Finally… the Grand Unveiling of… Vibrational Mirrors

Over the past 15 years, I have been fortunate to discover… (or been given, depending on your point of view)… a number of different, and very useful pieces of vibrational technology…

Which can help people to change / enhance with their own consciousness and subtle energy… for healing and personal growth…

But there is one particular vibrational technology I have kept quiet about…

Until now…

And I call it Vibrational Mirrors.

Why the name?

Because it works in the same way as a real-life mirror.

Now, there has been a long tradition of Mirror Magic within different human cultures and societies down through the centuries… and whenever humans were able to create shiny, reflective surfaces… and gaze at their own reflection… they started to wonder about what might be on the other side.

Mirrors were thus seen as magical things… doorways into a different, alternative world…

Alice literally stepping through the Looking Glass… out of this world, and into a parallel world… and a world which does not obey the same laws and rules as this one.

Now, the Vibrational Mirrors approach does NOT use a real mirror… although it does allow us to work with energy in a much more fluid way.

Because it creates a vibrational plane that can act as if it were a mirror… having the same properties as a normal mirror…

Namely… the property of reversed reflection.

Let me explain… (and this is very much how my inner guidance explained it to me several years ago now).

Question… when you look in a mirror, how far away is your reflection from the surface of the mirror?

Answer… it’s the exact same distance…. or it appears so. If I am standing 1 metre from the mirror… it looks like my reflection is standing 1 metre away too… but on their side.

OK, the image is reversed… but it is always the same distance away… it’s all part of perspective… a mirror captures, reflects, but also reverses, the image and perspective of whatever is before it.

Good… next question…

If Love is the opposite of Anger… as it says in some energy healing traditions…

And you create a Vibrational Mirror… a plane of energy which can reflect / reverse whatever is put before it…

And Anger was on one side of this Vibrational Mirror… and the energy of Anger is therefore reflected / reversed…

Where would Love be?

Well… applying the science and magic of mirrors… Love would be on the other side of the Vibrational Mirror… and as far from the plane of reflection as Anger was on the other side.

Which appears to be a Universal Constant… that negative and positive energies come in pairs… and that they are always the same distance from a neutral vibrational plane of reflection.

Knowing this… makes it very easy to reflect / reverse a negative into its positive expression… if you can create yourself a neutral vibrational reflecting plane of energy.

Guess what?

That’s what a Vibrational Mirror does…

It is a plane of energy, created from certain crystal vibrations, which takes a negative or limiting energy… and reverses / reflects it into a positive and empowering energy… (and it can also be captured / transmitted within an Audio Essence)…

All without you having to do that much work, really.

Which is one of the things I like about Vibrational Mirrors… they appeal to my lazy side.

However, the other thing I like about them…

They allow you to work with negative energies directly…. head on… which many other approaches do not.

For example, let’s say that you were working with affirmations to change your situation around money.

You could start with the affirmation:

I don’t want to be poor anymore.

Which is close to what you want to happen.

But that would be frowned upon… because it is considered a limiting statement… because the only word the Unconscious mind hears is POOR… which is the word it activates around…

So that is why it is strongly advised that you re-word your affirmation to:

I am rich.

So that the Unconscious Mind hears the word RICH… and not POOR… and takes that as the reality you want to create…. and the use of the “I am” brings it into the present as a reality.

But when using affirmations initially, there is always a struggle between the Conscious Mind saying “I am rich“… and your Unconscious Mind saying “No, you’re not… and you have given me a whole host of other limiting beliefs that would suggest otherwise.”

You usually have to say it a lot of times before the Unconscious programming gets over-written by the new affirmation.

Which is why I really like working with Vibrational Mirrors, because:

  1. They allow you to work directly with the energy of a negative statement… such as “I am poor”… and reflect it into the positive energy + feeling of “I am rich”.
  2. They shift the energy behind the words, not just the words themselves… so it is much easier for the Unconscious Mind to fully accept and action.

Also, there are a number of different Vibrational Mirrors, all of which reflect / reverse a different kind of energy…

For example… there is one Vibrational Mirror that takes statements beginning with:


And reverses / reflects the energy into:


Which can feel a whole lot better, believe me… and it also sets-up in a way where the Unconscious Mind is much more accepting of the statement and the energy behind it.

And there are other Vibrational Mirrors which focus on reflecting a different aspect of human experience… sometimes using words as the key… sometimes using visuals…

But always with the intent of reflecting / reversing a negative / limiting energy into a positive / empowering one.

And like I have said… this gives you a completely different way of working with energy and those pesky inner blocks and limiting beliefs.

More coming soon.

Namaste 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, August 2017

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