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OK, I don’t mean this post to upset anyone… but there has been a development going on over the last 15 years, which has (and is) distorting crystal healing and crystal therapy.

It’s the arrival of the marketing / advertising men… those who have realized there is a buck or five to be made from people who are into crystals.

And this is how it usually works…

A man travels out to New Zealand, or Brazil… and finds a mine with low grade quartz… or some other cheap mineral… and they buy it up from the locals.

And then they start to weave a story around that particular quartz sourced from that location… for example…

This quartz was blessed by the 1st Maori elders to arrive in New Zealand… which is why we have named it Magic Maori Quartz

Or… Gautama the Buddha astrally traveled to New Zealand, and blessed this special quartz with healing powers, because he knew it would be much needed in the future… aka. Blessed Buddha Quartz

Or… when The Lord of the Rings movies where filmed in the New Zealand, the spirit of Gandalf the White, arrived from The Land of Myth and Legend to empower these quartz crystals… aka. Gandalf Gateway Quartz

And then they put in an application for a Trademark for their new crystal name… so no one else can cash in on their special story… and start to advertise it online etc…

And the price suddenly increases from $1 a kilo… to something like $200 a piece.

Which, from a business point of view, is quite a return on your investment.

The quartz from the mine is still the same… the only thing which has changed, apart from the price, is the story surrounding that quartz.

Which can never be proved… or disproved… and so it is whether you buy into it or not.

Same with baked beans. What is the difference between supermarket beans and Heinz beansprice and cleaver branding.

And when your mine runs out, don’t worry… just buy the next mine run the road… and say the Moari elders, Buddha, Gandalf also blessed that mine too… so the story is transferable… and the cash keeps flowing.

Well. for the past 15 years… some clever marketing men have been applying branding to low grade quartz to increase its price… along with other minerals.

Yes, I know that saying this does unsettle some people, who rather like these stories… but I feel it is my duty to help put things into some kind of perspective.

And that doesn’t mean the quartz / minerals from those locations isn’t special… it probably is… but not for the reasons we are being sold.

Now, there are a couple of things we need to add to this:

One… some people will get an extra healing boost from believing their Gandalf Gateway Quartz to be special… thanks to something called the placebo effect… where belief in something enhances its power to heal.

Two… crystals from specific locations do have extra properties because of the said location… i.e. Himalayan Quartz which has taken on the vibe of all those meditating masters for thousands of years… Preseli Bluestone, which the Ancient Britains transported 250 miles to build Stonehenge, has energetic qualities different from normal Dolorite… and different Clear Quartz, from different parts of the world, although chemically the same do have a different vibe… like Quartz from Madagascar compared with Quartz from Australia say… both Quartz, and yet their vibes are very different.

And yes, our ancient ancestors wove stories around their Sacred Stones…

… But they never did so for profit… or as a branding exercise

… And they definitely never Trademarked anything.

All that has started to happen in the last 15 to 20 years.

Now, I have nothing against Trademarking as such… people do need to protect their business… and I may even do the same at some point in the future.

But the point I want to make is this…

Claims are being made for some crystals, over the past 15 years… which can never be proved or disproved… but which have the effect of increasing their price, and so creating a crystal brand.

Taking a low-grade Quartz… and turning it into the mineral equivalent of a Ferrari say.

Therefore, I feel it is important for people to be aware of these behind the scenes marketing activities… so they can decide for themselves whether they want to pay the extra… for what many traditional geologists consider to be just low-grade quartz.

PS. I hope I haven’t upset too many people with this article.

And can anyone guess which Trademarked crystal is in the photograph at the start of this post?

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2017

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