What are we going to say about… Galena?


Galena, also called lead glance, is the natural mineral form of lead sulfide.

And from a crystal healing perspective… it is often overlooked.

Why is that?

So Galena is lead sulfide, it is a cubic crystal, and is colored a metallic silver.

And because it contains lead, it falls into the handle with care category… because it is possible to get poisoned by lead.

However, if you do handle with care, wash your hands after handling directly… or pick up with a tissue or cloth… then you shouldn’t have any issues with it in a healing situation.

In fact, something which I have learned… all the crystals which are poisonous / handle with care also have a very interesting vibration from a healing perspective… and so shouldn’t be ignored (even if you do need to handle them in a slightly different way to the other crystals in your kit).

And the same is true with Galena.

So what is the healing energy of Galenawhat is it all about?

Well, if you ever handle any, you will know that it is heavyreally heavy… and this is because it is a dense and compact substance… which is why lead is often used in radiation shielding.

And so… energetically… Galena is very good at protection… shielding you from energies that might be considered to be psychically┬áradioactive and destructive for your energy field.

Next… we have a cubic structure… so we are talking an orange expression… so emotional flow, creativity, sexuality… very much a Sacral Chakra crystal.

But┬ánext… and this is where it gets interesting… its physical color is metallic silver… and in the Ancient color association for the chakras, the Sacral Chakra was assigned the color silver, the silver of the Moon.

Note: The rainbow color association for the chakras is actually quite modern, it comes from the Theosophical Movement of the 19th Century, although now, everyone assumes it is ancient wisdom from millennia past.

So what do we know about the energetic quality of silver… well, it is considered to be feminine, pure, and reflective.

So what we get when we add that to the Galena mix… is a crystal which is most definitely focused on the Sacral Chakra… a crystal which can help to shield the Sacral Chakra… through being both dense and reflective.

But also a crystal which allows us to sort through our own feelings, in an organized and structured way, and work out what feelings are ours… and what feelings we have inherited, or taken on from other people.

Human beings are social creatures… and for many good survival reasons, passed down by millennia of evolution… we are programmed to scan the emotional energies around us, to reflect back the emotions of the people around us, in order to fit in.

And yes… this can be a good thing… especially in a tight, survival situation.

But it can also leave us trapped, because if we are surrounded by negative people, angry people, fearful people, or anxious people… our reptile brains naturally attempt to fit in by generating those same feelings, and reflecting them back.

“See, I am member of this tribe… I am anxious too… I am worried about the same things you are!”

Weird, but true.

It is really only the higher, Human brain that goes… “Ouch… there has to be a better way then this“… and looks for an emotional exit door to all the social / family emotional miasma.

And when you are looking for the exit door to your particular emotionally toxic situation, Galena can be a valuable – if somewhat heavy – friend.

Because it helps you to break free of the pattern of social reflecting… it allows you to separate out your own feelings from those of the people around you… it allows you to break free of the negative atmosphere surrounding you.

And when you are free of the toxic emotional atmosphere, then you are in a much better place to explore your own emotional nature… and decide what you want to feel about life for yourself.

Important: Any gem essence made from Galena must be made by the indirect method due to Galena’s toxicity.

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2017



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2 thoughts on “What are we going to say about… Galena?

  • August 5, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Fascinating, and very timely for me at this point in my life. Thank you Brian for sharing your wisdom and insight. Namaste

  • August 6, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Thanks Brian intresting read , which leaves me something to ponder, I live right next to the sivermines in Nenagh co Tipperary, which has high volume of Glena, when I built my house it was compulsory for me to use a radon barrier sheeting so that were werent exposed to radiation, so my question is if Glena is protective against radiation have our governing council’s got this all wrong? This radon barrier is relatively new in the past decade because reports of being the sivermines the highest cancer rate in the whole of Ireland. What would your thoughts be please.

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