether they know it or not… whether they can articulate it into a coherent sentence… really doesn’t matter.

It is the energy experience and expression that matters.

So that their individual energy is being backed up by the infinite energy of the Universe all around them.

Some choose to call it The Tao… others may choose to call it The Force… names don’t really matter.

What matters is whether you are connected to it or not… via your ability to Ground.

And when it comes to living… that can make a very big difference.

In Ancient Greek, the word ecstasy was defined as being able to step-out of yourself… step out of your misery, and limitations… and embrace a larger, wider, and deeper Universe of Being.

Which is exactly what this post has been talking about.

Namaste 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, September 2017.

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