Celestite… A True Blue Sky Crystal


Celestite is an orthorhombic crystal. It has a hardness of 3 to 3.5 on the Moh scale.

The colour of Celestite is ‘blue’, and its orthorhombic structure also means it works in a ‘blue’ way.

So Celestite is another rainbow squared crystal, where the colour and crystal structure work in the same way.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Well, blue is associated with the Throat chakra and with communication.

This is normally associated with our ability to speak, to give voice to our thoughts and feelings.

But it can also be associated with our ability to connect heart with mind, so that we feel our thoughts, and understand our feelings.

So Celestite is one of the best crystals available to use when we need to create flow in this area of our lives, where we need to speak our mind and our truth, where we need to express who and what we are.

However, the colour blue is connected with the element of ether and the blue sky above us.

So blue is also associated with feelings of flying and being lifted out of ourselves, of freedom and ecstasy. The original meaning of the word ecstasy in Ancient Greek is the feeling of ‘stepping out of ourselves’.

Mystical teachings ‘teach’ that because we humans hold a focus of being separate from the rest of creation, of being ‘individuals’, we also cut ourselves off from the bliss and ecstasy which also naturally surrounds us.

It is no coincidence that one of the most enjoyable and ecstatic dreams which a person can have is dreams where they find themselves ‘flying’. Not flying from somewhere or to somewhere… just flying.

So when you work with the Celestite, you can access this state of inner flying, where your energies expand and lift, so that you feel light, almost light enough to fly, a feeling of lifting out of yourself.

It is from this sense of ‘lightness’ that another Celestite ability emerges. It is able to relax our mind, so that we gently let go our need to constantly ‘think’… and thoughts become like clouds in an infinite blue sky. When we are not thinking, then the gestalt changes, so we no longer associate with the clouds / thoughts, but for the moment we become the blue sky / consciousness itself.

The colour blue is also ‘cooling’, and so Celestite would NOT be a good vibration to use for people who are trying to find and energize their voice. For these people Blue Calcite, Blue Fluorite, Blue Aquamarine or Blue Sapphire would be preferable, as these vibrations will first energize the Throat chakra. Once the Throat chakra is energized and stable, it will be possible to introduce the Celestite vibration.

However, for people whose Throat chakra is over-energized, and who suffer stress in this area, Celestite would be an excellent vibration to help cool things down, and to help release and disperse excess stress.

Note: Celestite in its natural form is mildly radioactive, however the level of radioactivity is so low that it is not harmful.

(c) Brian Parsons, June 2017

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