When is it easiest to walk through a door?


So the question is… When is it easiest to walk through a door?

And the answer… obvious really… is… when it is unlocked and open.

And how do we know it is open?

Well, that’s obvious too… it’s just… open!

But, over the last few days, we have been posting on the subject of our 2 defensive meridians… the Heart Protector and Triple Warmer meridians

And the thing is… both of them are a bit like doors (or a moat and drawbridge, as we used in another metaphor post)…

And when they are both closed, and locked tight… then all the bad stuff can’t get through into our inner Heart Space.

… Which is good… we so don’t want that to happen.

But there are also two important points which we need to make:

  1. If the bad stuff can’t get through, neither can the good stuff
  2. Human beings are weird… we can easily recognize when a physical door is open / closed… but the majority of us are unable to detect when our own internal doors, the Heart Protector / Triple Warmer, are open wide or slammed shut

So there are people walking around… hoping for love say… but theirĀ Heart Protector & Triple Warmer meridians are firmly closed to external positive vibes… and so they are unable to connect to the very thing they want and desire…

Which is quite sad… because they are looking out there… but when the real magic occurs when they open up inside.

Note: There are also people walking around with their Heart Protector meridian wide open… but that is a different kind of bad wiring entirely… which will have to wait for a different post to explore… the people who literally wear their Heart on their sleeve, and the Triple Warmer doesn’t protect them.

But there is a third, equally important thing to understand.

The moat has priority over the drawbridge

Or to speak less metaphorically… the Triple-Warmer meridian can / will always over-ride the Heart Protector meridian(except for those who are wearing their Heart’s on their sleeve… etc… different post).

We can only open up our Heart Protector meridian, and allow someone else, a positive vibration say, within… when the Triple Warmer meridian says it is safe to do so

But… you just knew there as a but coming, didn’t you…

As we have said in a previous post, us Homo-sapiens are rubbish at powering-down after a Fight, Flight, or Freeze moment… and so a lot of us are walking around with our Triple-Warmer meridians firmly closed

… which means our Heart Protectors are also closed… because the Triple-Warmer won’t allow it to open.

And… as if that wasn’t bad enough… in our modern 21st Century world… there are so many things which freak us out, and cause our Triple Warmers to want to go to war

So with our Triple Warmers finding it hard to:

  • Power-down and let-go
  • Powering-up at the slightest provocation
  • Blocking the Heart Protector meridian from lowering and letting in the good stuff / vibes / people

Well… who would be a Homosapien in the 21st Century?

But… fortunately… there is hope… (which strangely, is the positive quality associated with the Triple Warmer meridian).

Next post coming soon.

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2016

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