Colour Vibration & Structure Vibration


Many spiritual masters have said… down across the Millennia… that ours is a Universe of vibration.

And when we come to explore the world of crystals and crystal healing… that’s a word we hear often… that it’s all about the vibration.

And vibration isn’t something which is just limited to crystals… it is everywhere… it is everything.

There is a vibration for illness… a vibration of health… a vibration for healing

There is a vibration for sadness… a vibration for joy… a vibration for wholeness and flow

A vibration for the separation… and a vibration for the return

We can’t get away from vibration… because we are vibration… it is what creates us… what animates us.

Vibration is the breath of the Cosmos.

So there are many things which we could learn from the mineral and crystal kingdom… if we could only stop to listen…

Because vibration goes much furtherdeeperbroader… then our shallow ability to think.

And vibration creates thought too…

If we could only get off our mental Human high-horse… and see that there is wisdom in other forms and manifestations of existence… as the Ancient Tribes used to teach…

They used to honor the animals, plants and minerals of the Natural World… but to us… they are just a resource.

But to the Ancient Shamans… it wasn’t about just crushing bones or leaves down into a powder…

But truly listening to these creatures… to their understanding of the worldtheir world… to their behavior… to their resourcefulness… to their consciousness

Humans are very weird sometimes… we are prepared to listen to other Human beings… learn from them… but many of us draw the line at learning from other species… learning to see through their eyes, their senses… which are often much better then ours, to be truthful.

If you were to say… I spent the afternoon learning from a tree… then many people would consider you mad…

But trees are longer lived then we are… have seen more of life in their 200 or 400 years…

Have to deal with whatever life throws at them, once they have taken root on their one-time plot of earth… trees and plants are creatures who grow on of the very spot which will also be their future burial plot…

OK, they don’t have a brain like us… they don’t communicate like us…

But then trees have been in existence longer then us… and so may have acquired a wisdom that we would do well to heed…

And when it comes to crystals… well, their vibration is focuseddirected in three ways… and so is often much easier to experience… if we can only silence our monkey mind.

With crystals, their vibration can be felt through…

Their colour

Their structure

Their hardness

Now, as Humans, it is easy for us… living in our 21st Century world, to understand how colour is linked to vibration… because each visible colour is a different wavelength along the electromagnetic spectrum.

But structure… that link doesn’t come as easily.

And as for hardness / softness?

How can there be a link there?

But when we sink down into the sub-levels of consciousness… where many Humans fear to tread… then much, if not all, of the external, physical constructs which we are so used to… that we continue to perceive as real… start to fade away…

And that’s what many Mystics and Meditators… back from the front-line of consciousness… report to us…

That things are a lot more fluid down there then we could ever imagine… and what we think is important… isn’t really.

And things which, previously, seemed very intangibleephemeral… start to solidify… start to become very important… start to be more real then real.

And vice versa.

If we look at things that way…

Hardness / softness… well, that is just the varying intensity of the vibration.

Structure… well, that is just the way that the vibration is directedshaped.

And if we listen to the Mystics… that the Universe is composed of vibrationMystics who had never heard of Quantum physics, but who seemed to have acquired a good grasp of it in their Himalayan caves

It’s all just vibration playing with vibration

Vibration directing vibration

Vibration varying the intensity of vibration

But this is what I always find quite fascinating about crystals

We talk a lot about this crystal vibration thing…

And we put a lot of emphasis upon a crystal’s colour… because that is what we can physically see… and so crystal authors most often help their readers identify a crystal via its colour, and what it can do, also through its colour

All Red crystals work in the same way… as do Blue or Green crystals

And in one sense, there is nothing wrong with that… it is a 100% valid approach…

And it is is easy… unless someone is seriously visually impaired… because everyone can see colour.

We can all identify our crystals through their colour.

But their shape?

That’s where it gets a whole lot harder… (although Wikipedia and other online resources have been a help in recent years).

That sounds much harder.

Partly because we have to get more expert when it comes to identifying shape and structure… and partly because some crystals hide… their inner molecular structure is not what they wear on the outside.

For example, Pyrite… which has a cubic molecular structure… can turn up, looking like a cube… but can also turn up also looking very uncube like too.

So when even the experts can get fooled… many people think, best stick to something easy… like colour… which everyone can see, understand, refer to, and talk about.

But when we do that… it’s like reading a book… but only reading every other left-hand page… only reading the text on each left page…

So much goes missing… so much of the potential understanding is lost.

Mary had a… it’s fleece was white as… and everywhere that… the lamb was…

Once you start to miss out whole sentences and words… things quickly fall into gibberish… and make little or no sense.

Which is kind of what happens when we try to understand crystals without also giving some attention to their crystal structure

And the different energy expressions between crystal structures

And how the energy of each crystal is influencedmodified… by its crystal structure.

We are used to talking about crystal families… such as Quartz or Beryl… but also, there is the whole Cubic crystal family… the Trigonal crystal family… eight of them (I count the Amorphous crystals as being a clan to).

Crystals which share the same crystal structure… express their unique energy in the same way… focus the vibration in the same way.

Whole hosts of crystals who… although they have a different colour, or molecular composition… do share the same way of focusing their vibration

One of the problems with crystal marketing over the last few decades… more and more crystal sellers, trying to sell their crystal stock by making it sound different, rare and exoticsuper-special and uniquemust-have… in order to sell a tonne of the stuff… and unfortunately, due to the constant barrage, people become attuned to this continual flood of uniqueness… and lose sight of the more down-to-earth information which is common and shared.

OK, it might sound boring… taking about the energy sameness between crystals… but when it comes to applying them… learning how to use them… in a practical way… that makes a real difference to your life…

Well, it’s a lot more real and useful then reading about a channeling crystal which was centre piece of the crown of the last Atlantean mage… but which has been recently found again… in a deposit on the North Island of New Zealand… a crystal which can be yours for $150… although you will also need to attend a special activation ceremony. which costs an additional £750… and travel to New Zealand to receive it…

Actually… as money making, get-rich-quick schemes go… that one doesn’t sound too bad… but do I think people would fall for it?

Namaste 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, May May 2018



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