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It’s very hard to talk about our astrological Inner Sun… without also talking about our energetic and individual Comfort Zones.

And the reason why it is hard… because an understanding of Comfort Zones go to the heart of what the Astrological Sun (and Moon) are all about.

Now, funnily enough, the Astrological Sun is paradoxical.

It’s the one planet which is mentioned daily in Astrologcal newspaper columns… it’s the one planet where most people know their sign… I’m a Taurus, I’m a Scorpio

But it’s also the one planet which people tend to have a tenous understanding of… even amongst people who study astrology.

Our natal Sun… that’s to do with individuality… or inspiration… I think?

Part of the problem… our Natal Sun is not 100% who we are… it’s who we aspire to become… an inner force driving us onwards to do or make something of our life… and that is a different thing enitrely.

But as you will see, when you put it into the context of an understanding of Comfort Zones, all that confusion and un-clarity just disappears.

Remember back in school, during the Physics class, where you learnt about those two forces… centrifugal and centripetal

Centrifugal = a force, arising from the body’s inertia, which appears to act on a body moving in a circular path and is directed away from the centre around which the body is moving.

Centripetal = a force which acts on a body moving in a circular path and is directed towards the centre around which the body is moving.

… And how you got to demonstrate those 2 forces in action by swinging a bucket full of water around your head, and how as the bucket swung around, and there was tenson on the rope, the water stayed put in the bucket… how these 2 forces worked together to create a static situation… until either the rope broke, or the circular motion lessened…

(What do you mean you never did that experiment? But it was so much fun!)

Well, in a similar way… our Comfort Zone is composed of 2 Astrological / Psychological internal forces, each one pulling in a different direction… and sometimes they balance and cancel each other out… while at other times one force is greater then the other and wins out, and so the inidvidual is locked into a particular direction in their life.

Because our Inner Sun is one of the two major forces which are driving our Comfort Zone… (and as we shall see… when the Sun is in some signs it’s pulling force is enhanced, while in others it is lessened).

But to begin with, let’s revist our basic understanding of Comofrt Zones.

… Have you ever watched a one year old explore the world around them?

It is an interesting exercise, because it also helps explain a great deal about how adults behave and navigate their way through adulthood.

Remember, the habits and patterns which we establish in our early childhood are the ones we tend to stick with throughout the rest of our lives.

A small child’s exploration of the big world around them can be broken down into two distinct phases.

The first phase begins when the child gets bored with playing beside its mother, and decides to set off and explore the exciting world which lies just beyond the horizon. So the child toddles off, for the moment putting any thought of mother and safety to one side, enticed by the prospect of all the adventure, freedom and newness that lies on the other side of the room or play-park.

But, as the child explores, at some point the thought suddenly enters his / her mind, “Where has mother gone?”, and it looks around to find her. This is the start of the second phase.

If she is still nearby, in direct line of sight, then all is well, she isn’t lost, and so the child is comforted and continues to explore.

However, if she appears to be far away, or even worse, can no longer be seen or located, then the child goes into full-blown panic mode, and frantically tries to find her again.

It either runs straight back to mother, or makes so much noise so that the mother is alerted to his / her plight, and so comes to the rescue.

Either way, the child returns to mother, and so feels safe and secure. Panic over.

Until… it gets bored… starts to wander off in search of newness and excitement… and the whole cycle repeats once again.

So the repeating pattern is fueled by boredom and the need for excitement on one side, and anxiety and the need for security on the other side.

What is important for all of us adults is to realize is that we do exactly the same thing, we repeat the same pattern in our lives, but often we do not even realise that this is what we’re doing.

The point at which the child realizes that the mother is missing and starts to panic is what we can call the edge of our comfort zone. This is a psychological space that, while we are inside it we feel safe and secure, but when we venture outside of its apparent protection we start to experience panic and anxiety. The comfort zone that we mentally create as children we carry forwards into our adult lives.

… But now that we have revisited our basic understanding of Comfort Zones, it is now perhaps easy to see that they are created from 2 internal psychological forces… centrifugal and centripetal.

There is a centrifugal psychological force which wants to push out of our Comfort Zone… and there is a centripetal psychological force that wants to pull us inside / keep us locked inside.

And all human beings who have ever lived are locked within the tidal pull of those 2 psychological forces.

And in Astrological terms, the centrifugal force = our Inner Sun… and the centripetal force = our Inner Moon (which we shall explore in more detail tomorrow).

So our Inner Sun wants to push us out… eject us from our Comfort Zone… and when you understand that, all the stuff which is said about the Astrological Sun starts to make total and coherent sense.

Whenever an individual steps outside of their Comfort Zone, they do so as that… an individual… because they are stepping outside of their existing knowledge base… all the skills and knowledge they have gathered to date… they are going it alone… as an individual, hoping that they will be able to figure out this new situation… they are embarking on the Hero’s Quest.

Yes, whenever an individual steps outside of their Comfort Zone… they are anxious… even afraid… because they are stepping into unexplored territory… they are stepping into the unknown. But also, there is excitement, and an adrenaline rush… and inspiration… and a wonderful newness to life… the chance for exploration.

All that good stuff is fuelled by our Astrological Sun.

But it is important to realise that certain Zodiac signs tip the balance of our Inner Sun, one way or the other, where it comes to our confidence and ability to walk beyond our Comfort Zones:

  • Sun in Aries… can’t wait to pack-up and leave for a new adventure
  • Sun in Cancer… will feel great anxiety taking the first step beyond

But also… our Sun Sign defines, to a large degree, that which will entice us to leave:

  • Sun in Taurus… will more willingly leave the Comfort Zone on a quest for physical beauty
  • Sun in Pisces… will more willingly leave the Comfort Zone on a quest for emotional beauty
  • Sun in Libra… will more willingly leave the Comfort Zone on a quest for mental beauty
  • Sun in Capricorn… will more willingly leave the Comfort Zone on a quest for building an empire
  • Sun in Scorpio… will more willingly leave the Comfort Zone on a quest for inner meaning and inner peace

So within Energy Astrology, our Inner Sun, which is associated with our Heart Chakra… is associated with the inner psychological force that wants to blast us out of Comfort Zone… and off on another adventure!

So what about the second force… representented in Astrology by our Inner Moon?

Well… coming tomorrow.

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(c) Brian Parsons

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