The Difference… Green & Pink Relationships

I am currently writing a book on Crystal Structures & Color… which is turning into a full-on eCourse, called Color Dancing… and in the process I am healing many of my own current issues (… which is always beneficial).

And the writing has given me the answer to one of my questions from many a long year past.

Why does the Heart Chakra have two colors associated with it?

Green & Pink

Now, I know that there are other Color Chakra Systems, from Ancient Times, that do indeed have other Colors associated with the Heart Chakra… such as Blue.

But in our modern, Rainbow Chakra Colour Sequence, which originates from the 19th Century, the Heart Chakra is associated with  Green and Pink.

Which does make sense really.

Green is Expansion.

Pink is Love.

But what I have just realized… this is the Big, shinny epiphany (well, it was Big to me)… in life, there are two types of relationship.

Green… where we go into relationship with the other person, so that we can help each other expand and grow in some way…

And these can be full-on, lifetime friendships… all the way down to causal acquaintances that come in for the moment to help us with a situation… but they are all to help us grow and expand.

In fact, any and all relationships are about growth and expansion really.

But then there are also Pink Relationships.

Relationships where love is involved… and the purpose of these relationships, whether with family, partner, or deepest friend, is to help each other open the dark places within our psyches, so that love can entertouch, heal and evolve those places… so that love can raise us up.

So you can have Green + Pink Relationships… but not all Green Relationships include Pink… because not all Relationships are super-deep… and require you to bare your Soul to a stranger.

And that’s also why some spiritual books warn not to get the two confused.

The man who comes to fix your laptop may help you expand your life-purpose in some way… but the fixing of the laptop does not require you to dredge your Unconscious Mind for hurts to be healed… unless you are that way inclined… and if you are, the Computer Repair Man may not be your best bet for Soul-healing… a counselor or energy therapist is a much better choice (… unless you have a Soul-mate contract with the Repair Man… but don’t get me started on those).

So this is my epiphany… that the Heart does indeed need both Green and Pink… because it has to deal with both kinds of Relationships.

Green for the majority of Human Relationships that help us expand and discover who we are.

And Pink for those Deeper Relationships which involve healing ourselves, so that we can also discover who we are… but at a much deeper level.

And that’s why the Heart Chakra needs both Green and Pink.

Simple really.

Note: We also need to remember that, as Carlos Castaneda used to say, we also have relationships with people who are Useful Advisories… who challenge us, often oppose us, maybe even attack us… but through doing so, they back us into a corner, force us to expand who we are… force us to start loving ourselves… and in that way, they also help us along our path of growth and evolution. These types of relationship can also fall into the Green and Pink boxes, even if they are far less pleasant while you are experiencing them.

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2018

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