Feeling Trapped… Expanding Free


OK, about an hour ago I received an email which seriously pressed my anxiety buttons… but I am feeling fine about it now… because I used this new technique which is so cool… and which is based on this simple premise:

You can’t contract and expand at the same time.

Let me explain…

According to Astrophysicists we live in a Universe which is constantly expanding… and this expansion is felt on all levels of our being.

According to the spiritual writer Alan Searle, there is only Expansion / Love, or Contraction / Fear… we are either expanding or contracting… one or the other.

And according to David R Hawkins, and his book Power ve. Force, emotional states below the Level of 200 on his Map of Consciousness (Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Fake Desire, Anger, and Fake Pride) all lead to a contraction of energy… while all states above Level 200 (Courage, Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance, ReasonLove, Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace etc) create an expansion of core energy.

But here is the important thing.

If we experience a low vibe emotion like Anxiety or Fear, this will automatically pull us into Contraction Mode

… but if this is the case… then the opposite most also be true

… If we can switch our energy field into Expansion Mode, this will automatically pull us out of all those low vibes, and into… yes, you have guessed it… into the higher emotional states.

So when I read this email, it did press my anxiety buttons, and so pushed me into Contraction Mode.

So what did I do?

Well… a couple of days ago, I posted out the Pink Chakra Layout… available on this link:

Pink Chakra Layout

Well, there is also a Green Chakra Layout… where all the crystals are Green in color, but their crystal structures are aligned to the different chakras… so overall, the aura is switched into Expansion Mode… and when you are in Expansion Modethen you are automatically lifted out of all the emotions below Level 200.

Are you interested in the Green crystals used in this Chakra layout… yes?

  • Feet & Base Chakra (trigonal) = Dioptase or Green Aventurine
  • Sacral Chakra (cubic) = Green Fluorite or Green Garnet
  • Solar Plexus chakra (hexagonal) = Green Tourmaline or Emerald
  • Heart chakra (tetragonal) = Green Apophyllite
  • Throat Chakra (orthorhombic) = Peridot
  • Brow Chakra (monoclinic) = Malachite
  • Crown Chakra = Green Vesuvianite, Amazonite or Green Kyanite

If you can’t source any of those crystals, you can use Moldavite (i.e. Green Amorphous)… or use any other Green stone which fits the crystal structure for that chakra.

The nice thing about this Green Chakra Layout… the majority of crystals are relatively inexpensive, and can be sourced via the web.

One of the things which I have observed about people… if they have been blocked in some way, then they quickly descend anger. But this isn’t really a Red issue… but a Green issue… because they have no way to express their unique energies and creativity in life… they have no way to expand. Which means they are locked into Contraction Mode… which means their energy is fueling the lower vibes like anger.

But if you can switch them into Expansion Mode… get the Green energy flowing and expanding… then this lifts them up and out… and very quickly helps turn things around.

This Green Chakra Layout is one of the simplest ways I have found so far to do this.

And like I said earlier… one of the biggest truths out there:

You can’t contract and expand at the same time.

So… Enjoy!

(c) Brian Parsons, January 2017

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