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Nicholas Pearson is a Crystal author, who has written a number of books on the nature and healing potential of crystals… and is an active participant on the Facebook Group Vibrational Doorways Crystals. Please feel to join Nicholas and us for more fascinating information.

Here’s my fourth installment in my crystal series for you guys!

Crystals are natural translators. No, they won’t interpret a foreign language for you while on holiday, but they can help to translate one form of energy into another. This process is more specifically referred to as transduction.

Crystal Healing for the Heart – Nicholas Pearson

With quartz (and a variety of other crystals, including the ones in your bones) the most commonly seen form of transduction is piezoelectricity. Other forms of energy translation include pyroelectricity and optical phenomena like thermoluminescence, triboluminescence, and fluorescence.

There are myriad misconceptions surrounding piezoelectricity in the crystal community. To begin, let’s take a deeper look at what this property really is. Piezoelectricity is derived from the Greek word piezein, which means to squeeze. In order to produce piezoelectricity a crystal lattice must first be mechanically deformed by applying pressure, such as squeezing, pressing, or striking. Quartz and other minerals produce an electric charge under pressure. In order to produce energy that can be measured with scientific equipment, a generous amount of force must be applied; it isn’t something you can do with your bare hands. Also, once that mechanical stress is released and the crystal lattice returns to its normal shape, the substance becomes electrically neutral once again.

Many books toss around the word piezoelectricity thinking that it explains how and why crystals heal. The honest truth is that there is never enough electricity being generated during an application of crystals to produce any significant (or even measurable) effects. We know from earlier articles that the real reason crystals work on us is because of the coherency of their structures and compositions, and the resulting coherence this produces in their energy fields.

Crystals for Karmic Healing by Nicholas Pearson

In any instances of transduction via crystals, one form of energy is being translated into another. Quartz watches take advantage of this principle by sending a minute electric charge from the watch’s battery into a small wafer of quartz crystal. This tiny crystal responds to the electricity by converting it into mechanical energy; it oscillates or vibrates at a precise rate. Your watch counts the number of oscillations and measures time with it. (This is similar to how quartz is used in most electronics. It isn’t actually used to store information in your computers– this is another crystal myth!)

The transductive quality that quartz and other minerals possesses is what permits them to regulate and adapt their messages or vibration to the task at hand. Spiritually speaking, when we input energy while co-creating with crystals (via programming, setting an intention, visualization, etc.), the crystal translates this raw fuel into the appropriate form of energy needed to bring our intentions to fruition. This does not necessarily mean that we cause the crystals to vibrate from piezoelectricity (although this may happen to a tiny degree that science hasn’t yet measured). Instead, quartz can apply its abilities to translate to all spectrums of energy, even the subtle or spiritual varieties.

The Seven Archetypal Stones by Nicholas Pearson

One of the added bonuses of this translation is that crystals’ energy fields are highly ordered. Thus, even if we connect with while in a less ordered state, the crystal will cohere the energy or information that we share with it. The mineral kingdom, comprised of unimaginable crystalline treasures, has a tool for every task and a medicine for ill that we can face. These crystals can help us translate our goals into coherent messages to be sent to the universe so we can achieve tangible results.

Photo credit: Bob Geisel and Steven Thomas Walsh. This formation is called “The Flame of Ishtar,” and it is comprised of apophyllite growing around a rhombohedral calcite core. They are very magical portals, and you can read more about them in Crystals for Karmic Healing.

(c) Nicholas Pearson, April 2017

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