An Explanation of… Glamour… A World Problem


In the modern age, the concept of Glamours can be directly traced to Alice A. Bailey’s book Glamour: A World Problem (Lucis Press Ltd. 1971). However, if you know where to look, many and varied esoteric and spiritual traditions around the world also include and teach a similar concept.

So what is a Glamour, and why is it such a problem? Put simply, a Glamour is a cloud of subtle emotional energy.

Whenever a person experiences a certain emotion then, according to esoteric theory, not only do they feel that emotion within their physical body, but their subtle emotional body radiates that emotion outwards, in the form of an energetic mist, which then becomes separate and distinct from that individual.

A good analogy would be the difference between clouds and the ocean. The sun causes water to evaporate from the ocean, and this water vapour drifts up into the sky to form clouds. The water in the clouds is the same as the water in the ocean (minus the salt), and the water in the clouds originally came from the ocean. However, the evaporation process causes the cloud water to become separate and distinct from the ocean water, at which point it takes on a different form and starts to move in a different direction.

In a similar way, when we experience a particular emotion, some emotional energy is contained and felt within our body, while other emotional energy is radiated outwards from our body, and creates an energy mist which is separate from us… and, as we shall see, this energy mist can take on a form and life all of its own.

For the moment, let’s focus on a single emotion… like Fear.

According to Alice A. Bailey, whenever we experience fear, not only do we feel it within our physical body, most naturally in the fight / flight / freeze response, but we also start to radiate that fear outwards and around us as an energy mist. It is this energy mist that then starts to form and become the Glamour of Fear. The more fear you experience internally, the more Fear Glamour you create and radiate out externally.

The problem with the Fear Glamour arises when you stop feeling the fear internally, and so stop radiating the fear outwards… because the Fear Glamour you have already created does not dissipate or diminish, but remains intact. Just like a cloud continuing to float above the ocean even when the Sun has sunk beneath the horizon and night has fallen.

What happens next varies, but this Glamour of Fear can:

• Float off.

• Become attached / impregnated on a particular space or location (which sensitive people may pick up on later when they step into the energy of that space).

• Or, if the individual is really unlucky, it can become hooked and attached to their subtle body, so that the individual literally carries around their own little cloud of Fear (hence the expression ‘feeling like you are under a cloud’), and their unconscious behaviour is henceforward heavily influenced by the Fear Glamour.

But if it floats off, then what happens to it?

Well, that’s when the theory gets really interesting. There are currently estimated to be seven billion plus people living on the planet. From time to time, they will all experience fear, although some more than others. (Compare the fear levels of someone living in comfort in Holland with someone who is starving and living in a volatile, war-ravaged part of the world.)

But although the fear levels will be different, varying from culture, country, and circumstance, every human being will experience fear at some point in their life (OK, maybe not the psychopaths so much,
but fortunately there are not too many of those types roaming around). Fear is part of the human condition.

So that is roughly seven billion plus people who can potentially experience fear, and when they do, they will also radiate outwards a small amount of the Fear Glamour, which will then drift off into the psychic ether.

Over time, a small amount of Fear Glamour is generated here, a small amount there, drifting around, starting to form clouds, clouds merging to form bigger clouds, and in some areas these clouds gather together to form whole weather systems.

Seven billion plus people… very soon that adds up to an awful lot of Fear Glamour pollution on the planet.

Now, according to the esoteric theory, these vast clouds of Fear Glamour are not only attracted to places where people are feeling Fear, but in turn they can also influence more people to feel the emotion of Fear itself… which in turn feeds and expands the Fear Glamour. This may be one explanation why, around the globe, bad situations can rapidly spin out of control and descend into utter chaos if left unchecked.

This is also one of the reasons why politicians love invoking fear in the populace, because fear makes the crowd easy to manipulate, control, and bend to their will. Terrorists also vie to carry out the next, more outrageous act in order to subdue people with fear. Both of these groups are, unconsciously, harnessing the power and influence of the Fear Glamour, and all of this generates even more of the Fear Glamour.

It is said that, although each Glamour is not technically alive, it has a certain kind of intelligence, and it is programmed to survive and expand. But it is actually worse than that. Because if the esoteric literature is correct and Glamours are not easy to erase or destroy, then not only do we have the Fear Glamour we are currently generating now to deal with, but all the Fear Glamour generated by humans throughout the long history of our species.

How much Fear Glamour was generated during World War 1, World War 2, the Cold War, the Gulf war, the 30 Years War in Europe, when Rome destroyed Carthage, when the Assyrians sacked a city in Mesopotamia, or when two rival hunter-gatherer tribes clashed over territory during the last Ice Age?

When you stand back, homo sapiens are responsible for creating a LOT of Fear Glamour.

But it doesn’t stop there. Fear is not unique to homo sapiens, in fact it is a force that has been hard-wired into life on this planet since its dawn, part of the basic survival mechanism. So the Fear Glamour will have been generated by the Neanderthals, mammals, dinosaurs, reptiles, all the way back to the first creatures swimming around our ancient oceans.

This means we have an AWFUL LOT of Fear Glamour to contend with.

Which is why Alice A. Bailey’s book is subtitled A World Problem. At this point, you may be feeling a little fearful and overwhelmed by the thought of all the mountains of Glamour floating and lurking around out there… but don’t worry, take a deep breath, perhaps make yourself a nice drink… and stay with me here. There is light ahead… honest…

Up to now, we have just been focusing on the Glamour of Fear, but there is a Glamour for any and all emotions – Guilt, Shame, Apathy, you name it – and these will all generate their own distinct emotional ‘clouds’.

Now it can be argued that there is a Love Glamour, Joy Glamour, even a Happiness Glamour, because all of these are emotions, and so generate their own type of emotional field. This is correct, but the literature does not tend to call these positive emotions as Glamours. The word Glamour is restricted to lower or negative emotions, whose influence either de-energises or dehumanises an individual in some way. Love, Joy and Happiness cannot therefore be Glamours because, according to David R Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, they give back to the individual more energy than it takes to create these feelings.

However, in contrast, there are Glamours for emotional patterns that you would not initially consider to be negative. For example, there is the Glamour of Fame, or the Glamour of Pride, or the Glamour of Consumerism. All of these also have an emotional component, require more energy to generate then they give back, and so can trap an individual into a downward spiral of self-defeating activity.

This is another reason why Alice A. Bailey calls Glamour a world problem, because it can so easily trap individuals, groups, and even entire nations within a negative feedback loop, where they are forced to repeat destructive emotional patterns, respond and ‘kick-out’ in unconscious ways, and are controlled and manipulated by raw emotional energy.

To be continued. Extract from Brian Parsons book Energy Boundaries Volume 2 (Samarpan Alchemy Publications)

(c) Brian Parsons, June 2017

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