Glamours – The Basic Clearing Technique


When exploring the subject of how to clear Glamours, there are basically two approaches you can take:

• Clearing Glamours from your own individual life.

• Clearing Glamours from other people and the world around you.

Although the methods used are basically the same for each of these, there are subtle differences of approach that we need to be aware of.

Interestingly, I believe that although you are not meant to send someone energy-healing without their conscious permission, if you feel that someone is under the influence of a nasty and pernicious Glamour then you can clear the Glamour from their aura without first gaining their conscious permission. Technically, the Glamour influencing them is not theirs, and not alive in its own right, so you don’t need permission.

For all of you who find it hard to stop yourselves from helping and healing other people… this is an important loophole you need to be aware of, and where you really can do good work. However, you must realize that if they are addicted to that particular Glamour then they will most likely re-infect themselves later on, so your clearing may be an ongoing task. You can clear the Glamour but you can’t make the other person change their ways… and a point comes, if you have been clearing for a month or more… and no sign of change… then the question becomes, are you doing any good… and do they want to change?

So the question then becomes why are you doing all this healing work for them, when the other person isn’t really interested in changing? If this is your current situation, then I suggest you read up about the Karpman Drama Triangle, as you are probably being pulled into rescuer mode.

There are several methods you can use to disperse a Glamour for yourself, and also for another individual.

The first one is the method developed by Alice A. Bailey, and involves invoking and focusing the Triple Light to burn away the Glamour. The Triple Light is the light of the physical brain, the light of mind, and the light of Soul, all three combined together to create a beam of intense light. Once again, it is interesting that we are connecting Glamours with light and photonic energy.

It is said that on their own, the light of the brain and the light of the mind can recognize and identify a Glamour, but it is only when you add the light of the Soul that the beam of light has sufficient power and intensity to destroy the Glamour it is focused upon.

The Process:

1. Identify and name the specific Glamour you wish to disperse, setting your intention to destroy and clear it completely. It is best to focus on clearing one Glamour at a time, as to try and clear more than one at any one time will only scatter the intensity of the beam and make it less effective. Using the Triple Light, it usually takes around 5 minutes to clear a Glamour, so you can clear several in a single session. A Glamour isn’t technically ‘alive’ and so you should have no worries or concerns about clearing it.

2. Call upon your Soul to blend its light with your own to create the Triple Light (the light of brain, mind and Soul merged as one). Imagine that a bright light is forming within your head, a light you can focus outward, like the beam of light that emerges from atop a lighthouse.

3. Set your intention that this spotlight makes the Glamour you wish to disperse visible to you.

4. Form an image ahead of you of either yourself, or the person from whom you wish to clear the Glamour. Visualise that you / they are surrounded by a black or grey mist which is the Glamour to be cleared. You might also see the Glamour represented by other images. Just focus on what images present themselves to be cleared, and don’t allow your mind to be disturbed by any specific image which appears.

5. Direct your beam of light so that it illuminates your body / the other’s body, and start the process of clearing the Glamour from around your / their body. Know that it will now clear, just as morning mist must and will dissipate in bright sunlight.

6. At the same time, repeat these words of power, either silently or aloud, to also help disperse this Glamour:

The power of the light prevents the appearance of the glamour of <XXX>.

The power of the light negates the quality of the glamour of <XXX> from affecting me (or us).

The power of the light destroys the life behind the glamour of <XXX>.

7. Sound an OM, silently or aloud, to greatly increase the power and penetration of the Triple Light.

8. Continue the process until the Glamour has been completely cleared from around your / their body, than consciously and deliberately withdraw the beam of light, and allow it to fade within your head.

9. Repeat the process as and when required.

If you find that you are constantly being plagued by a particular Glamour, such as Fear, Worry or Guilt, than just repeat the above process whenever you feel the darks clouds gathering around you. The great thing is that you can’t overdo this process. So if you find yourself doing it quickly 24 times a day to improve your state, then that is OK, do it. Over time, you will find you need to do it less and less, as the Glamour loosens its hold on you. However, remain vigilant as they have a way of sneaking back in if you are not careful.

Using this process it is possible to clear Glamour from buildings, areas, and locations, as well as families and groups of people. Instead of the person, hold an image of the people, or the location, in your mind and carry out the process. If it is a large group then you can use a symbol which best represents the group, such as a company logo.

If you are clearing Glamour on behalf of another person, or a group, then don’t expect immediate results or great miracles, and if they do transform, then they will have done it, not you.

You are not clearing their issues directly, you are only lightening the load they have been carrying, so making their life easier. Whether they choose to use this opportunity to change or not is up to them. So it is always best to release any expectation you may have about what is meant to happen. For example, if you are doing all this clearing work because they are meant to miraculously change and turn into your beloved soul-mate… you are so not doing it for the right reasons, and probably setting yourself for a massive let-down. And yes, I have come across people who are doing just that.

If you would like to work with clearing Glamours in greater depth, Sanaya Roman offers a whole practical course on the subject. It is entitled Transforming Your Consciousness: Clearing Lesser Energies, Illusions, and Limitations, and is available as a set of downloadable MP3s from the website

(c) Brian Parsons, June 2017

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