Crystal Yantra – Pink Heart Chakra


This is the Crystal Yantra Heart Chakra Pink.

A Crystal Yantra is designed to be beautiful to look at, and also transmit a positive and life enhancing energy to the viewer.

With a Crystal Yantra, through gazing gently at the crystals contained within the copper ring, you will be able to access their combined energy.

Feel free to use and share, and it’s OK to download and use as your screen saver, or print off if you want or need, not going to get all stingy about copyright with these images.

The wooden symbols around the ring itself are the Sanskrit symbols for the Heart Chakra, created by the wood wizard, Simon Lilly… more information about his work can be found at Greenman Shop.

All other Crystal Yantras are are available on

This Crystal Yanta is composed of (going around clockwise from the top) … Kunzite, Rhodocrocite, Pink Opal, Pink Thulite, Morgano Calcite, and in the centre, Rose Quartz cluster (small crystals).

(c) Brian Parsons 2016.

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