Energy Archetype 1 – Universal Love


There are 6 Energy Archetypes… and they all relate to a deeper expression of the energy within our meridian system.

They were found by working with the 6 Elements… and when we resolved the issues relating to each of these 6 Elements… what we found… what was uncovered… was 6 different expressions of Love

Or perhaps, it is better to say… different directions of Love.

These 6 Love Directions we refer to as the 6 Energy Archetypes… and we have created 6 Audio Essences to help you attune to this fundamental layer of energy…

The Energy Archetype for Universal Love is the deep feeling… the knowing… that Love is ever expanding and flowing, and that this expansion and flow helps to support and create the myriad things (to quote the Tao Te Ching).

It is said in many spiritual traditions around the world that God created the manifest Universe as a play, as an act of exploration and creativity, as an expression of love… and so everything in the Universe has arisen from God

And so God loves his creation… which is a part of him/herself.

So this is the feeling… the knowing… that God… the Universe… the Daoloves you… as you are… right now… and every other now you have ever lived… or will ever live.

Which is a big notion to get your head around. But then this is the Biggest Love you can get… or be loved by… the Universe loving you for you.

However, in many cultures and societies down through the ages, there are beliefs which distort this fact… and get people to believe that they are not worthy of this Universal Love… this Divine Acceptance

They try to make out that this Universal Love is conditional… and that God is schizophrenic… creating from itself only to disown the part it has just created… and that to be accepted, then you have to behave in a certain way… i.e. if you behave like the priests tell you… then maybe, at the end of your life, you might just receive God’s love…

But the fact is… this Universal Love and Acceptance is right here right now, it is flowing through every moment of your life… it is only a matter of learning to get your head out of the way… and re-tuning your heart…

But people try to distort this truth… hide what should be so self-evident… so that they can gain a political ego advantage.

For example, in many places around the world currently, Gay individuals are not permitted to express their uniqueness… and have to keep it locked up, deep inside… which is not what the Universe / God intended… because it made them who they are, and when you hold back your uniqueness you are unable to explore your full potential, who and what you may become.

But in many places, Gay people are taught that they are not worthy of Universal Love… that God does not love them… a God that created them to be damned from the moment of their birth.

That’s bit like an artist taking the time to create the most amazing picture… all that time and effort… only to destroy it at the point of completion… makes no sense.

(And for anyone out there thinking… you just don’t understand God’s plan… my reply is… and you do?)

But if you have ever felt Universal Love touch your own heart… you will know, deep down… that is so not true… how could God not love any part of his/her creation… Unconditional Love is just that… unconditional.

It’s only us humans who love conditionally… or not at all.

And this has been the sad truth for many groups and peoples throughout history… you are wrong, you are evil, you are bad, you are misshapen in the eyes of God… and so they are forever denied God’s love.

Human politics… One group tries to raise themselves up, and feel superior… by casting down another.

But the real God… the real Universe… doesn’t play those games… only humans… and low-vibe humans at that… play those games… and at core, those games are nothing more then ego bullshit.

The truth is… and I accept you might not be able to accept it right now, you may need to work on your own self-beliefs… but the UniverseGod accepts and loves you… totally… and there is nothing you need to do, say or be to ever earn this love… it is your birthright…

… and the Audio Essence below is designed to get the mind-crap out of the way, for a time, to allow you to tune into this ever-present and flowing love… so you can feel its reality.

Listening to this Audio Essence, allow these energies to flow and expand within you… and if you can allow that inner expression to occur, you will discover that this internal flow will support, enrich and energize you… and give you a deep sense of self-acceptance.

Because you will know, deep within, that the Universe loves you… and in your acts and words, you will start wanting to raise your game

I know it’s a paradox… but when you realize that the Universe loves you as you are… you start wanting to change yourself to become more worthy of that love… even though the Universe does not require you to change… because from its perspective you are worthy of love whatever… but suddenly you want to become a better and higher expression of you.

Weird I know… but deep at heart, we all aspire to be a clear expression of love.

(c) Brian Parsons October 2016

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