The Day Vibrational Doorways Changed

Social Media has changed… but so have our organisations…

As with so many things, it all began with a battle for social change. A potential tragedy like so many others, poised in the merciless grip of the corporate machine. It feels like watching a tiger waiting to pounce, offering nothing but a profitable return and the mass of destruction in its wake.

This was Standing Rock… or at least seen from a distance.

It was not on the local news. Like so many social dramas it was not televised. It relies on social media to get the word out there. Caring people needed to share the message, to spread the word and gather support.

A movement is underway, with a gathering of caretakers of the land, and it is not being shown on TV… but you can get a glimpse of it unfolding over on the Standing Rock Rising Facebook page.

And yet, social media is failing.

For a short while there, over the past 10 years, Facebook offered the promise of being a social media network capable of performing great positive change for humanity and the planet. Cairo, Hong Kong, Tehran… social media on the side of the good guys.

And it still is – in some ways.

However because of Facebook’s new aggressive economic agenda, ever since they were floated on the New York Stock Exchange, and their need to satisfy shareholder money lust, the strength of the signal is being lost and distorted.

Because Facebook now wants your dollar to speak to your own people… on average, only 20% of the people who follow your page actually see your shared post.

The signal of social networking has been watered down. The power of social change through social networking has been dimmed. What was once a powerful system is now limited in scope, it has to work 5x as hard to get the same job done.

What is the answer to this conundrum? How do our communities spread the word against the destruction of sacred lands by the greedy corporate machine? How can we fight a clean battle when the agenda of Facebook is to make money instead of promoting clean social connections and assisting change? They are geared to the highest paying, not the most caring or the most needed messages for the salvation of humanity,

If only we cared.

But today it is hard to find that space of caring and even harder to find a space of empowerment in giving.

But this is where Brian, CEO of Vibrational Doorways, had his guidance kick in and changed Vibrational Doorways forever.

On 2 November, 2016, Vibrational Doorways became an active agent for social change.

It isn’t just about promoting our products and services and offerings… we decided to also stand for something.

You see, if the Facebook engine runs on paid posts, then at times of great need, against the cloud of dark corporate greed and blindness, social networking must also be achieved by organisations and companies that care enough for our planet to fund our social networking.

The signal must be boosted by those that can.

Organisations with a wide audience reach now have a keener responsibility to reach into their pockets and contribute with the spreading of the word. Do we have to work 5x harder? Well, not if we just pay Facebook to get the message out there.

This is how Vibrational Doorways changed forever.

We are no longer just a platform for spiritual and practical wisdom and new insights and vibrational resources, although that is still highly important, and we will continue… we are now a platform for social change.

In our way, we have assisted getting the word out there, raising the stakes, helping in our way to make the Standing Rock campaign more effective.

We are standing by what is right, rather than what is profitable, and lending our resources to assist in the saving of sacred lands from destruction and being lost forever.

We have a culture to save, not just a planet. We can each help in our own way, and Vibrational Doorways has found the way in which a growing social organisation can help. We can reach a wider audience by connecting to our tribe and boosting the post with the message. To date, our boost reached 97k people… and we helped kick off a share domino effect which has resulted in 21k plus…

And the way we decided to set it up… it was clean… our Facebook pixel didn’t catch a single person, we got no commercial benefit… because that so wasn’t the point.

If you have been following Vibrational Doorways, you will have noticed that we share some seriously amazing content, with insights and resources available, many for free, because we are dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity.

OK, we need to also put out paid products and offerings too… and we’ll be doing that soon (we gotta eat).

But fundamentally, we want to do business in a way that is life-enhancing… and we are dedicated to healing the planet.

But what use is all of this if we don’t step up and respond to immediate issues when they arise, using the resources at our disposal?

We stand with the people of Standing Rock, and we are thrilled to be able to lend a hand in such a unique and crucial way.

We thought we knew what we were creating on social media… and why… but it turned out to be something… larger… and a braver vision then we originally signed on for… and it took as by surprise… but we allowed it to take us with it… and we feel more inspired because of it.

We may not be able to physically stand beside the brave souls at Standing Rock… but we can find a way to help.

The powers that be want to keep us small, small minded, and disconnected… but together, what amazing dreams can we accomplish… together.

In the end, that may be what scares the powers that be the most… that the united Native American tribes remind us all of the power of together.

Social media has changed… but so have our organisations…. and so have we.

(c) Laing Kerns-Stokes, November 2016

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