Flowing… The Watercourse Way


In China, the Ancient Taoists used to call their approach to spirituality… the Watercourse Way.

Because they believed that… firstly… the Universe, or the Taoflowed like water

And secondly… that the best way to obtain spiritual enlightenment was to learn to flow through lifelike water.

So that there were no blocks within your energy field…

Nothing was to be ever solid… everything within your energy field should always be flexible, fluid and flowing.

And the same for your emotions.

The aim was to always be in a state of emotional flow… and never dominated by a single emotion… not even if it was one of your all-time favorite emotions.

Because to be stuck in a state of continual happiness was still to be stuck… and out of alignment with the Universal Flow around you.

For Taoists… to be in the Flow… that was where the real power lied.

… And if you could achieve that… then you would be able to Flow around the obstacles and challenges which life presented you with.

Just like water.

Because… water always follows the path of least resistance.

And water always follows the lowest point through any valley.

And can flow through any cracks or gaps… so it is hard to tie down, or contain.

And water also has this ability to eventually erode whatever stands in its way… eventually eroding down the greatest rock into sand… which is carried away by the current downstream.

No wonder people like Lao Tsu thought so highly of water… it’s amazing stuff.

But there is something else which we need to mention… which is often overlooked.

Imagine a small river, flowing along a small valley…

It follows the curves of the valley… until… it hits a rock… and then flows around the rock

This is exactly how we expect water to behaveflowing around any obstacle it encounters.

But if the rock is large enough… then it can and will cause the water to flow in a different direction entirely…

Either to the left or the right

OK… so the water will erode the rock down… eventually… but if you were to sit down, and wait for that to happen… then you would probably waste your life waiting

It will take a very long time.

But if you were to remove that rock… the water could instantly flow in a completely different direction… and the whole course of the river might suddenly be changed.

If you want to change the course of the river, removing the rock will be a lot easier then waiting 100 years for water erosion to do its thing.

Now… let’s re-imagine that above situation

Where the water is your life-force… and the rocks are the beliefs and ideas which you hold in your Head and Heart

Just like the water being diverted by the rock

So those beliefs control and influence the flow and direction of our life-force… indeed, give shape to our very life itself.

Our life-force hits the belief… and is diverted into a certain direction… just like water hitting the rock.

But once we remove that thought… that belief… then suddenly, our life-force can start to move in a completely new direction…

And new opportunities open up to us… not only to think in a new way… but in terms of our external life… often new possibilities to explore in the outer world… because we are thinking in a new and unrestricted way.

Edgar Cayce used to say… Mind is the Builder… because it is the thoughts in our Head and Heart which create our life.

They direct and influence the flow of our life… and our life-force.

Change your dominant thoughts… and guess what happens.

But the thing is… yes, our life force is like water… and our thoughts and beliefs are like the rocks the water encounter…

But we have been given the choice of what rocks we choose to place into our river of consciousness

We are able to control and influence our own river of consciousness… by what ideas we choose to include and focus on… and also what ideas we choose to remove from our mental flow

So really… a successful life is one of Being and Doing

Flow and Cultivation

We are the river… we are the water

But we are a river that can choose its own direction of flow.

Just something to remember.

Namaste 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, April 2018.



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