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Building on what we have written to date about Energy Astrology in our other posts…

There is a law of the human psyche known as projection that states that when an individual does not acknowledge and own an energy within themselves, that energy is projected outwards and manifests in some area of their life, usually in the form of challenging situations or recurring conflict, until that person is able to consciously acknowledge and integrate those energies within their own psyche.

This is why individuals tend to attract partners and relationships which reflect back to them those shadow parts of themselves which they do not wish to face.

The classic and much quoted example is the Nazi’s hatred of the Jews back in the 1930s… where everything the German people didn’t like about themselves was projected out on to the Jewish populace of Europe… which allowed the German people to feel strong and whole… for a time.

Just yesterday, I put out a Facebook post that included a picture of a group of Syrian refuges, who had managed to make it to the relative safety of Europe… and someone’s reply was “Better that they had all sunk and drowned in their boats“.

Better for whom… them… or that man writing the insensitive comment?

Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion… but such a reply speaks to me that he believes that:

I am a superior human… and as I sit in the my Western home, in safety and security… that will never happen to me… they’re inferior… I am superior… so that gives me the right to pass judgement.

Wrongso wrong (yep… banned him… he’s not grown up enough yet to engage in proper discourse, and I am not prepared to engage with someone who believes that innocent children should drown… even if the remark was made on the internet, where nothing said is supposed to count or be real)… and as always… there but for the grace of God go I.

And he’s also a classic case of psychic projection.

Bit like pigeons… all projections come home, eventually. It’s part of the Universe’s need to achieve wholeness… so it’s much better that you are actively working to reclaim them… then to ignore it, and then wake up one day and discover 100,000 pigeons perched on your roof plus a tonne of birdshit pressing down on you.

When you open your eyes to see, projection is happening everywhere… and is the foundation for much political discourse, unfortunately… and which unscrupulous politicians try to use to their own advantage.

Don’t like this about yourself? … Don’t like your life or society? … Don’t own it… Project it! … Then you don’t have to deal with it, or do anything about it … It’s not your fault… It’s their fault… Yes, them over there! … Blame them!

Now, there are genuine issues in the world… lots of them… but they’re never made any better by projecting out… and blaming someone else. That’s just playing the blame game.

So one of the most important points on any personal / spiritual journey is when you are no longer prepared to blame other people for your own issues.

Because you can never really change what you are blaming other people for… it’s that simple really.

(The other turning point is when you start to genuinely Forgive… but that’s a whole other post.)

OK, they may have been responsible for a whole heap of pain in your life… but if you play the blame game, then you are giving away your power… you are projecting it out on to them… and so you are giving away your power to change your life for the better.

And we can project the good and important stuff as well as the bad.

Now for the astrology bit…

It is a popular belief in alternative circles, that the astrological natal chart, the chart calculated using the date, time and location of our birth, is the closest thing we will ever have to a user manual for our life, our personality and our higher purpose.

Each of the planets is said to represent a specific type of energy / archetype, and where the planet is placed in our natal chart shows how and where that energy functions (… or not…) in our life. An astrological chart can therefore show and guides us to a better and deeper understanding of our strengths and our weaknesses, our potential and our problem areas.

Because each planet is in a different sign and house, depending on the date, time and location of birth, so the energies which is expressed through the chart will be different for each individual.

An astrological natal chart is therefore a powerful tool to help an individual understand the archetypal forces which drive their personality, and identify those planets they own and are comfortable with, and those planets they are actively disowning and projecting on to other people and situations.

Energy Astrology takes this process a stage further, and also helps to speed up this process.

Normally, an individual has to wait for situations and circumstances to activate a planetary archetype before they can discover if it is one which they own or disown.

However, during the first Energy Astrology encounter, an individual will have all the primary planetary archetypes activated in sequence, thus allowing them to feel these distinctive energies and also observe their personality reactions to these energies.

This means, in the space of a weekend say, an individual can quickly define which planetary energies they are comfortable with, and which planetary energies they are most definitely find uncomfortable… so are likely to be projecting outwards, and so need to work on.

To help re-claim these projections, an Energy Astrology weekend say is structured around a four step process to create an internal space within the psyche from which individuals can start to own their planetary / charka / meridian energies.

First, the individual allows themselves to feel the energy of the planetary archetypes manifesting through their charkas and meridians, then over time they learn to accept the energy, which eventually leads to an ownership of the energy, the ability to identify with that energy, and then finally, the energy is so well integrated into the psyche, the individual no longer notices that they ever had a problem with it.

The equation for the Energy Astrology… our mantra you could say… is therefore:

  • Feeling leads to Acceptance…
  • Acceptance leads to Ownership…
  • Ownership leads to Integration

Once an individual can feel and accept a planetary energy, this can open an inner space for a shift in many areas of their life – relationships, abundance, health, work, spiritual growth, and creativity.

As the Taoist sage Chung Tzu once wrote:

When the shoe fits perfectly… who ever worries about wearing a new pair of shoes?

The use of feeling is also another reason why Energy Astrology is a powerful astrological tool for personal development and healing.

Up to now, working with an astrological chart has mostly been an intellectual or mental affair, which was off putting to those people who did not have the inclination to read and digest a lot of astrological books.

People who have a more developed feeling sense have found they are attracted to the Energy Astrology approach, because it allows them to work with their natal chart in a direct and simple way which feels comfortable to them.

Even people who are more intellectually inclined have found that Energy Astrology provides a way for them to short cut the mental approach and work directly with their planetary energies (which often takes them completely by surprise, because knowing a planet intellectually is very different to connecting with it directly on an energy / feeling level… the mind and world of ideas is so tidy and clean… but emotions and feelings, they are so deep down messy and untidy).

Even when an individual is not comfortable with a particular planetary archetype, it is important that they stay with the feeling if at all possible, as this feeling, no matter how uncomfortable, is the first step in the process towards integration.

Unlike other courses, Energy Astrology is not dependent on creative imagination to set-up access the planetary archetypes, as these energies are being directly transmitted by the appropriate Audio Essences.

However, individuals are free to respond to these transmissions in anyway that is appropriate for them at that time.

For example, some people see colours, hear sounds, and may embark on their own spontaneous inner journey in response to the planetary archetype which is being transmitted.

Now, this alchemical process from feeling to integration does not happen or complete through listening to the Audio Essence journeys once, it requires a steady commitment to listening and working with the journeys over a sustained period of time.

But based on the experience of people who have worked with Energy Astrology to date, real change does happen… because then the energy starts flowing… new possibilities emerge.

(c) Brian Parsons September 2016.

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