Your Dreaming Self loves… flying?


The next insight about reality… well, there are actually two insights in this post… and both come from the book Mutual Dreaming: When Two People Share the Same Dream by Linda Lane Magallon.

This book records a number of dream experiments, carried out by many different people over a period of time, to explore whether the dream space is indeed a shared dimension of consciousness… and if so, could different people meet-up during the night in this shared dimension of consciousness.

So in a series of experiments, 2 or more dreamers would be given the task to meet-up while dreaming… with specific instructions to perform… and their dreams were later analysed to see if there were any signs to show contact had indeed been made (… and yes, safeguards were built into the experiments to ensure they couldn’t be faked).

So… the results?

Well… the results from the dreams, when analysed, did seem to show that some contact had been made… and that different people could indeed make a dreaming connection outside and beyond the physical brain.


… Just like any tourist visiting a far distant country… apparently things are done differently in the land of our dreams… the rules are not the same as in the waking state… and, when you come to think about it, why we would we ever assume that they would be exactly the same.

For example, the Waking Us would assume that if we arranged to meet Brad Pitt in a dream then he would look like Brad Pitt.

But the thing is, whenever you step into Dreaming Consciousness, things are a lot more fluid and flexible… and so it is just as likely that either:

  • We might perceive the consciousness of Brad Pitt, when we meet, as a pink fluffy rabbit… or as a man in a spacesuit
  • The consciousness of Brad Pitt decides, for that night, to go around on the inner planes of consciousness as Lady Ga Ga

In our Waking State, our physical bodies, and so physical appearance, is fixed and so we always look and sound the same…

… But in Dreaming Consciousness, we can re-imagine ourselves to be anything or anyone we want… and so why would we assume that, given we can change our appearance in the blink of an eye, that we would always choose to look the same as our Waking Self?

In fact, during our dreams, maybe we get the chance of taking a holiday from being ourselves, and can easily re-imagine ourselves as someone other… (although there are serious limits to this, as we shall explore in a different post soon).

Kids, given access to a big dressing up box of costumes, spend hours pretending to be someone else… why assume we wouldn’t do the same when dreaming if given the chance.

Because of this, the researchers found that the inner plane of consciousness, the dream plane, has more in common with Alice in Wonderland then it does with downtown Detroit.

Things get very confusing within dreams… and so stable scientific experiments… where if you do the same things you will always get the same results… doesn’t seem to be 100% possible… because our Dreaming Self is always trying out new things… although the researchers did see enough of a pattern, based on the set-up for each experiment, to show that some level of mutuality was being achieved, the consciousness of the different dreamers were indeed meeting-up at night.

But this is where they encountered the next big problem…

Put simply, the Waking Self is not the same as the Dreaming Self… and it is as if people put on a whole different personality when they dream… similar but also different.

… Our dreaming mask is similar to the one which we wear when we are awake… but not exactly the same.

It’s as if our consciousness puts on a different persona when asleep, the Dreaming Self

And this different personality, this Dreaming Self, didn’t always agree with everything the Waking Self had agreed to do when fully awake… which is why not all the instructions for the dream experiments were carried out to the letter… because the Dreaming Self did not feel honor-bound to deliver.

It’s like if your brother were to sign you up to a contract, without your knowledge or agreement, and then expected you to deliver on the deal… In a similar way, the Waking Self signed the Dreaming Self up to perform certain actions within the dreaming space without getting its prior agreement.

And if we remember that when we dream our Dream Self enters Theta and Delta brain-wave modes… while the majority of our Waking Self time is spent in either Alpha or (mostly) Beta modes… then the idea that we put on different personality masks when we shift our consciousness starts to make sense.

So maybe the intention of the Waking Self would be to meet-up with someone else, as part of the dreaming experiment… but as soon as that individual starts to dream, and the individual slips into their Dreaming Self personality… the Dreaming Self might go… What! I don’t want to meet-up with anyone else in the dream. No, going to go and do something I want to do…

And what does our Dreaming Selves want to do?

Simple… they love to fly.

What these mutual dreaming experiments showed, time and again… our Dreaming Selves… when asked to choose between a fixed dreaming experiment… and flying… choose to… fly.

This is why flying dreams are among the most common which people experience… and among the most enjoyable

And this is very, very interesting…

Our Waking Selves are mostly focused on an external reality… and our relationships with other people… and physical objects… and the achievement of our external goals

Our Dreaming Selves are focused on… … flying… and escaping the pull of gravity… and experiencing an uplifting and empowering experience / feeling

In fact, the desires of our Dreaming Selves do bleed through to our waking consciousness… because deep down… isn’t this feeling of flying… of freedom and ecstasy… and a life beyond rules and boundaries… also something which we are deeply long for?

And once we understand this… several really interesting doors into inner consciousness suddenly open for us.

More on this subject soon.

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2016

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