Grounded & Expansive Heart Space


This Audio Essence, created by Laing Stokes, contains the vibration for the Grounded & Expansive Heart Space.

This Audio Essence is composed of an initial 3 minute voice introduction, followed by a 10 minute music track, and then a 3 minute voice call back section to help you ground and integrate your experience. The Audio Essence itself is embedded into the middle 10 minute music section. Practical suggestions on use can be found at the bottom of this page.

And if you have a positive experience through listening to this Audio Essence, if it has taken you into a deeper and more expansive experience of your own inner being… then remember, you can come back to this webpage anytime in the future, anytime you want / need to repeat this same process. It’s that simple. This webpage provides you with a simple route into that natural feeling of joy and expansion within.

From Laing Stokes:

The Grounded and Expanded Heart Space could be considered a prerequisite to healthy functioning, healthy relationships, intuitive decision-making… even successful living.

It can be stated that being in an expanded Heart Space solves many of life’s problems, as mountains shrink to mole-hills and we discover the secret ingredient to life: love!


Tree Hearts

Being able to embody a powerful Heart Space can make many doors open where before there seemed only dead ends. Life has a way of responding to our own intentions, and this Audio Essence is a great way to improve our relationship with ourselves and others.

You might want to use this Audio Essence if you feel stuck, unable to access the wisdom contained in your heart, or if you are unable to open up to life.

When the Heart is blocked, this can manifest as stress, too much pressure at work, tension in your relationships, with no clear guidance or way out. Unfortunately, life can appear to be boring and uninspiring, and when this happens, many people turn to external substitutes to try and fill the gap within themselves… but which never feels either right or complete… and the inner emptiness still remains.

Accessing an open Heart Space can also be a great way of manifesting new opportunities… and you can be general or specific with your intention! Simply allow the process to guide you and trust that the energy will open up and transform any area of your life!

The Heart Space is a favourite of mine, because I can think of no better way of spending my time than in a space of love. It makes me feel better, releases stress, detoxes my mind, and relaxes my entire state of being. It also brings me many insights and clarity into some of my greatest challenges in life.

Also, you can play with this Heart Space… it is very practical. While listening to this Audio Essence, think of someone, hold them in your mind’s eye, and while you do so, invite them into this wonderful energy. Now, if you feel them struggling or resisting, just let them go, because you can’t force your love on anyone… But if you feel them accept this invitation of energy, notice how your two Hearts start to resonate… and how the relationship between you can change and deepen!

Those people who try to hold on to love, horde it inside, only discover that their love stagnates and grows stale. But those who learn to share their love… that’s when the real magic starts!

And it doesn’t have to be people… you can share love from this amazing Heart Space with animals, pets, plants, trees, and even the Earth itself!

This Audio Essence can also be very useful for people who are outsiders, mavericks, people who don’t fit in. Because when you are connected inside, when you are grounded in your own heart, and can feel your own love flowing… then it is much easier to accept and love yourself, and are less in need of the approval and acceptance of other people. It becomes much easier to live your life on your terms, to go your way… the way of your true heart.

When your heart is grounded it is much easier for you to maintain your own personal energy boundaries, and you are less open to energy manipulation and social pressure from other people.

Finally, finding and connecting to your life-purpose, to a life path which you truely love… that all becomes possible when you are grounded and expanding from your true Heart Space.


Question – What is Being Grounded?

According to Brian Parsons, there can be a tendency to confuse a state of being grounded with the phenomenon of being held down by gravity. In fact, this could not be further from the truth.

SQ200p Tree of Light

Tree of Light

A grounded state is one where you are connected to the Earth and Mother Nature, becoming as one with your natural state of being human.

In physical terms, it is an opening of your electro-magnetic field, and an interaction with the Earth’s E.M. field.

Grounding is not a function of gravity… it is a function of electro-magnetism! It occurs naturally when our own aura is aligned and flowing with the planetary aura.

The effects of grounding are: increased clarity, feelings of connection, release of stress, relaxation, and a reduction of mental over-stimulation. You get the idea. It feels GOOD!

And when you are grounded you are in a much better space, physically, emotionally and mentally, to deal with whatever situations you encounter in your life.

Combining this with an expanded Heart Space gives you the opportunity to reunite with one of the most powerful states of being – your ability to radiate energy from your heart and Soul.


The Grounded and Expanded Series:

Discover wisdom in any aspect of your Being by journeying through the different chakras and uncover your multi-dimensional nature.


A Grounded & Expanded Heart Space

This series is an easy way to commit to a life of transformation. The chakras represent a complete map of your existance, containing all the wisdom of your Soul and your entire Being. By grounding and expanding from each chakra, you are increasing your magnetism in life and becoming more of a bright light for other people

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This entire series is absolutely FREE. It is our gift to humanity, a gift to YOU to help you achieve growth in any way that you desire, and achieve your highest potential in this lifetime.

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Practical Suggestions on Use:

  • The more conscious attention that you can give to an Audio Essence, the deeper and more fulfilling your experience will be. It is possible to receive the benefits of an Audio Essence while listening to it in the background, but the more time and conscious focus you can devote to it, the more fulfillment you will gain from the experience.
  • It is strongly advised that you do not listen to an Audio Essence while driving or performing tasks which require your undivided attention.
  • Many people have found that listening to an Audio Essence using headphones greatly enhances their experience… although if you do not have headphones or earplugs, listening to it played on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone will still prove equally as effective.
  • The effectiveness of an Audio Essence is not dependent on the particular volume it is played at, in fact, it can be set at the minimum volume level where it is still audible to the listener and it will still be effective. When using an Audio Essence, therefore, select the volume level which is most comfortable for your experience at that time.
  • If your internet connection is slow, it may be better to allow the Audio Essence to fully download on to your webpage first before you start to listen. To attempt to listen while it is still downloading may mean the Audio Essence pauses, and this may interrupt and disturb your experience.

Note 1: If you have enjoyed your experience of this Audio Essence, and know of someone who may also benefit, please share this webpage with them, so they may also share in your positive experience.

Important: An Audio Essence / Audio Satsang is not intended to directly resolve physical and / or mental complaints and illnesses. In all such cases, individuals are strongly advised to consult with a qualified medical practitioner about their physical condition. If an individual is suffering from severe emotional and / or mental conditions, it is strongly advised that they consult a qualified medical practitioner or other qualified mental health specialist. Individuals should only use the information and energy processes contained on this website, and any associated online platform, in conjunction with the laws and regulations of their country of residence.

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