Capricorn & Rage… (And the Reved-up Entrepreneur)


If you check out the traditional Astrological record, you will find several themes arise, time and again, in relation to Capricorn

  • They’re ambitious
  • They make great entrepreneurs
  • They’re not emotionally touchy-feely

And there is a story from my own life which brings all this into greater clarity… while also pointing to the deeper nature of Capricorn.

Back when I worked in I.T., I once had someone in my team who was an Uber-Capricorn… including Sun conjunct Mars… and the project he was passionate about had just been cancelled by senior management.

And I was the one who had to tell him… because senior-management make the decisions… and then most often leave it to middle-management to do the dirty work… sorry… in management-speak… disseminate the message.

Now, being a practical sort (or a cowardly manager, depending on your point of view)… I waited to tell him until Friday afternoon… hoping the weekend would allow him to calm down… get his Rage under control… although I wasn’t looking forwards to the Monday morning discussion.

And as expected he was not pleased (… actually that’s an understatement… he was furious)… and left work at the end of the week like a bull in a china shop.

But what happened next, totally surprised me… because on Monday morning he had taken all that Rage… all that potent energy… and channeled it into creating a new website… and a new business for himself… and this event turned out to be a turning point in his life… (and he left the company, and set-off in a new direction several months later).

And this story tells you a lot about the essence of Capricorn energy.

… Let me explain.

OK, the German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin originally made the connection between Capricorn and the Gallbladder meridian, and this link allows us to make a further link, drawing upon the work of the kinesiologist, John Diamond, because in his energy system / approach the Gallbladder meridian is linked to the positive quality of Reaching Out with Love & Forgiveness, and the negative quality of Rage

And if I may… throwing in the Elemental Archetype for Capricorn from Energy Astrologyenergizing the physical.

Now… to start… what is the difference between Anger and Rage?

Well… when someone is Angry, they are still in control of their actions… but when someone is over-taken by Rageblind rage… then they lose rational control… and their intense passion takes over (although they suddenly have tremendous energy resources / strength to call upon).

This is why most legal systems have the legal concept of manslaughter… or due to diminished responsibilities... to reflect that the individual was not functioning rationally at the time.

So… Rage is intense energy without focused, rational control.

But as we have seen with the other signs… the positive side of the pendulum shows some reflection of the negative side.

So the positive for a CapricornReaching out with Love & Forgiveness… is actually intense energy with focused, rational control.

And this is why Capricorns are so effective on the earth plane… why they can be effective entrepreneurs… because they are so focused… and have all the energy of Rage turned positive to call upon.

There is a belief in manifestation circles… you can have whatever you want… if you can keep your mind 100% focused on it… which is actually very hard to do.

But of all the Zodiac signsCapricorns find it the easiest.

When they set their mind on something… their mind becomes focused like a laser… and they will keep going, until their goal is achieved.

Other Zodiac signs may give up… get distracted… but a focused, positive Capricorn doesn’t get distracted.

The other thing which we must mention… Capricorns find it very easy to make decisions and stick to them… which other Zodiac signs find difficult… and also to get the right balance between thought and emotion.

And this is very interesting thing in its own right…

The conventional wisdom has it that people make the best decisions when they are purely rational, and not overly influenced by their emotions / feelings.

But neuro-scientists have discovered when someone suffers damage to the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, that person becomes super-rational and can never make a decision… they spend hours upon hours going over the same facts, never settling on an outcome… because they can no longer connect with the feeling of which outcome they would preferwhich outcome they would like the best.

Feeling is all important to decision-making, and provides the foundation for our whole mental processes.

But feeling has to be kept in perspective… too much emotion also undermines the decision-making process.

And I think this is another area where Capricorns excel.

To other signs they may appear cold and without feeling… but I prefer to say they are very good at keeping their feelings in check, and using them to make the right decisions for them and the situation at hand.

Note: In the positive it states Reaching Out with Love & Forgiveness… and that is something which I have found that Capricorns find hard… the whole Forgiveness thing. If you ever find a Capricorn who can forgive… then you will found one who has reached a high degree of personal evolution. Normally, it doesn’t come easily to them.

So what is the downside of being a Capricorn?

Simple… it’s the Rage.

Because of it’s nature, Rage cannot be put under conscious, rational control, like Anger can, so it’s not something which is easy to control… especially when you are a small kid… and your parents are pressuring you to control your inner nature.

And in our Western rational societies… it is not an energy which we are comfortable with… although, interestingly, ancient and tribal cultures… were… and knew how to channel it for the collective good.

But if an individual can connect with their Capricorn nature and channel it successfully… then they can indeed become a real force to be reckoned with.

Fortunately… for all your Crystal people out there, the following is a real help to all those Capricorn people weighed down by Rage:

Crystal Antidote for Rage = Moss Agate, Red Jasper Pietersite

The Anger Antidote Audio Essence will be part of the free eCourse training we are releasing mid to late October. More information coming soon…

Next Zodiac sign?… Not sure… Let the Universe surprise us!

(c) Brian Parsons October 2016

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  • September 7, 2017 at 2:48 am

    thanks! super deep article, as well as a nice positive spin on a negative subject

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